Best Pod Vapes of 2020

Best Pod Vapes of 2020

Are you looking for the best pod vapes for 2020?

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered.

Whether you plan to use pod vaporizers to quit smoking or if you’re just looking for a healthy alternative, our list of pod vapes will cover a wide variety of devices to choose from.

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Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -SMOK Nord

Our pool of testers has voted the SMOK Nord as the number one best pod vape for 2020.

The SMOK Nord performs as good as it looks.

From the outside, the SMOK Nord boasts a total of 38 unique color options that range from SMOK’s iconic colored snakeskin colorway to its latest colored marbled wood design.

Each colorway and distinct pattern sports its own unique trimmed edge which accentuates the curved lines that shape the dimensions of the SMOKR Nord.

The SMOK Nord boasts a relatively ergonomic mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece’s duck-billed design allows you to comfortably take long drags and deeper pulls from the SMOK Nord.

The SMOK Nord measures a little over 3 inches tall, over an inch wide, and less than an inch thick.

Its size and weight make the SMOK Nord a well-designed pod vaporizer.

Under the hood, the SMOK Nord uses a 1100mAh battery giving the Nord from SMOK significant battery life.

And while we’re on the topic of substantial and generous capacities…

It’s good to know that the SMOK Nord can hold up to 3ml of e-liquid in a single pod.

This combination of long battery life and a larger pod capacity makes the SMOK Nord a fan favorite.

But that’s not everything the SMOK Nord has to offer.

First, the pods.

SMOK seemed to have revolutionized the way pod vapes work.

Traditionally, pods used in pod vaporizers will sport a heating element made of a wick and a coil.

The SMOK Nord uses something entirely different.

They delved into the inner makings of the pod vaporizer and focused on how they can improve the conventional pod.

They tweaked the heating elements and made two varieties out of it – a regular coil and a mesh coil.

Both coils come with the SMOK Nord kit allowing you to customize your sessions right out of the box.

The regular coil is designed for flavorful MTH draws while the mesh coil is engineered for dense vapor production.

To top it all off, SMOK released a ceramic coil that boasts a longer lifespan and optimum taste.

So, if you want that definitive pod vaping experience this 2020, make sure to check out the SMOK Nord.

Suorin Air

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -Suorin Air

Old but gold.

The Suorin Air has been around even before the pod-based vaporizer platform became popular.

Similar to the Nord, the Suorin Air was a pod vape that was set to revolutionize the industry.

Introduced at a time when pod vapes looked pretty much like USB flash drives, the Suorin Air aimed to revisit how pod-based vaporizers were designed and engineered.

By giving it a wider body, it allowed Suorin to pack the Air with a larger battery and a pod that can hold more e-liquid.

The Suorin Air was outfitted with a 400mAh battery and a pod that can hold 2ml of e-juice.

This meant that you can use it longer in between charges and enjoy your e-liquids longer before you replace the pods.

Compared to some of the pod vapes on the market today, the Suorin Air still makes for a good option for those looking for a long-lasting pod vaporizer.

The pod of the Suorin Air is also refillable allowing you to fill it with the e-liquid blend of your choice.

While it had a technical specification to boast, the Suorin Air had very little going on in terms of how it looks.

That’s because the Suorin Air was designed and engineered to be a discreet device.

Sure, it had several color options that were bold and loud but the device itself was intended to be subtle and conspicuous enough that one would have a hard time telling if it was a vaporizer or not.

It followed the dimensions of a humble credit card.

Boxy with slight and insignificant curves is what made the Suorin Air the pod vaporizer for the modern-day gentleman.

It looked good in the side pocket of your jeans as it did in the pocket of your suit. It was classy, sophisticated, and it was reliable.

It was durable and proved that it can withstand more than the average wear and tear from daily use and daily carrying activity.

Today, the Suorin Air now has a newer version, the Suorin Air Plus. This version sports better battery capacity and a larger pod and like the Nord, the Suorin Air Plus offered two cartridge varieties.

Nevertheless, the original Suorin Air remains a great pod vaporizer and is worth checking out (if you still haven’t) this 2020.

Vaporesso Renova Zero

Best Pod Vapes of 2020-Vaporesso Renova Zero

The Vaporesso Renova Zero is a unique portable vaporizer and is one of the first pod-based units to feature a press-to-fill mechanism.

For those new to using pod-based vaporizers, refilling the pods can be a bit of a challenge.
The technology used in the Vaporesso Renova Zero allows you to easily refill your pods simply just by pressing the tip of the e-liquid filling bottle (included on the package) to the dedicated reloading hole.

This makes reloading and filling-up pods easier and more convenient making the Vaporesso Renova Zero the ideal pod vaporizer to use whilst on-the-go.

Gone are the days where you have to pull that small rubber grommet and make a mess out of spilling your e-liquid in the process.

The press-to-fill mechanism is comprised of an inner-spring that creates a tight seal that ensures the e-liquids remain inside the pod. This eliminates spillage and the need for traditional removable rubber caps.

This automatic locking technology makes the Vaporesso Renova Zero pods a child-safe and child-proof pod, probably the first in the platform.

You can expect safe, clean, efficient, and effective vaporization when you use the Vaporesso Renova Zero.

Furthermore, the pods are made of a high-quality variety of copolyester known as PCTG.
PCTG meets standards set by the FDA and also complies with NSF/ANSI Standard 51 for food equipment requirements.

To further enhance overall customer experience, the Vaporesso Renova Zero uses advanced CCELL technology on all its pods.

This allows the pods to maximize the flavor and vapor density of your e-liquids.

Apart from these revolutionary pod technologies, the Vaporesso Renova Zero also uses an advanced chipset down in its core.

Known as the OMNI Board Mini, this chipset ensures that the Vaporesso Renova Zero is backed by the most advanced technological features.

This advanced chipset allows the Renova Zero to offer three preset temperature profiles, allowing you to customize your sessions.

It’s powered by a 650mAh battery that allows for ample and significant battery life in between charges.

The battery also recharges in as fast as 45 minutes which ensures that you’re up and ready the soonest time possible.

The body of the Vaporesso Renova Zero battery is housed in a zinc alloy body giving the Vaporesso Renova Zero unmatched durability and reliability.

For its price and all the features it offers, the Vaporesso Renova Zero is one of the best pod vaporizers to use in 2020 and beyond.

UWell Caliburn

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 - UWell Caliburn

One of the more phenomenal pod vaporizers as of late, the UWell Caliburn features both an automatic and a manual firing mechanism.

It’s arguably one of the first few pod systems that offered both firing methods.

However, the UWell Caliburn has more to offer than just dual firing modes.
The UWell Caliburn is outfitted with a 520mAh battery that gives it decent performance and battery life.

You’ll enjoy about 2 to 3 refills before the battery needs to be recharged.

The significant battery capacity also ensures that the UWell Caliburn had enough power to maintain significant performance even when in low power.

The battery is equipped with short-circuit protection, a draw activated fault diagnosis, and a low power level alert amongst other advanced features the UWell Caliburn brings to the table.

It also boasts a 10-second cut off feature which further improves the UWell Caliburn’s safety features.

All the technology in the battery of the UWell Caliburn is housed in an aluminum alloy chassis.

This durable and lightweight material which encases the UWell Caliburn ensures that it can withstand a significant amount of beating.

The overall design of the battery is simple and not too flashy.

It does away with some of the more intricate designs compared to what the Nord does and has the same aesthetics as the Suorin Air.

It has engravings on the side of the battery that extends to the pod. The lines are seamless and make for a great minimalistic design for a pod vaporizer like the UWell Caliburn.

The battery is outfitted with a single power button that can be used to manually operate the unit.

It’s still capable of automatic fire but those looking for a harder kick should stick to the manual trigger.

The battery is impressive since it ramps instantaneously and delivers almost on-demand results.

Plus, the pods have phenomenal airflow making the UWell Caliburn great for MTL vaping.

The pods can accommodate 2ml of e-liquid and can be refilled with the material of your choice.

It’s made with Pro-FOCS flavor technology so you can expect impeccable taste when using the UWell Caliburn.

All these features make the UWell Caliburn a perfect pod vaporizer for both the connoisseur and the average consumer.

It’s no surprise the UWell Caliburn gets more than enough votes allowing it to secure a spot in our list.

It’s one of the pod vaporizers we highly recommend to use today and in 2020.

Aspire AVP

Best Pod Vapes of 2020 -Aspire AVP

Another must-have this coming 2020 is the Aspire AVP.

In terms of design, the Aspire AVP closely resembles the Nord from SMOK.

The APV sports a thick bezel with a laminated carbon fiber finish in the middle.

Its small power button has its dimensional design which adds to the Aspire AVP’s aesthetic appeal.

However, the overall shape of this pod vaporizer is something entirely different.

While other pod vaporizers are often long and slender sticks, the Aspire AVP is somewhat like the Suorin Air.

It’s flat and wide and has a little weight to it.

That’s because it boasts a 2ml pod and a chassis that’s made out of zinc-aluminum alloy.

This durable body makes the Aspire AVP a reliable pod vaporizer you can enjoy this 2020 and even for years to come.

Inside its zinc-aluminum alloy chassis is a 700mAh battery. This gives the Aspire AVP the ability to last longer than most pod vaporizers.

It also allows it to maintain a stellar performance in between charges.

The battery is short circuit protected, low voltage protected, overcharge protected, and over heat-protected.

It also turns itself off after a certain period of inactivity.

It offers three preset temperature profiles letting you personalize your sessions and get the most out of your e-liquid blends.

The temperature levels are shown via an LED light display in the power button. Each temperature level creates a spectacular prism through the uneven façade of the AVP’s power button.

The Aspire AVP also offers several pod options for improved customization options.

These different pods come in its own specification; a pod with a nichrome coil, one with ceramic coils, and one with mesh coils.

Having said, these pods offer various experiences with the regular nichrome coil for a balanced output in terms of flavor and vapor, the ceramic coils made to improve flavor, and the mesh coils with a focus on cloud production.

These line of replacement pods covers all your needs from flavor chasing to cloud chasing.

The Aspire AVP ensures that you’re safe, protected, and will have a slew of vaping options within your reach.

So, we hope you find this list helpful. We also hope you start the year right with our recommendation for some of the best pod vapes for 2020.

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