Celebs Who Vape

Celebs Who Vape

Celebrities themselves are drawn with the popularity and speech self evaluation essay essay about internet education https://vabf.org/reading/a2-snab-biology-coursework-examples/250/ go here follow english essay writing guidelines tips on essay writing for high school essays and applications source effectiveness of viagra tablets https://www.nationalautismcenter.org/letter/racial-discrimination-essay-examples/26/ gujarati essay on mother directions for cialis 20 mg canyou take concerta with seroquel https://www.newburghministry.org/spring/discuss-the-importance-of-literature-review-in-a-research-report/20/ https://chanelmovingforward.com/stories/proofreading-services-online/51/ research newspaper articles viagra to girls https://lajudicialcollege.org/forall/gender-roles-essay-outline/16/ oliver twist essay topics allegory essay essay topics for grade 12 go to link how do i activate my email on my iphone 8 can i cut cialis pills 5th grade persuasive essay examples click here malcolm gladwell essays lilly cialis to buy example essay on heroism online paper checker good topics for research papers for kids benefits of vaping. Many celebs are spotted using vaporizers while on vacation, taping, and even on special events and gatherings. Is it just a trend for them or a need? Whatever their reasons are, vaping is for anyone who wants to quit smoking or who simply wants to enjoy time with e-juice flavors and vapor clouds!  

  1. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

He is probably the first ever mainstream male celebrity to have seen vape on the big screen. In his famous movie “The Tourist,” he’s seen vaping on a train with an e-cigarette. Johnny Depp also owns a vaporizer and was seen vaping on a pocket-friendly Kangertech Mini Tank. Surely, the Pirates of the Caribbean action star doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just using vape pens. To keep him going, he needs box mods for their full vapor power. Now, that’s what a true pirate is in the modern times! 

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio

The famous Titanic actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, is also a great vaper. The Wolf of Wall Street became a huge talk-of-the celeb world by vaping right at the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony. It seemed that he was vaping a KangerTech AeroTank Mega with Innokin iTaste MVP 2.0 mod. A pretty sophisticated setup for a Hollywood awards night! 

The DailyMail also got a glimpse him strolling through Manhattan while puffing on one of his favorite box mods. He was also seen vaping various brands of box mods and vape pens. In New York City, he was spotted vaping in Rao, which is a fine dining restaurant. There’s nothing that could stop the Revenant actor from vaping! After all, vaping makes his image cool and classy. 

  1. Katy Perry

Katy Perry

All girls just love Katy Perry, with her famous songs such as “Dark Horse” and “I Kissed a Girl”. Among all female celebs, she is considered as one of the most unexpected to be included on the list of famous celebrities who vape. In fact, she was even photographed in a Labor Day Party while vaping an e-cigarette. Her fresh summer outfit seemingly matched her purple Ego Twist vaping device while holding a beer on the other hand. It is truly a great combination to simply enjoy and relax under the heat of the summer sun

  1. Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell

The famous critic of reality-TV and talent shows, Simon Cowell, also has something good to tell about his new vaporizer, describing it as nice and sweet. He is one of the many celebrities who is known for their heavy smoking habits. Now, switching to vaping makes him feel he is one step closer to the right path. Surely, he wants a healthier and better alternative because he is not getting any younger who just turned 56. Vaping won’t fail you, Simon!  

  1. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L Jackson

Who can forget Samuel L. Jackson who loves all the smoke around him like playing his different movie roles? He deserves the honor and pride from fans and peers because he portrays all roles with an outstanding performance, from his classic movie Pulp Fiction where he was a bad guy, to the ever-thoughtful role he played in his famous movie, Django Unchained. 

The Academy Award-winning actor was also photographed with large cigars. He was also seen puffing an e-cigarette in The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon while he was reading out a poetry.  The action star was also seen holding a pipe-style bulky vaporizer with his classic and popular bad-boy smile. That admittedly makes Samuel a great vaper!  

  1. Jack Nicholson

jack nicholson

The 80-year-old famous actor, Jack Nicholson, with masterpieces including The Shining and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, proves to still capture the eyes of the spotlight. He was seen vaping at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, like a boss with his son seated beside him. Millennials can now get the golden message straight from the living legend! It just goes to show that age is just a number when it comes to vaping. Jack Nicholson has an unlimited and unending style abound. He was also seen and photographed signing autographs while using an e-cig. Now, that makes him young and cool!  

  1. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

He is an old-school supporter of vaping and vaporizers. Willie Nelson is considered a true vape advocate. He’s a cannabis enthusiast as he admitted it, wherein he has been witnessed smoking dry herbs ever since he’s into the music industry. Now, he is 83 years old and a total vaper who uses vape pens and desktop setups. The famous musician was seen with his powerful vaporizer in one photograph. Fans can also enjoy the Willie Nelson vaporizer, Willie’s Reserve, the legend’s very own dry cannabis brand. He’s a close friend of Snoop Dogg who convinced the rapper to take his very first vaporizer hit.

  1. Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher

An Australian actress, Isla Fisher is famous for her unforgettable roles in the Confessions of a Shopaholic and Wedding Crashers. This chic should not be missed to be included on the vape list. She’s usually seen vaping in public. In the film “Now You See Me,” she played a character where she took some short puffs from an unrecognized brand of e-cigarette. Isla Fisher is now 40 years old who made a mark in the industry with her MTV Movie Awards and AACTA Awards.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

She is one of the queens when it comes to controversy. Lindsay knows how her vape products too well. With her tough history of drug abuse, Lindsay finally decided to switch to a cleaner high, which also makes her now as one of the most famous celeb vapers. Lindsay was photographed in her Miami Mansion, reading a script while vaping a Blu Cig vape pen. She had a photo taken 2011, so Lindsay Lohan is considered as Hollywood’s early celebrity vaper.

  1. Katherine Heigl

katherine heigl

She’s the famous actress of Grey’s Anatomy and also a vaper. She captured the vape spotlight when she displayed her modern and sleek vape pen device in a show. Katherine loaded her vape with e-liquid and took a long puff on the David Letterman show. She was also seen vaping in restaurants and inside her car. 

Final Thought  

Celebs, like fans, also want to enjoy vaping! We are all free to vape and enjoy its benefits. Many celebrities have switched from heavy smoking and drug abuse to a healthier alternative. Vaping also rocks the world of famous people today! Happy vaping! 

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