Getting Out of Hand: Vaping Said to Cause DNA Mutation

Getting Out of Hand_ Vaping Said to Cause DNA Mutation

According to a recent study, vaping can increase the risk of abnormal cell formation or DNA mutations that could possibly lead to cancer. Nicotine flavored vape e-juices or e-liquids can be converted into carcinogens after they are heated. Based on this new clinical trial, vaping can lead to chemical buildup causing higher chances of getting mouth cancers caused by these abnormal mutations. These findings were presented by US researchers from a small and unpublished trial showing three chemicals, types of carcinogens, produced after 15 minutes of vaping session.  

There were signs of damage in the DNA of trial participants as shown in this study. Acrolein, one of the identified chemicals is produced when glycerol is broken down in heat. Glycerol is one of the ingredients of e-liquids or e-juices which can also be found in common food. However, e-cigarettes are still safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes since they don’t have thousands of poisonous substances like smoking that can coat the mouth, throat, and respiratory linings with tar and other byproducts of combustion.  

What This Study Proves About the Carcinogenic Effects of Vaping   

The said study warns the public about the ability of e-liquids to disable the cleaning system of the respiratory tract. There was an incident about a man burning his body because of vaping. Although, precautionary measures should always be implemented on any electronic product. Any product can be a source of potential abuse or misuse, so reading the user manual and learning the proper use of vapes should be done. Because of the increasing popularity of vaporizers, vape pens, and e-cigarettes, the long-term effects should further be studied. According to Dr. Silvia Balbo of the Masonic Cancer Centre in Minnesota, who also led the research, she admittedly said that exposures to tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes are completely different. Up to this moment, there is no clear explanation or foolproof evidence about persuasive essay research topics thesis education doc enter follow url how do i delete emails from my iphone essay phrases where can i buy cialis online without a prescription follow academic essay writers viagra wordpress where to buy an essay online college homework services i been using viagra everyday write best college essay on hillary already done research papers phd dissertation proposal health policy paper uso de viagra por diabeticos writing a proposal essay essay on symbolism comparaison levitra et viagra sample cover letter for 911 dispatcher job female viagra testimonials common app essay tips college confidential what vaping and vape products can possibly do in harming human health. But of course, the findings of this study would warrant a closer look.  

The research study involves five volunteers recruited and the type of damage in their DNAs were analyzed caused by cancer-producing chemicals after a vaping session. The three chemicals found are acrolein, formaldehyde, and methylglyoxal, which are known to cause abnormal cell production or DNA mutations. However, the researchers say that there’s little information about their combined effects. The analysis was bounded by the effects of these three chemicals on the mouth’s cells. Four of the participants have measurable damage in their DNA or DNA adducts. This usually happens when the cells experience buildup in mutations or when they are unable to fix the damages caused, thus leading to cancer. The findings were presented at a conference and the researchers are hoping to conduct further studies involving more participants.  

As per statistical data of the Office for National Statistics from 2017, it suggests 5.5% of Britons age 16 and above are currently e-cigarette users and 19.4 % have tried using an e-cigarette. According to a report in August by the Commons Science and Technology Committee, restrictions were suggested to loosen vaping in public places for encouraging tobacco smokers to totally quit the unhealthy habit.  

Vaping Together With Cannabis Can Help Fight Cancer 

Millions of people die every year because of cancer. In an estimate, 1 out of 6 people die because of cancer, and this is considered one of the leading causes of mortality in the country. While vaping is being linked with producing carcinogen based on the study of Dr. Balbo, there are many studies highlighting the benefits of vapes, specifically weed vaporizers, when it comes to treating cancer in synergy with medical cannabis. The real culprit to cancer is smoking. It does not only affect the smokers themselves, but also those who inhale the second-hand smoke.  

Some scientists say that brain and breast cancer cells can be treated with the help of cannabis. In fact, the use of weed vaporizers and cannabis can heal more than a hundred medical ailments. Cannabis is a traditional Chinese herb used for medicinal purposes. As a possible medical tool for cannabis users, vaping can help cancer patients to manage the signs and symptoms associated with cancer therapy or chemotherapy such as nausea and vomiting, decreased appetite, pain, and insomnia. Patients experience reduced pain associated with drug intake. Loss of appetite occurs but cannabis can help in stimulating the primary hunger hormone to help replenish lost nutrients brought about by chemotherapy. The cannabinoid or cannabis compound, THC, helps in promoting a restful sleep, thus treating insomnia. Cannabis experts also say that this amazing herb possesses anti-cancer or anti-carcinogenic properties, preventing abnormal cell or tumor growth and metastasis.  

The cannabis strains used in the treatment of cancer include Harlequin, Chemo, Purple Kush, Jillybean, God’s Gift, and Super Lemon Haze. Unlike traditional drugs, cannabis is less toxic and safer to use. Vaporizers are used to consume medical cannabis via inhalation. For countries and states that legalized medical cannabis, many patients find palliative treatment and promising results. As opposed to studies showing the negative effects of vaping, this just goes to show that vaping and cannabis can be the most-awaited combination to achieve real effective cancer treatment. Cancer can be caused by many factors including genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle. Now, we have an option to choose and letting go of vaping may just leave cancer patients suffering and dying.  


Vapes or vaporizers do not only deal with helping people quit smoking, they also help cancer patients find hope and a solution to the signs and symptoms associated with chemotherapy. While there are studies saying that vapes may cause cancer, the continuous innovation will help improve vape products, enhance their features, and use health-friendly raw materials to assure people that vaping is 100% safe. There are always possibilities on either side, but vaping is a safer and better option than smoking. Giving vape products a chance to prove their worth would definitely help humanity in the next coming years. 

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