• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $399.99
  • Dimensions: 10 inches high x 4 inches base
  • Material Used: Concentrates and flowers
  • Ceramic Cup Capacity: Can take small and big loads / maximum of 1/3 gram for flowers

With the patent-pending and first of its kind, induction heating technology, Dr. Dabber Switch is worth the switch because it is fast and versatile. It comes with the best of both worlds because Dr. Dabber Switch is a wax and a dry herb vaporizer. It’s no surprise why vape experts describe it as a multi-use vaporizer with the fastest heating time among its counterparts and competitors.



  • For dry herb and wax
  • Works as portable and desktop device
  • Wide temperature range (300˚F to 800˚F)
  • 25 heating profiles
  • Fast heat up time (4 to 6 seconds)
  • Excellent battery life
  • Complete kit
  • Warranty: 2 Years

What’s in the box

  • Dr. Dabber Switch unit
  • Glass bubbler
  • Black ceramic nail
  • White ceramic nail
  • Silicone wax container
  • Carb cap
  • Dab tool
  • Ceramic flower filter
  • Tweezers

Dr. Dabber Switch Makes a Great Switch 

In addition to the brand-new induction heating technology that Dr. Dabber Switch boasts, another impressive selling point of this vaporizer is its massive battery life. The futuristic design includes an electromagnetic coil that can heat up your favorite wax or dry herb, making the best vaporizer ever. Switching between weed and wax heating modes is simple and fast. Let’s explore the in-depth details of Dr. Dabber Switch in this review!


Dr. Dabber Switch stands 9.5 inches tall, and it’s so simple and easy to assemble because the pieces just snap neatly together. With the glass bubbler attached, it measures 13 inches so it’s fairly girthy and tall. It has a sleek hourglass design for an easy, firm, and comfortable hold. In order to put the nail inside the device, you need to use tweezers that come in the package. For the standard mode, the 5 LED lights are helpful for checking temperature settings. The glass top of Dr. Dabber Switch creates an ambient light in different patterns and colors, putting on a nice light show that is so cool for a 420 party or any celebration!  

dr. dabber switch durability

The Dr. Dabber Switch is made from only the highest quality materials which ensures its overall durability. The ceramic heating induction cups are made from high-grade ceramic that’s both inert and hard-wearing. The connectors and the charging ports are robust and can withstand more than the average beating from daily use. The glass components are made from high-grade borosilicate and the built-in battery pack is non-volatile and non-explosive.  

Temperature Flexibility 

The Dr. Dabber Switch overall has 25 unique temperature profiles that’s carefully calibrated to vaporize oils, concentrates and flowers. There are also different modes you can choose from which also has 5 preset temperature settings per mode. These temperature profiles are fine-tuned and are selected carefully for your optimum dry herb and concentrate experience.  

dr. dabber switch temperature

While the Dr. Dabber Switch offers the most temperature profiles in its class, it offers an easy and straightforward means of operation. It could get some getting used to but it’s not as hard and as daunting as vaping with a blow torch. 

Ease of Use 

While a standard glass attachment is available in the Dr. Dabber Switch packaging, you can buy one separately to use exclusively with your flower or oil or as a replacement. The Black Switch Glass Percolator is a discreet alternative with opaque black glass to mask the water percolator’s inner working. Now, the Switch can be transformed into a coffee table masterpiece, so no need to hide it if you have visitors coming over. The large percolating holes allow unrestricted and smooth vaping experience. Every percolator is designed for easy maintenance because of reduced clogging aside from the optimal airflow it provides. The carb cap and glass loading tool combo can be used with the included silicone ring or even without it.

dr. dabber switch ease of use

Also, Dr. Dabber Switch has a long battery life and fast charging time because it can achieve a full charge in just an hour. Also, pass-through charging is made possible, so you can enjoy vaping while the device is charging, so no dull moments for you and your vape friends! According to Dr. Dabber, the Switch can last up to 150 uses just on a single and full charge, which is not surprising because of the quality of the battery. The battery capacity of Switch is 33.3 watt-hours up to 120 watts of output power.  


When using the Dr. Dabber Switch for your wax concentrates, all you need to do is to flip the switch of the device towards the oil set.  After which, the glass bubbler is filled with water and it is attached to the glass top. Select the desired power setting by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Using the included tweezers, the ceramic nail is placed within the glass top. Just simply scoop enough amount of wax (rice grain size) with the use of the included dab tool, then the “Go” button is pressed to begin the heating the process. The wax is dabbed into the nail and then covered with a carb cap. Now, you can inhale or vape from the mouthpiece. For your dry herb, flip the switch to set to leaf mode. After which, water is placed in the glass bubbler. Attach the bubbler to the top part of the device. Select the desired power setting by using the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons. Once the ceramic nail is firmly packed, use tweezers to place it on top of the Dr. Dabber Switch. Next, the ceramic nail is covered with the ceramic flower filter, and the “Go” button is pressed. Finally, you can inhale or vape from the mouthpiece of Dr. Dabber Switch once the unit reached your desired power setting.  

Vapor Quality 

When it comes to vapor quality and performance, Dr. Dabber Switch proves to be one of the best multi-functional vapes. It has different power settings for superior cloud production and great flavor. Enjoy savoring the excellent wax flavor just as what is expected from Dr. Dabber. The low settings optimize flavor, and the high settings provide satisfying clouds. It’s no joke that Dr. Dabber Switch only takes about 3 seconds to heat up its ceramic nails on a lower power setting and only 12 seconds on a higher setting. The finest vapor quality of Dr. Dabber Switch is actually obtained from the quartz nail, which can be bought separately. Cannabis enthusiasts are very impressed with the wax performance of Dr. Dabber Switch, while Dr. Dabber is still working on the perfect calibration for dry herbs. The current power settings result in a charred taste or mild flavor since the power settings are too high or too low. The future Dr. Dabber Switch modifications are applicable for new units because Switch does not have an app for a firmware update just yet. 

Price to Performance Rating 

Dr. Dabber Switch is a worthy investment. It is versatile with its wax and dry herb heating capability, fast charging time, lengthy battery life, and quick heat up time. The induction heating technology is the major selling point of Dr. Dabber Switch with the varying temperature profiles suitable for a newbie or a pro. Indeed, Dr. Dabber Switch is a unique and excellent performing vaporizer which is packed with advanced features for an ultimate vaping experience. 


  • Cool design  
  • Fast heat up time  
  • Wide temperature range 
  • Multiple temperature settings 
  • Long battery life  
  • Pass through charging  
  • Suitable for wax concentrates and herbs  


  • No app to update the firmware 
  • Quartz nail bought separately 

dr. dabber switch rating

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