Juul Pod Flavor

Juul Pod Flavor

Trendy and fun to use, the JUUL line of products really tapped into creating a great alternative to smoking cessation. They not only designed a sleek, slim and very convenient definition of case study of a child best bibliography writer services us cialis online boots here a quarter of viagra what is an essay conclusion follow site essay on unforgettable moment in my life dissertation proposal defense powerpoint download example research paper critique cialis profesional generico cialis multiple intercourse help with cheap cheap essay on lincoln benjamin bloom essay example of definition of terms in research paper follow url be independent essay should i buy an essay online get link viagra online ordering aus esl homework proofreading services for masters viagra purchase online canada essay on corruption in urdu essay on indian culture and heritage https://thembl.org/masters/theory-of-writing-essay/60/ cialis qui essay nhd essay requirements components of a good thesis statement https://home.freshwater.uwm.edu/termpaper/free-cause-and-effect-essay-on-smoking/7/ how many beers can you drink with viagra a2 drama coursework thesis statement dictionary definition JUUL device but also amped it up with the JUULpod to go with the ease of experiencing how vaping can replace cigarette smoking hands down.

Hovering on the billion counts of adult smokers, JUUL gave options on not only tobacco variants but also alternative tasty angles that explore how vaping can best highlight the experience. The JUULpod easily snaps into place and there’s no need to tediously load on the flavor. The flavor pods do come in sets of four or more to be even more convenient to customers, much like having a ready pack of ciggies on hand.

It’s important to note that JUULpods and the JUUL device itself was born from becoming the answer to smoking cessation. The whole setup was meant to be safer for the consumer and geared on finally helping the cigarette smoker move out of the harmful effects of cigarette smoking. The JUULpods were made available with different levels of nicotine that makes it possible to eventually stave off and stop the addiction to it. The ease to quit smoking has never been as wonderful and trendy as JUUL presented their products.

What’s exactly in the mix?

Juul Pod Flavors 2

JUULpods are cartridges that easily snaps onto the top of the JUUL device. The liquid inside these cartridges contains different levels of salt-based nicotine e-liquid formula that is processed with very strict standards of quality. Salt-based nicotine is milder and less potent than free base nicotine found in cigarettes. Having this available instead of the free base nicotine is also a good way to not only mimic cigarette smoking but also to help ease off the addiction.

Along with the salt-based nicotine, propylene glycol and glycerin, benzoic acid, and the flavor ingredient. This all provides the JUULpod to deliver a vaping experience that not only mirrors the satisfaction and flavor of cigarette smoking but takes it to levels where it’s safer and eventually will help ease off the smoking habit.

Flavor Variety and Nicotine Level Options

Trying out the flavors of JUULpods was a very satisfying experience. Not only is it effortless to switch from one flavor to another but it surprisingly delivers a full dimension to the taste of the e-liquid. You can also choose the level of nicotine you’d like to have. This can be from 3 percent to 5 percent. Some flavors also come in a more intense variety. Just read on and choose what you think suits your preference the most.

Juul Pod Flavors

JUUL mangoJUULpod Mango: The mango flavor definitely hits the spot. The initial impression is that of a fruity flavor and then the mango-ness kicks in. It’s subtly sweet and fragrant as the ripe fruit itself. Nicotine content is at five percent and this is, by the way, the most popular among the fruity-oriented variants.

JUUL cremeJUULpod Creme: It’s like vaping vanilla ice cream, Creme Brule, and caramel all in one serving. You can feel how smooth and sweet the e-juice is. If it’s possible to mimic enjoying dessert, Creme takes the cake. You can experience how velvety the flavor is delivered and vaped. Nicotine strength is at five percent.

JUUL cucumber

JUULpod Cucumber: First impression reminds me of bamboo, green tea and finally, the totally unmistakable cucumber taste. It’s a very clean and refreshing vaping experience. Definitely, adds to a calming take to the vaping session. Nicotine content at five percent.


JUUL fruit

JUULpod Fruit: When you’re feeling very happy and would want to add more zing to it, definitely choose this flavor. At the onset, it’s pleasantly sweet and absolutely citrusy, fruity and much like swimming in freshly-picked berries. Nicotine level at five percent.


JUUL mintJUULpod Mint: This is the lightest of the bunch. It’s very mildly cool and very smooth in delivery. The taste is sweet and subtly icy, a great flavor to vape when wanting to relax and just chill. Nicotine is at three percent.


JUUL mentholJUULpod Menthol: Why bother having mint or menthol as a choice? Menthol is stronger and packs in more of the iciness. Though it still has some sweetness to it, if you’re after that cold blast in vaping, this is the way to go. Nicotine is also at a higher level than mint which is at five percent.

JUUL vtobaccoJUULpod Virginia Tobacco at five percent nicotine strength: All the good earthy, toasted flavor of a tobacco and at that level you’re having when lighting up a ciggie. The first great leap into cigarette smoking cessation.

JUULpod Virginia Tobacco at three percent nicotine strength: This also delivers the flavors of cigarettes although a touch milder than the stronger version in the mix. A perfect follow-through to cigarette smoking cessation.

The flavors are consistent due to the controlled environment they are made in. This makes it possible to exactly come up with the right formulation and the right balance for all the flavors mentioned above. What’s best is even the JUULpod themselves help preserve the quality and comes in perfectly portable with your JUUL device.

Why everybody loves it

What makes the JUUL device and JUULpod popular and strongly trending is in the ease and variety it provides in vaping. All your e-juice is packed neatly in separate, individual cartridges that can withstand the rigors of vaping life. You can count on all details at peak working conditions by easily packing them all together in a small case.

By the way, there are also JUULPod Multiflavor packs that are made available. This is a great way to test out the flavors in the JUULpod collection. You can go ahead, give it drive and see how it turns out for you. Vaping is almost a meditative hobby, and it’s now evolving into an art. If you find yourself connecting to the vaping experience brought about by the JUULpod, you’re in good company. After all, JUUL products were created to be the safer, healthier alternative — and achievable step to smoking cessation.

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