• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $295.00
  • Material Used: Herbs and Concentrates

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The DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer is the second iteration of the famous DaVinci IQ Vaporizer from DaVinci Vaporizers. To be honest, we believe the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer has some big shoes to fill. So, if you’re interested to know just how well or how bad the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer is, make sure to keep it here with us until the end of the review.

First Impressions

We have high expectations of the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer even before coming into this review. Its predecessor, the original DaVinci IQ, made for a great device that revolutionized the way portable dry herb vaporizers are seen and used by many end-users and the industry itself.

davinci iq 2

It’s good to note that before we review the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer, we’ve had our hands on some of the earlier versions of what we could surmise as an attempt to strengthen the presence of the DaVinci IQ brand into the local dry herb vaporizer landscape. We were able to get our hands on the DaVinci Miqro and the DaVinci Miqro – Explorers Edition. Two versions of the DaVinci IQ that were made smaller but performed better than expected.

That said, we expect the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer to exceed our expectations.


A portable dry herb vaporizer as premium as the DaVinci IQ 2 comes at a befitting box that exudes elegance. First, you’d want to pull up the exterior cover and sleeve. Once you have the sleeve out of the way, you can open the actual box by flipping the two panels as you would when opening a door.

You will be greeted by the device in the middle with both flaps inside showing branding with an orange background that just makes the information on both panels pop out. Of course, depending on the color of the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer you’ve selected upon ordering, it will have accentuated the dark background that lines the entirety of the packaging.

Once the flaps are open, you will see a drawer that holds some of the essentials you can use when vaping with the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer. To access the actual device, remove the drawer and pull the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer from its compartment.


  • 1 x DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer
  • 1 x 10mm Bubbler Adapter
  • 1 x 0.2g Dosage Pod
  • 1 x Ceramic Extract Tab
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Pick Tool
  • 9 x Organic Cotton
  • 9 x Alcohol Wipes

You see that for a small drawer, the packaging itself holds a bundle of accessories. All the more to make us feel that DaVinci IQ 2 is more than what it seems.

Strong Points:

  • Comes with a lot of accessories
  • Glass-lined oven
  • New airflow adjustment
  • High-quality airpath
  • Full temperature control
  • Advanced monitoring and tracking of dosage
  • Superior flavor retention
  • Potent vapor production

Weak Points:

  • Takes a while to recharge
  • Might require an external charger – sold separately


There isn’t really a lot to say about the DaVinci IQ 2 Vaporizer when it comes to portability, and that’s not a bad thing.

davinci iq 2

In terms of portability, the guys at DaVinci simply just nailed it. The overall dimensions of the DaVinci IQ 2 make it so that the device feels right in the hands. Moreover, because of the change in the actual finishing of the device, it not only makes the DaVinci IQ 2 look more premium but also makes it feel more rugged. It looks more like a device that can take a beating rather than a device that you need to keep in a soft cushioned case. Moreover, the material used on almost all components of the DaVinci IQ 2 contributes to its weight which ensures that it won’t give out a week later you’ve purchased it.

The buttons on the DaVinci IQ 2 also are more rugged and are more robust compared to the original DaVinci IQ. They have a more of a tactile feel rather than having a more recessed sense to the touch. The doors that open to access the battery, the chamber, the mouthpiece, and all the removable and replaceable parts of the DaVinci IQ 2 feel like they are built tough.

Overall, the DaVinci IQ 2 is a portable dry herb vaporizer that will give you confidence and a sense of peace the moment you touch it.


The DaVinci IQ 2 not only looks and feels durable and reliable but it is down to its core a tough cookie.

The raw materials used in manufacturing the DaVinci IQ 2 are no joke. You’ll see items like glass and zirconia ceramic, glass-lined oven, brushed aluminum, and other terms that tell you how high of a quality the raw materials used in manufacturing the DaVinci IQ 2 are.

All these items combined make for a reliable and dependable portable dry herb vaporizer. That’s why it’s no surprise that the original DaVinci IQ gained quite the following and there’s no doubt that the DaVinci IQ 2 will too.

It’s the weed vape for professional vapers that require professional-level results. It’s the most-recommended dry herb vaporizer not only for casual consumers but also for patients who have demanding needs.


The DaVinci IQ 2 is king when it comes to versatility. You can use it with herbs and with wax concentrates right out of the bat. Remember the slew of accessories we pulled out from the drawer of the DaVinci IQ 2’s box? Yep, that means you’re to enjoy the DaVinci IQ 2 with wax concentrates longer than you would any other dual-purpose vaporizer out there.

It might get a bit confusing having to change the pods and the discs but it’s well worth it.

Furthermore, the DaVinci IQ 2 comes with an extended mouthpiece that can be attached to a water bubbler. This means that you can use the DaVinci IQ 2 with a rig or with any 10mm water attachment you have lying around.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is what the DaVinci brand is known for. To think that the original DaVinci IQ and the DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer means a lot. The flavor of the herbs and even the wax concentrates are pronounced and discernible. You won’t have any problems tasting the terpenes and the flavonoids in the wax and in the herbs.

davinci iq 2

There are a lot of reasons that contribute to its superior vapor quality; one of which is its glass-lined oven. Instead of using ceramic what traditional portable devices do, the folks developing the DaVinci IQ 2 outfitted it with glass-lined material to further preserve the overall qualities of your wax and herbs. It also facilitates an even distribution of heat which ensures that whether you’re consuming wax or herbs, you’re not going to burn them.

Another factor that affects the vapor quality of the DaVinci IQ 2 is its wide range of temperature control. This allows you to change the running temperature level of the unit to customize your sessions. Then there’s the adjustable airflow that allows you to achieve a well-suited amount of air for your vaping needs.

There is a slew of other features that allow the DaVinci IQ 2 to yield superior vapors, if we keep on barking about it, we can go on for days.

Price to Performance Rating

The DaVinci IQ 2 is pretty high on the price range. But for what it has to offer and bring to the table, paying for $295.00 is not too steep of a price.

Many other vaporizers in the same price range may offer something less decent than what the DaVinci IQ 2 could. So, if you’re a vape user who has your priorities straight, then the DaVinci IQ 2 is a solid buy.
The Terpometer rating


The DaVinci IQ 2 is a great device to have with you regardless of the occasion, however, it’s far from being perfect.

We have our own gripes no matter how small or inconsequential they are.

First, the charging time. Man have you ever used a vaporizer this small and had to wait for six hours just to have it recharged. It would be acceptable ten years ago but, in this day and age, we believe DaVinci could have done better. We know that the industry standard is moving from micro USB to USB-C and to have that technology for a vaporizer at this price could have just been the icing on the cake.

Nevertheless, we’re happy at how well the DaVinci IQ 2 performed. We can see ourselves not letting go of this device anytime soon.

Where to buy DaVinci IQ 2?

davinci iq 2

Buy DaVinci IQ 2 from VapeActive website.

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