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The signature advanced heating technology that DaVinci is famous for greatly emanates from their dry herb vaporizer, the DaVinci MIQRO. It is a smaller and more compact dry herb vaporizer that enhances the best qualities of your favorite dry herbs. It is housed in a sturdy and durable body that is made from anodized aluminum, which is lightweight and portable. The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is roughly around 3.13 inches, which is considered as one of the most powerful and smallest vaporizers on the market.

The features of the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer include a compact build, Smart Path Technology, Zirconium Ceramic Vapor Path, Anodized Aluminum Body, Precision Temperature, and Interchangeable 18350 Batteries. With its functional nature and aesthetically pleasing form, you’ll easily fall in love with this dry herb vaporizer. In addition, it is so small that you’ll make it as a travel buddy or an activity pal anywhere and anytime. This stylish and ultra-portable vape comes with a replaceable battery, perfect for solo use without sacrificing vapor quality. It is very affordable and convenient to use and clean.


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Strong Points:  

  • Very Portable  
  • User-friendly 
  • Excellent Vapor Quality 

Weak Points:  

  • Short Battery Life 


If you’re looking for a perfect companion during vacations, parties, road trips, or a day break at the beach, the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is the best vaping device to go. You get the best of both worlds because this dry herb vaporizer best incorporates your on-the-go lifestyle and laid-back habit. If you’re a person who wants to vape on your feet but doesn’t want to compromise your elevated lifestyle, the MIQRO will definitely keep you engage with your itineraries. Enjoy vaping without limits and get high as you want to be. You can keep it in your jacket pocket, pouch, your bag, or even conceal it under your palm.  

Davinci Miqro Portability

The ultra-portable size of DaVinci MIQRO is the first thing noticeable about this dry herb vaporizer.  The size is ⅔ the size of the DaVinci IQ. In fact, it is one of the smallest portable dry herb vaporizers available. It is easy to forget your MIQRO’s kept in your pocket, so it makes a nice everyday carry for personal use.


Davinci Miqro Durability

The DaVinci MIQRO is made of high-quality materials. The exterior is made of tough anodized aluminum and the inside is made of zirconia ceramic. The hinged magnetic doors are easy to open and stay closed as desired. Many users love the easy to learn and simple to use controls of DaVinci MIQRO. The three buttons control everything without requiring a smartphone app. The lighted buttons have high-quality feel and durability. The unique dot matrix display communicates information in a glance. It also includes a 5-minute auto-shutoff timer. It goes beyond digital temperature control with MIQRO’s three heating methods including smart paths, precision tuning, and boost. 


Davinci Miqro Versatility
The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer has an impressive and unique heating style. It is versatile with 4 preset temperature profiles, with different effects, thus highlighting your favorite herbs’ variety of upshots. The increments of the 4 heating settings are 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It starts from the lowest at 350 to 370 degrees Fahrenheit, the second at 370 to 390 degrees Fahrenheit, 390 to 410 degrees Fahrenheit for the third set, and the highest setting at 410F to 430F. This dry herb got your back regardless if you’re looking for a mild and subtle euphoria or couch lock.  

DaVinci Miqro WIBThe DaVinci MIQRO is available in Standard Bundle Kit and Explorer’s Collection. Get started with the Standard Kit, that contains everything you need. It includes two mouthpieces, one battery, a cleaning kit, and a charge cable. If you want to vape in between recharges, the Explorer’s Kit is the best choice, bringing extra on-the-go vape anytime. It has a keychain canister, holding the second battery and your herb. The Explorer’s Collection has a zippered carrying case, a grinder, a silicone glove or protective case, and spare parts. 

Vapor Quality 

The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer has a ceramic zirconia vapor path, which doesn’t react chemically whenever it’s exposed to heat. It preserves and retains the herb’s distinct aromas and unique flavors, enhancing and releasing the fullest potential of your buds, herbs, and loose-leaf materials. Get the purest and cleanest vapors with DaVinci MIQRO. Get the most out of your favorite herbs with DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer with the Smart Path Heating, taking your vaping experience in euphoria with rich flavors in just a matter of seconds.   

Price to Performance Rating  

When it comes to high-quality vapor, the DaVinci MIQRO dry herb vaporizer won’t fail you. It delivers a pure flavor and the cooling mouthpiece produces a smooth vapor. The fully packed oven produces satisfying clouds. Extend your vaping session with the included pearl, reducing the oven size for discreteness. Aside from being one of the smallest vaporizers, the DaVinci MIQRO is also one of the fastest heating dry herb vaporizers with a minuscule size.  It is incredibly easy to load with an innovative loading dock. Given its price point, the DaVinci MIQRO is a good catch!  

Tips and Tricks 

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the DaVinci MIQRO is a low profile. Clean the oven by rubbing it using a cotton swab dampened with alcohol. You can easily remove the vapor path and pearl, and just soak them in soapy water and alcohol. Unlike most vaporizers, the DaVinci MIQRO doesn’t need thorough cleanings. DaVinci redesigned the MIQRO to eliminate herb buildup. It only looks like an oily side residue. Remember that the MIQRO is not specifically made for heavy use like the DaVinci IQ, that’s why it shouldn’t build up quickly.

The precision tuning of DaVinci MIQRO enables vaporizing at a specific temperature. Many vapers love using the smart paths of this vape more often. The boost mode of MIQRO can be used with any temperature style by just holding the power button in. The temperature continues to climb until you release the button. 

When using the DaVinci MIQRO, you need to open the chamber and fill it with herb. Close it and power on by clicking the power button five times. The three buttons include the power button and the up and down buttons for the temperature and Smart Paths. The power button is used to switch between precision heating, the Smart Path, and the Boost modes. The up and down buttons are used for choosing the temperature modes. You can easily customize the settings of DaVinci MIQRO depending on your needs and preferences. Once the chambers have been heated thoroughly, you can start vaping!  

Final Thoughts 

Many vapers are excited about the niche that the DaVinci MIQRO hits. First-timers and budget shoppers can enjoy the newest level of quality with the Standard Kit. It is very stylish and the size is endearing, a perfect companion everywhere. It is the perfect vaporizer for a light user such as attending a concert or taking a quick dose in a workplace. It has a sweet spot in the growing vaping market that is completely new and unique to vaporizing dry herbs. Indeed, DaVinci MIQRO is a very good investment for a solo and light vaping experience on-the-go! 

DaVinci Miqro rating

DaVinci MIQRO Ultimate Guide

Miqro Guide

Small but packed with goodness, the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is DaVinci’s smallest unit to date. However, don’t let its small and minuscule appearance fool you. It keeps a powerful beast inside it that can vaporize herbs with clean and pure yields. Here are a few tips so you can get the most out of your DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer.

Stir your herbs occasionally:

The DaVinci MIQRO is a dry herb vaporizer that requires no further stirring in between vaping sessions. Thanks to its adjustable oven size, the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer can take on herbs of different quantities without having to sacrifice overall vaping quality. This design and engineering led the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer to achieve precise results with various types of botanical loads. While this may be true, many connoisseurs still prefer to give their herbs a little stir to make sure that the materials inside the oven, no matter how much of a fit it has on the herbs, will still receive the same treatment as the others. An occasional stir can still go a long way. See, when you stir your herbs, you allow the uncooked pieces to roll closer into the heating element therefore allowing better heating of your materials. Furthermore, stirring the herbs inside the chamber can prevent them from being burnt which causes a harsher output than what the herbs and the vaporizer itself intends to yield.

It may be additional work to lift the oven open from time to time but the result is beneficial and will help you get better results when vaping.

Grind your herbs before vaping:

It’s common knowledge that grinding your herbs improves the results of your sessions whether when smoking or using a vaporizer. This is true especially when you’re using the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer. Grinding your herbs not only breaks the herbs down to small pieces but it also allows you to collect pollen which can later be used in different applications. Almost anyone consuming herbs can benefit by grinding them but no other consumer will appreciate it more than those using the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer.

The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is a conduction style vaporizer, which means that the mode it uses to vaporize your botanicals is through contact to a heated surface. The heat from the walls of the oven vaporizes the materials. In certain situations, vaping using a conduction oven may prove to be harmful to the herbs (hence the need to stir) but the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer intelligent heating system ensures that the herbs will not be subjected to combustible heating temperatures. When grinding your herbs, it’s best to look for a semi-fine grind – not too fluffy. This will ensure that even though the herbs are cut into smaller pieces, they will still have body and volume that will make significant contact with the walls of the oven. Furthermore, it will allow you to pack more herbs as compared to just simply cramming your nugs in the oven. A fluffy grind or a fine grind will result to thinner particles that might get burned easily when it makes contact to the heated surface. Finely ground herbs are best for convection vaporizers which use hot air to vaporize your herbs instead of a heated surface area.

Mind how you draw:

Because of its size, the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is best used with soft and light draws. This is why you should be mindful of how you draw from your vaporizer.

One good practice is to do short and subtle draws – pretty much like sipping hot tea elegantly. This allows the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer to produce some solid vapors that have better flavor and potency. This works best especially when you pack your ovens with the pollen you’ve collected from grinding your herbs. This enhances the flavors and the aroma because of the added terpenes on your material. On the other hand, if you prefer those long drags, allowing the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer to reach optimum temperature helps, plus it gives the vapors better body and density.

Buy the accessories:

The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer is a portable vaporizer that’s designed to be used on-the-go. It’s meant to be carried either on your pocket, using your hands, or even stashed inside a bag. The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer offers a wide array of accessories that will protect it during your daily carrying activities and will extend the overall lifespan of the devices. These accessories aren’t meant only for cosmetics but hey will serve a higher purpose for you and your vaporizer.

The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer has a limited-edition explorer’s edition that comes with all the essentials you need for keeping your DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer in good condition. One of the accessories we recommend using on a daily basis is the heat glove. The DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer heat glove is a silicone case that protects the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer from minor bumps and scratches. It does not cover the entirety of the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer but the perforations and the apertures make it so that air can still cool the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer down in the event of excessive use. Another notable accessory is the additional 18350 battery. This allows you to be free from your dependency of its battery pack and gives you an extra boost if you find yourself in a place where there is no way to charge your DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer. You can easily swap out your used-up battery for a new one and then charge it up when possible.

Adjust accordingly:

We’ve mentioned that the DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer has an adjustable oven. This feature allows you to use smaller doses of herbs when you don’t feel like taking up a lot. This is important when you want smaller doses or when you want to feel only fractions of what the herbs would offer. Using a high THC strain when you’re out and about? Pack small and adjust the oven so you can still remain functional throughout the day for the subtle experience.

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