Bo One Vaporizer Review: The Pod Vape Expansion [2019 UPDATE]

BO One Review (1)

The Bo One Vaporizer is a modern and sleek vape with striking auto-draw feature and an innovative 1.5ml replaceable pod cartridge called as Bo Cap. The Bo One Vape is robust and discreet with intuitive control, offering an innovative portable pod system and delivering flavorful and smooth hits on-the-go. This is not your average e-cigarette because it features an elegant and ergonomic chassis, a powerful 380mAh battery with an easy-to-use USB charging dock, and quick loading of the no-thread proprietary connection Bo Cap. The e-juices come in 21 flavors, with 3 nicotine levels, and don’t contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl. What more can Bo One Vaporizer can offer to vapers? 

Strong Points 

  • Slim and compact design  
  • Long battery life  
  • Great nicotine highs  
  • Durable 

Weak Points 

  • Closed system 


The Bo One Vape may be bigger than most pod-based vapes but it doesn’t mean it’s less portable. It measures 100 x 15 x 8 millimeters and weighs a tiny 22 grams. It is small and lightweight that can be carried around easily. It fits any pocket size like jacket and shirt pockets. Carry your Bo One Vape comfortably wherever you go without stress and hassle. This device will last in most excursions with the long battery life, and you can just leave it your bag, car, or anywhere nearby with a guarantee that it will last you through an entire day or even a weekend depending on how much you’re using it. 

The Bo Vape One is a compact, ergonomic, and elegant vape design with discretion, convenience, and pure enjoyment in mind. Just imagine the sleek chassis fitting comfortably in your grip, striking a confident and eye-catching look. Feel the solid build with great affordability and portability. Keep your BO One Vaporizer hidden in your hand while vaping, and carry it wherever you go even while multitasking. The simple and sleek design of Bo One Vape reflects in the intuitive ease-of-use vaping operation, allowing you to easily enjoy quick hits on-the-go. This vape device is ideal for those who want portability, convenience, style, and excellent vapor, all in one dynamic vape device. 


You will definitely love the finish on the exterior of Bo One Vape because it feels nice to the touch, and you’ll never have any problem with scratching from carrying this vaping device in your pocket because of its ceramic coating. It doesn’t have any buttons and all pods have the same design, so you won’t be confused or worried about using different resistance coils.  

The Bo One Vape has been designed to be extremely durable and simple. It is very straightforward without needing power flexibility. Just simply put the pod in and enjoy taking a draw whenever and wherever you want.  


The Bo One Vape is non-refillable which means the taste is preserved up to the last drop, unlike refillable cartridges that are highly susceptible to stale e-liquids. Most refillable cartridges start to taste burned after the initial use but Bo Vape guarantees 100% great taste every time! 

Many e-juice companies are now making flavors specifically for Bo so you’ll have lots of options. You can experiment with as many flavor options as you can find to figure out your favorites. As with the e-liquid flavor options, you can choose between 21 flavors anywhere in the Fruit and Tobacco categories. The portable pod system has a smart and fast design with an oil cartridge so you can extremely enjoy the delicious e-liquids on-the-go with no hassle.  

Vapor Quality 

Enjoy the flavor and vapor quality of Bo One Vape. You may not win cloud competitions with something this compact and small, but there’s still a very satisfying amount of vapor when vaping this device. Whereas typical e-cigarettes require screwing a threaded connection for loading the oil cartridge, Bo Vaporizer has a streamlined loading process, adopting a plug-and-vape pod system. Just simply plug in the Bo Cap then take a hit. The auto-draw battery delivers vapor on-demand upon inhalation. 

Price to Performance Rating 

When it comes to the price, the Bo One Vaporizer is reasonably priced. It is just the right and competitive price for its best features and performance. Bo One is proud of its very powerful battery that can be used for long vaping sessions, with rapid heating, and fast USB-charging. With the auto-draw battery, the device produces satisfying vapor as you take a hit, which is perfect for quick hits while you’re on-the-go or even when multitasking. You won’t need to fiddle different controls just to vape. Charge your Bo One from almost anywhere via USB that easily connects magnetically.  

You can get up to 380 puffs in a full charge with the 380mAh. The Bo Power is an optional accessory which is an external battery or charging station for your BO vape which is sold separately, allowing charging anytime and anywhere. It is about the size of a dual 18650 mod in a thinner version with a 1300mAh capacity. The BO One Vape also features a pass-through charging so you can enjoy vaping while you charge. 

Bo One makes a range of accessories like the Bo Cable, allowing you to charge your Bo One vape through a USB cable, so you can charge it on any outlet or in a laptop. The BO Power is a great power-pack solution that can hold over 3 charges of the Bo One vape, making it last well over 2 to 3 days on a single charge. Check out the Bo One Vapes accessories and Bo pods for sale today

Usage Tips and Tricks  

  1. Charging Instructions

When charging your BO One battery, just connect it to the magnetic charger that comes with the kit and insert it into a USB port or a wall adapter. The LED light indicator goes out when charging is complete. Charging your Bo One Vaporizer takes about 1 to 2 hours. It is easy to measure the remaining power level based on the color of the LED light on the battery which includes the following: 

  • Blue light for fully charged 
  • White light for half charged 
  • Red light for nearly empty 
  1. Usage Instructions

The BO One Vaporizer features a draw-activated mechanism. Just simply install one of the included Bo pod mods with varying nicotine strengths from 6 to 18 milligrams. Remember that when putting in a vape pod on your Bo One Vaporizer, there is no satisfying “click” or “snap” but you’ll see the LED light flash once. 

Once a vape pod has been inserted, you just have to simply take a drag like what you would normally do on a cigarette, thereby automatically powering the device up. If ever you notice that the LED flashes thrice upon using it, it only means that the connectors on the vape pod are not making any contact with the pins on the device battery. To resolve this, you can just simply pull out the pins slightly on the vape pod. Just be careful doing so as not to pull them off totally. 

  1. Cleaning Instructions

Disassemble your Bo One Vape. Gather isopropyl alcohol, paper towel, and q-tips for the cleaning process. You can also clean your vape with water and mild soap before using alcohol. Just avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach when cleaning any vape device. Let the parts dry completely and assemble. Cleaning should not be complicated at all because you only need to aim to remove left-over hardened residue on the device, and these mild cleaning agents can do a wonderful job. 

Final Thoughts 

The Bo One Vape is extremely small, stealthy, and unbelievably lightweight. The weight is just enough for you to feel the device premium and substantial in the hand, and light enough that makes it unnoticeable when inside your pocket. It has great portability you can take advantage when you’re multitasking or while you’re on-the-fly. While the vaping mileage may vary depending on the frequency of usage, you can easily get through a day with the Bo One vape with its long battery life and use the Bo Power for days you need to be outdoors. The price is reasonable and you’ll definitely get the best value for your money with its impressive vapor quality, durability, portability, and overall performance. Check the Bo One Vaporizer for sale today! 

Bo One Vaporizer Rating

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Cbd Rock Hill SC
Cbd Rock Hill SC

Good article, as per my point of view I can say that good quality and rigid design is all we care about. The performance must not be compromised on any factors consisting charging, inhaling and exhaling system. You can compare the quality of vaporizer from which I mention above.


Good article, as per my point of view I can say that good quality and rigid design is all we care about. The performance must not be compromised on any factors consisting charging, inhaling and exhaling system. You can compare the quality of vaporizer from which I mention above

Anne Munn
Anne Munn

I would like to know the ingredients in electric Bo cigarettes.

Claire S Davis
Claire S Davis

Man this is literally the best website about anything vape related. Thanks for all the information and value!

Zumla J Rayburn
Zumla J Rayburn

I have been using the pod systems for a couple of months now, I like the nic salts. I don’t care about clouds but I have to have my nicotine. That’s the reason I vape.