5 Best Vape Trickers

5 Best Vape Trickers

Vaping is a great way of consuming your favorite herbs or e-liquids through vaporizers and vape pens.

Vaping refers to the act of water vapor inhalation. The heat that is applied to a liquid generates vapor. Vaporizers and vapes are a great alternative to smoking tobacco and weed. Since the advent of vaping devices, vape tricks has become popular and many people are performing vape tricks showcasing their best performances on various social media channels. More people are blowing big clouds on surfaces, twisting them like tornadoes with their fingers. The best vape trickers have made a good name in doing more than rings and tornadoes.  

More than just blowing clouds in the air, people make images out of vapor as a form of expression using the finest e-liquids or e-juices and herbs available today. Vaporization is an art and science at the same time, very entertaining and promoting healthy hobby as compared to the harmful combustion caused by cigarette or weed smoking. Let’s find out the top 5 vape trickers today! 

  1. Titus Edwards

Titus Edwards, an American Vape Artist, is known for “Jellyfish”, and he has discovered his vaping trick talent shortly after he started vaping. This man has surprising vape tricks beyond imagination such as blowing vapor circles around an individual he is against, creating images and shapes like multiple rings and jellyfish at once. His “Jellyfish” trick involves blowing a ring of smoke, inserting curling smoke dissolving as a sea life creature. 

Titus was considered as one of the best vaping practitioners in 2016. He was born in Houston, Texas where he also grew up. In terms of educational background, he attended school at La Porte High School and the University of Houston. His signature vaping trick, “Jellyfish”, has made a mark to the vaping community and made him famous.  

  1. The Vape God

Austin Lawrence, also known as “The Vape God” is a young adult who can create amazing triangles, lassos, and jellyfish out of the best vape pens or e-cigarette vapor. He is from New Brunswick, New Jersey where he spent three years just to master his mind-blowing and incredible vaping tricks. Austin pushes air around vapor rings, forming odd shapes. He also uses currents for ‘looping’ vapor rings around each other.

His signature trick is called the “double lasso”, which involves two letter O’s having a smaller O through it, thus making a lasso. It is done twice, hence, the term “double lasso”. It takes a great lung capacity to do this vaping trick, that is why it is very difficult for most people to attain. After seeing Austin’s Instagram, Drake, the famous rapper, contacted him and invited him to his mansion in Los Angeles. Drake and Austin practiced the best vaping tricks and enjoyed doing them for hours. On his latest video, Austin received more or less 1.4 viewers! He is also running a vape shop in NJ.  

  1. Danny Lolo

Danny Lolo or Daniel Lopez is a great artist in the cool world of vaporizers. He has a unique style and consistency. He mesmerizes his viewers with his excellent ability in manipulating vapor. He is a stand-alone vape tricker. He is blessed with a pure and unique talent, and he is described as a genuine and good person. People just love his great personality and people who love to use the best vapes are amazed because of his fantastic ability to play around with vapor.  

Danny Lolo, the close friend of Quiet Owl, travels worldwide so he has a hectic vape tricker professional life. He is invited to different places to perform and even sponsored by the most famous brands in the vape industry. As a VGOD member, he belongs to the world’s premier trick team, which is the best among the best vape trickers.  The fact is VGOD is a company selling varying product lines which are state-of-the-art. Danny is a very consistent tricker with great perseverance at business. He’s always working his way to expand and explore his horizons. He’s a true inspiration to many vapers. Not to mention that he has many fans around the world.  

  1. Neil Patton

Neil Patton has 9,869 followers on Instagram. He is a VGOD member and he is known as a vape tricker who is always putting his creative spin on tricks. His vaping style features the great manipulation of wispy and milky vapor waves, creating a distinct aesthetic experience. Visit his public Snapchat now @stoopsneil to see witness his innate vape trickery. 

  1. Geraint Williams

Geraint Williams is from Cardiff, UK. He is gaining a lot of Facebook friends and followers because of his incredible vape tricks. His posts include photos and videos of different vaping styles and tricks. You can also find his favorite brands of the best vape pens and vaporizers he uses to do his tricks.

Among the best tracks include the Dragon, the Waterfall, and Tornado. The Dragon involves taking a big puff and exhaling through the nose, like what a dragon does when clouds are coming out from the nose. The Waterfall is fairly easy to do, and suitable for newbies. It involves taking a big puff and exhaling through the nose while the vaper is inhaling through his mouth, giving an illusion of a grand waterfall flowing down. On the other hand, Tornado is a tricky vape trick that needs a flat surface, and this is done by taking a big puff of vaporizer and blowing it slowly and gradually onto the surface. The finger is twisted in the middle of the cloud while it is on the flat surface, thus looking like a small tornado.  

There are many people who perform vape tricks nowadays because of its popularity. If you’re unfamiliar or a newbie in doing vape tricks, or you want to learn them, just simply go to YouTube and find a lot of vape trickers for online-assisted tutorials from the vape masters themselves. Also, you can find tutorials on vaporizers and best vape pens websites and social media channels. Happy vaping!

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