Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and one of the most popular forms of portable vaporizers are box mods.

The term mod or box mod originated during the earlier days of vaping where box mods and box mod batteries became a means to modify the voltage levels that affect the temperature of the vaporizer and how your materials are vaporized.

Originally, box mods are portable devices often powered by 18650 batteries.

Because most box mods require two 18650 batteries, they were made in the now-iconic boxy shape to accommodate the bulk of the battery.

Furthermore, box mods also had to have some sort of screen that displays information about the unit; thus, requiring a flat boxy surface to make room for it.

Nowadays, box mods refer to anything from a portable vaporizer resembling a boxy shape to a portable vaporizer with the ability to deliver variable voltage settings or one that may regulate temperature.

One common factor between box mod batteries is its ability to adjust wattage and power, they can also hold or accommodate various attachments like tanks and atomizers.

Box mod vaporizers are commonly used in conjunction with liquified materials like e-liquids, oils, and wax concentrates. However, some box mods do vaporize herbs.

Because of their boxy bodies, box mods can accommodate some kind of chip or board with circuits attached to it that can be programmed or are pre-programmed with anything from pre-set temperature profiles, adjustable precise temperature settings, safety features like automatic shut off, and variable voltage reading.

This is one of the reasons why box mod batteries are seen as one of the most advanced varieties of portable vaporizers the industry has to offer.

Today, we’re looking at the best box mod batteries to use with your favorite materials this 2020.

Let’s start.

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E-juice box mod batteries are usually ones that have temperature regulating features and one that’s packed with safety and personalization options is the SMOK Alien Vaporizer.

SMOK Alien Box Mod Battery

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -SMOK Alien Box Mod Battery

The SMOK Alien Vaporizer is powered by two 18650 batteries giving it the power it needs to juice up your daily sessions.

This portable box mod battery is capable of running temperature levels from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

It runs from 0.35 volts to 8 volts of power and can handle 220W resistance.

Unlike other e-juice box mod batteries, the SMOK Alien Vaporizer boasts a crisp OLED display screen that shows information like the mode you’re running, the battery level, the temperature level, your puff count, your wattage level, and others.

The OLED display interface is both intuitive and informative yet not at all overwhelming.

Surprisingly, almost all of the features the SMOK Alien Vaporizer offered via the OLED display made practical sense and had a significant impact on our experience.

The different modes give us access to a wide array of temperature settings that allowed us to personalize our experience.

Running your SMOK Alien Vaporizer in wattage mode offers three preset temperature profiles; soft, normal, and hard. Each causing your e-liquids to give specific effects and reactions for a more tailor-fit experience.

You’d also have the option to pre-heat your materials to prevent clogging and hardening of your e-liquids and also to promote better airflow.

Temperature mode is great for those who opt to build their own coils. The option to select an optimized heat setting for either a nickel, stainless-steel or a titanium coil allows you to calibrate your SMOK Alien Vaporizer and your current atomizer build.

The firmware you have installed on the SMOK Alien Vaporizer can always be updated to a more recent version. Newer updates often optimize the device and will have patches that improve the overall experience.

If you’re not happy with the improvements of the most recent firmware updates, you can always roll back to your old firmware version.

That’s how advanced and how far ahead the SMOK Alien is compared to other e-juice box mods on the market.

With superior software, it’s only befitting that the SMOK Alien offers hardware that’s relatively superior in terms of performance and overall quality.

You’d always have the option to build your own coils and use your favorite atomizers. But the real gem the SMOK Alien Vaporizer Kit has to offer is the TFV8 Baby Tank, colloquially known as the Baby Beast.

The tank itself is made with stainless-steel materials which ensure its overall durability and longevity. At the base of the tank sits an adjustable airflow valve allowing you to control the flow of air during use.

Even the drip tip has been redesigned to have better bottom pair air-slots and air chambers to provide lung-ripping draw effects.

The included TFV8 Baby Tank was simply built to enhance the flavor of your e-liquids and to maximize the cloud production of your VG/PG e-juice blends.

For those looking for the perfect balance of flavor retention and vapor production, the SMOK Alien Vaporizer is a great choice for vaping e-juice blends.

Best Box Mod Batteries for Thick Oils

Batteries for thick oils bottled up in cartridges have always been predominated by cheap batteries.

The introduction of box mods revolutionized the platform and opened new horizons to those relying on infused thick oils for medication.

Yocan UNI and Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod Battery

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -UNI Pro Box Mod

Yocan is a company that makes a slew of box mod batteries designed and engineered for optimal thick oil consumption.

One of their most popular box mod batteries is the Yocan UNI.

The Yocan UNI was the world’s first universal box mod that can accommodate almost all of the cartridges on the market.

It’s powered by a 650mAh battery and offered three pre-set profiles, as well as a 10-second pre-heat setting.

It offered 510-threaded connections via a magnetic link allowing easy and straightforward removal and replacement of cartridges especially when you’re on-the-go.

It also has several adjustment features that allow you to tighten or loosen the height and the circumference of the chamber.

The UNI was even rebranded and was sold through Wulf Mods as the UNI adjustable cartridge.

The Yocan UNI later had a pro version aptly named the Yocan UNI Pro.

The Yocan UNI Pro still had all of the features that made the original UNI an iconic cartridge box mod battery but had decent upgrades that make it a proper box mod battery.

It now sports a bright panel with precision temperature settings. It had two more buttons at the bottom of the screen that allowed precise temperature control making it more suitable for thick oil consumption and closer to what box mod batteries are in nature.

The Yocan UNI Pro also boasts short-circuit battery protection which means that you’ll run into fewer to no issues at all when recharging your box mod batteries.

Another decent upgrade gave the UNI Pro a hanging hole from which you can connect a lanyard to.

The Yocan UNI Pro Box Mod can easily well be the best thick oil cartridge box mod battery in the industry today.

It’s affordable, it’s reliable, and it won’t break a week after you’ve bought it.

Yocan also made other box mod battery models that were basic and rudimentary in design but nonetheless equal in performance as the UNI.

Some of their most recent box mod battery offerings include the Yocan Kodo, the Yocan Wit, the Yocan Groote, the Yocan Rega, and the Yocan Handy.

All these were made with one goal in mind – to provide consumers with an affordable option in vaporizing extracts such as thick oils without sacrificing quality.

All in the name of revolutionizing the current meta in the market and providing the industry with box mod-quality devices at a cheaper and affordable price point.

Yocan is a company known for manufacturing affordable but reliable vaporizers making them an absolute choice for beginners and even advanced and experienced consumers.

For those looking for a cheap way to experience the benefits of using box mods in conjunction with cartridges and thick essential oils, we definitely recommend checking out these box mod batteries.

Best Box Mod Battery for Wax Concentrates

The use of box mod batteries is not exclusive to runny extracts alone.

The influence of box mod batteries extended to the wax concentrate consumption circles where many consumers delighted in the advantage they were able to get from these beefy batteries.

The process involved in the vaporization of wax concentrates is no different from how e-liquids and thick oils are vaporized.

They heat the materials using heating elements that were selected for their ability to prevent combustion using factual data and analysis.

With the use of today’s technological development and independent clinical studies, box mod batteries became a universal platform for vaporization.

KandyPens K-Box Box Mod Battery

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -KandyPens K-Box Box Mod Battery

The KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer is powered by a 900mAh battery and provides its users with four preset temperature settings.

The K-Box does not have any display screen of any kind but it does not make it inferior in any way to its e-juice and thick oil counterparts.

Having said, the KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer is very minimalist as far as box mod battery design goes.

All dressed in black and with only LED lights to show the running temperature level. However, here lies its strength and overall advantage.

The KandyPens K-Box Vaporizer was designed and engineered to provide wax concentrate consumers with a discreet experience by ensuring that this box mod battery maintains a low profile.

Nevertheless, its performance is not in any way shoddy or shabby.

Those using the inclusive atomizer will find that three quartz rods can hit hard. Especially when you crank the voltage setting to a higher level, the KandyPens K-Box can really melt your face off.

The glass mouthpiece keeps the flavor of the vapor true to its nature but the vapors may still come harsh especially when vaping at higher voltage settings.

The K-Box from KandyPens is a box mod battery for those looking for a discreet but hard-hitting companion.

Pulsar APX Volt Box Mod Battery

Best Pod Vapes of 2020-Pulsar APX Volt Box Mod Battery

Similar to how the K-Box from KandyPens functions, the Pulsar APX Volt was also designed for wax concentrate use.

The Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer offers four preset temperature settings and is backed by a powerful 1100mAh battery that will last you longer than most box mod batteries in this category.

While the K-Box from KandyPens uses a triple quartz atomizer build, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer uses a pure quartz coil-less atomizer.

Having said, the Pulsar APX Volt is designed to make vaping wax concentrates efficient and effective.

The coil-less atomizer design ensures that none of your materials are wasted and your concentrates are vaporized to the very last drop.

The glass tank of the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer is made from durable borosilicate glass making it a durable glass tank that delivers flavorful, unadulterated rips.

The temperature profiles offered by the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer are calibrated for low-temperature vaporization for better extraction of flavor thus preventing any unwanted burnt taste.

In terms of how this box mod battery looks like from the outside, the Pulsar APX Volt Vaporizer seems to stick with a discreet design.

For those looking for a box mod that yields smooth and flavorful vapors, the Pulsar APX Volt is hands down the go-to box mod battery.


Box mod batteries have always been a popular option for those looking for more power and added versatility in portable vaporizers.

While bigger than most portable vaping devices, box mod vaporizers and box mod batteries offer better features making size a fair trade for the added benefit.

We’re quite glad that the use of box mod batteries has extended to almost all platforms of vaporization.

Temperature control and temperature regulation are an important part of vaping and allow further customization allowing you to get your desired results with just a press of a button.

Because box mods also carry larger batteries than their smaller counterparts, they provide longer vaping sessions and a more pronounced performance compared to vaporizers outfitted with smaller and weaker batteries.

Regardless of your material of choice, box mod batteries and box mod vaporizer have you covered.

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