CCELL Uno: Here to Bring a Game

CCELL Uno source url essay my garden english viagra testosterone cost of 1 viagra pill nolvadex gynecomastia covington watch prop 8 essay phd thesis english didactics proofreading online resume maker professional v 11 0 see format of research paper writing anti biotic clindamycn cleocin follow site go to site go to link thesis 2008 source link examples of undergraduate dissertations essays on eating disorders media influence research paper about money dutasterida manipulado typing companies viagra brand names para que serve comprimido viagra Lately the pod-based platform has made quite the buzz and is now one of the busiest categories in the vaping industry. With almost new devices coming up every month, it may be hard to keep up with what this platform has to offer. However, one company makes the definitive move which separates it apart from all pod-based products on the market and makes it easier for consumers to choose from the slew of monotonous products the pod-based platform has to offer.

CCELL is a company based in Shenzhen, China. Headquartered in the technological hub in one of China’s major provinces, the birthplace of the modern e-cigarette, they are surrounded with companies and conglomerates that thrive in the same industry. CCELL is backed by Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited, one of the oldest and most popular vaporizer manufacturers in the district as well as in the vaping industry. Founded in 2006, the Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited has over 12 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality vaporizers. With the goal of improving the standards of vaping, they established CCELL, this subsidiary company to Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited is geared to revolutionize vaping technology. Consequently, the CCELL Uno was born.

Here at SmokeFree, we’re always on the lookout for brand-new vape technology to bring you the latest news and updates in what’s hot and what’s not in the vaping industry and the CCELL Uno brings exceptional potential unlike what we’ve seen from other devices we’ve had our hands on. The CCELL Uno is a pod-based vaporizer intended for thick oils and other extracts with the promise of improved performance and overall vapor output of an estimate of 25%. From what we’ve heard, the CCEL Uno is still yet to be released – here’s what we know so far and our thoughts about the CCELL Uno.

Aluminum Alloy Build – An industry standard, most pod-based vaporizers nowadays are built with durable and lightweight materials like aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy’s lightweight properties give the CCELL Uno better suitability for on-the-go use since putting a device as small and as compact as the CCELL Uno in your pocket allows you to carry a vape system without even noticing that it’s there. The durability of its aluminum alloy body gives the CCELL Uno the ability to withstand daily use and carrying activity. Portable devices are susceptible to damage compared to stationary devices. The fact that they get carried around almost anywhere you go means that they get transferred and transported from one place to another. This leaves them vulnerable and subject to droppage, bumps, and jolts from coming into contact with hard surfaces when in your pocket, inside your bag, or when kept and stashed elsewhere.

CCELL Uno’s aluminum alloy build gives it the proper vessel it deserves; consumers could expect nothing less than a decent lifespan from the CCELL Uno.

An Invisible Breathing LED Indicator – Still on the surface, the CCELL Uno sports an invisible LED light. While most pod-based devices sport annoying LED light indicators to display battery life, function, and other features, the CCELL Uno only lets out a subtle and barely unnoticeable burst of light. The kind that’s not annoying and the kind that’s still discreet. The light won’t get in your face when you vape with it and it won’t blow your cover when you’re vaping in the dark.

Strong Magnetic Connections – In the pod-based platform, magnets are important. That’s why to see that the CCELL Uno sports magnetic connection only means that they pay attention to what customers and consumers want and need. The magnetic links snap the pods in place to keep them from falling from the battery when stashed in your pocket of kept inside your bag. The magnets also mean that they give out a satisfying click which gives you an idea whether or not your pods are properly connected to the battery. It does not stay lit and will only flicker when you take a hit from the CCELL Uno’s battery.

A 350mAh Battery – It’s pretty common for pod-based devices to have at the very least 200mAh battery capacity with higher capacities meaning improved performance overall. Other pod-based devices we’ve used like the JUUL sports 200mAh, KandyPens’ RUBI at 280mAh, the PHIX Vaporizer is rated at around 320mAh, while the Bo Vaporizer at par with the CCELL Uno at 350mAh.

We still can’t tell the difference between the Bo and the Uno but based on what CCELL says, the difference will be pretty significant at around 25%. This means clouds will be denser, having more body and with increased visibility and thickness with viscosities hopefully close to that of real smoke. Furthermore, an improved battery capacity means lengthier vaping sessions and more potent hits as active ingredients from infused essential oils are extracted better when they’re subjected to higher temperature levels.

Posible Ceramic Based Pods – We’ve received news that the CCELL Uno pods might use ceramic-based heating elements. This is ideal for extract vaporization as ceramic has been known as a suitable mineral for heating concentrates as well as thick oils due to its inert and pure properties. It facilitates low and slow heating allowing the materials to fully saturate the heating element before they are heated and are turned to vapor. Ceramic is also known to increase and emphasize the natural flavors of your select materials because it lets the thick oils to steep onto the heating element before it’s heated.

There is still no clarification whether the pods are refillable or not and we’re yet to confirm this information so stay tuned for further updates. Nevertheless, a closed pod system will contribute to a stable airflow while an open pod system will allow consumers to use different kinds of thick oils and extracts to fill the pods with. Either way, it’s going to be a win-win situation for us consumers.

We’re still eager to check if the spec sheet from CCELL is for real, make sure to get back on us for a full review once we get our hands on the CCELL Uno. Until then, stay lifted.

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