Former Presidential Daughter Caught Vaping!

presidential daughter caught vaping

Former President Barack Obama’s daughter, Malia Obama was caught vaping with her British boyfriend, Rory Farquharson last August 2, 2018, as they take a romantic walk along the banks of the famous River of Thames in London. The popular couple is studying at Harvard University and is currently spending their summer vacation at the parent’s house of Rory in London. After a romantic theater date, they were spotted walking over the Tower Bridge, with Malia wrapped by the arms of Rory, keeping her warm as they went unnoticed by the public.  

Former Presidential Daughter Caught Vaping!

Malia was seen pulling out a vape pen and she started puffing. While it was not clear whether she was vaping a weed or a plain nicotine juice, Malia deserves to do what she wants because she’s of legal age. That’s what we call as American culture, free and independent! In recent months, Malia has been seen smoking weed and cigarettes. Likewise, Malia was also accused of smoking cannabis last 2016 after a viral video of her puffing cigarette. Another similar incident happened at a music festival, the Lollapalooza, in Chicago. A video clip showed Malia, who was 18 years old at that time, mingling with the crowds while taking a drag. She was also rumored of smoking a joint as narrated by an eyewitness.   

Is Vaping a Big Deal for Americans? 

The battle between smoking and vaping has resulted in a lot of controversies. While Barack Obama was also a regular smoker before entering the White House, he tried to fight the habit by chewing on Nicorette gum. Barack as a previous regular smoker and Malia as a vaper are two different individuals bonded by the same blood and country. Discounting their names, they are just like ordinary Americans who are free to choose the activities and lifestyle they think will make them happy. Smoking and vaping are not really big deals in the United States, but we can’t stop health advocates from reminding us of the differences between the two.  

Vaporizers like Atmos Vape Pens are extremely helpful electronic devices intended to help tobacco and cannabis smokers shift to a healthier way of consuming their favorite herb. While Malia expresses herself through vaping, it is a healthy and safe form of consuming oils, concentrates, or dry herbs discreetly as possible. With the proliferation of vaping devices such as Atmos Micro Pal Vaporizer For Sale, American smokers are given a great option to change and become better and healthier.  

Dangers of Smoking and Benefits of Vaping Unleashed 

Audrey Hepburn and Kurt Cobain are just some of the popular cool kids of the American Culture. However, in the 21st century, the younger generations have ditched Newports and Marlboros for electronic cigarettes or e-cigs and vapes. Malia Obama is not an exception to this trend. There’s a possibility that she was even smarter than her father because instead of smoking cigarette for 30 years, biting her nails, or chewing a stale gum, she actually found something better. She found vaping rather than combusting cigarette, that her father has struggled with for many years of his life. If Malia is now a vaper, then it is good for her.  

Unlike smoking that involves the process of combustion, producing tar and thousands of harmful chemicals, (e-liquid) vaping usually have only 4 ingredients, 3 found in food, and nicotine. Vapers can also resort to using nicotine-free e-juices if they prefer to do so. Vapes like Atmos Vape Pens are more cost-effective than smoking or rolling a joint because the process of combustion consumes more material that is mostly put to waste. Vaping preserves the material and is only utilized as needed, giving so much savings than buying sticks or packs of cigarettes every week or every day. Of course, the biggest factor relies on the health concerns associated with the combustion of tobacco and weed like lung diseases and cancer. 

Vaping has helped a lot of patients suffering from different medical conditions through medical cannabis. Marijuana is an amazing herb, helping cancer patients reduce nausea and vomiting as a result of undergoing chemotherapy. It also helps AIDS patients increase their appetite and reduce seizure of epileptic patients. 

Look Who’s Vaping and Look Who’s Smoking 

When people see famous celebrities and personalities vaping, we cannot deny the fact that it suddenly becomes a big deal. Being a center and source of rumor and controversies, famous people try to keep their good reputation. But we are living in a more open-minded and modern era, wherein these are acceptable realities of life. Regardless of the topic, vaping or smoking, well-known personalities, like Malia, can influence the perception of the masses. Either she’ll be criticized, adored, or ignored. But whatever reports or videos reveal, Malia will always be famous because she’s Barack’s daughter, followed by controversy. 

Whether you are from the pro-vaping or anti-smoking or whatever opinion you have in mind, you are free to express yourself like any other American or human being. We are all entitled to our own opinions, ideas, and thoughts. Smoking has been part of our culture even before we were all conceived, and one thing is for sure, vaping is rising high, penetrating the American culture like a skyrocket. Are you a vaper? Are you a smoker? Why shift to vaping? Well, the reasons are clear, vaping is cleaner, healthier, and most favored by medical and recreational users today because of vaping devices portability, durability, and excellent design like Atmos Micro Pal Vaporizer For Sale. 


Malia is the eldest daughter of the former United States president who was caught vaping. She’s free to express herself in whatever way she responsibly can. Vaping is not new to the American culture and more people are using vapes to quit smoking and to consume medical recreational cannabis better, helping patients who are suffering from all sorts of pain and other signs and symptoms of various medical conditions. With these reasons, Malia is considered a famous vape hobbyist who deserves to do so. 

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