• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $34.99 – $49.99
  • Dimensions: 3.7 x 0.5 x 0.2 in
  • Material Used: E-Juice/ E-Liquid
  • Pod Capacity: 0.7ml


JUULs can be considered as transition devices to help smokers quit tobacco use completely. It is also regarded as one of the devices at the forefront of innovation when it comes to defining the industry standards as well as vape quality and safety. There’s no doubt that JUUL is one of the most-sought-after vaping products. But what makes JUUL e-liquid vape a standout? From casual smokers to professionals, JUUL seems to be a stepping stone to break free from the bad habit, minimizing relapse and promoting total smoking cessation. Let’s get a deeper understanding about JUUL E-Liquid Vape!  


Strong Points: 

  • Satisfying Vapor Production 
  • Easy and Convenient to Use  
  • Minimalistic Yet Sophisticated Design 
  • Durable and Portable 

Weak Points: 

  • Limited E-Liquid Selection 


You can carry your JUUL vape device anywhere you go. It suits any active lifestyle. Because of its simple and functional design. JUUL vaporizers measure around 8.72 cm or about a quarter and 3 inches, and 0.76 cm longer with a pod. They are smaller as compared to their counterparts which run on pod-based systems. The dimensions are sleek with 1.51 cm width which is a perfect vape device to be kept in a bag, pouch, pocket, or concealed in the hands. It is even lighter than your smartphone without a bulky feel like other brands of vaporizers.

JUUL Portability

Using the device does not require any learning curve at all. JUUL vapes are extremely convenient and easy to use. Currently, JUUL is the number one vaping device that is both suitable for novice and seasoned vape veterans. The two-part design involving the pod and battery makes a less complicated vaping procedure when vaping. This is the best vape for those who fear vaping complicated devices and anyone who just want a user-friendly vaping operation without complex procedures. Now, you can enjoy the best JUUL e-liquid flavors from their limited selection anywhere and anytime with their fruit flavors like Cucumber and Mango, and classic confections such as Crème flavored pods. JUUL’s conventional flavor collections include Mint, Menthol, and Classic Tobacco. 



When it comes to vape design, JUUL applies smart engineering with a minimalistic design with a touch of sophistication and elegance. Durability is highly prioritized using high-grade raw materials in the manufacturing process as evidenced by the aluminum shell of JUUL vape products. The durable, lightweight, and simple design of JUUL devices is one of their strongest points.  

JUUL durability

Through innovative vaping technology, JUUL vape products are carefully thought and engineered only by the experts. JUUL pods and vape devices are specifically designed in their headquarters in San Francisco, along with the accessories and attachments. The products are then forwarded to their domestic or international partners for the manufacturing process and assembly. In fact, all JUUL products have been subjected to the highest and strictest quality standards such as the Electromagnetic Compatibility or EMC and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances or RoHS. 



Our only gripe with the JUUL vape is its somewhat limited e-liquid selection. Although JUUL users are limited to what the manufacturers give them, unlike other vaporizers running on the pod-based system which allow users to refill their pods with any type of e-liquid, one can expect a unique experience with the JUUL vape system.  

JUUL pods carry 0.7 ml of e-juice, providing vapers around 200 puffs per JUUL pod, which is cost-efficient. The main ingredients of the JUUL e-liquid juices include propylene glycol, glycerol, natural extracts, oils, and flavor, benzoic acid, and nicotine. Expect that JUUL pods are carefully crafted with the use of natural nicotine salts from real tobacco leaves. Every JUUL pod has 5% nicotine or 59 ml or mg. No need to experiment on nicotine levels as well as VG/PG on e-liquids.  

JUUL vape devices owe their efficiency to their power source. It is easy to tell if the battery needs charging through the light indicator. A red flash indicates a low charge, yellow for a medium charge, and green for a high charge. The charging time is about an hour from a completely drained battery to achieve 100% charge.  


Vapor Quality  

JUUL vapor quality

The circuits of JUUL vapes are separated from the vapor so that no parts will get in the way of vapor produced. The electronic system is always designed to be away from all heating elements. This is done to ensure that there will be no chemical reactions triggered that may jeopardize the heating process which can affect vapor quality.  JUUL pods are made from food-grade and medical-grade components, with a stainless-steel construction for the vapor path to guarantee that the vapors produced are always fresh and are kept clean.  

Price to Performance Ratio  

Even if the prices of JUUL vaping devices are generally more expensive than most pod-based vaporizers on the market today, you can expect nothing but superior quality from JUUL devices. Achieve a 100% satisfying vaping session with longer use because JUUL e-liquid vapes are powered by a high-grade lithium-ion battery. The low discharge rate and high charge time mean more fun and less charging time required. JUUL e-liquids are brewed meticulously via regulated vaporization, with the ideal temperature and chemistry recipe to ensure a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. The best thing vapers love about JUUL vapes is their simple operation which doesn’t require wattage, voltage, and temperature setting prior to use. It is a simple plug-and-play vape device using automatic draw technology.  

JUUL 4-pack pods cost $16 which is $4 per pod. JUUL vape devices are also marked as more expensive than their counterparts. However, you get what you pay for, and JUUL provides the highest quality, so expect the price it deserves. There are many fake vape products, most especially JUUL counterfeit items, so be wary if you get a too good to be true JUUL deal.

Final Thought 

JUUL is undoubtedly a top-notch unit especially when one seeks the ultimate vaping experience. The quality of their products and services are unmatched. It took them years of research and development to come up with effective, safe, durable, and satisfying vapes. Apart from the praises they deserve coming from vape enthusiasts, JUUL is proud to be an instrument in helping heavy smokers switch to a better alternative which is vaping. 

JUUL rating



Q: Do I have to clean my JUUL?  

A: JUUL is designed to be a vaporizer that requires little to no maintenance. Although, occasionally wiping the contacts that connect the JUUL battery to the magnetic charger as well as the contacts found in the pods will help you achieve a consistent performance.  


Q: How do I store my JUUL?  

A: JUULs are two-part devices made up of the battery and the pod. We recommend that you charge the batteries first if you plan to store your JUUL for more than 10 days, a full charge is recommended if you intend to keep your JUUL stored for 3 weeks to a month. As for the pods, please store them somewhere out of reach of pets and children as they contain a substantial amount of nicotine.  


Q: How long will a fully-charged battery last?  

A: A fully charged battery is estimated to last a single JUUL pod. Depending on your vaping habits, frequent users might go over a fully charged battery in less than a day while less frequent users will experience longer battery life.  


Q: How long should I charge the batteries?  

A: JUUL batteries are equipped with smart-charge technology which reduces the risks of overcharging.  


Q: How much vapor can I get from a JUUL pod?  

A: JUUL pods yield an average of 200 puffs. Although, your vaping habits (taking short or long drags) might affect the average JUUL pod yield.  


Q: How do I find the serial number on my JUUL device?  

A: Check the JUUL logo. Below, you should find an eight-digit alpha-numeric code.  

Q: Does these pods expire?  

A: JUUL pods have a long life-span. Although, it will still be fit for consumption after a year, you will begin to experience a change in flavor. JUUL pods are to be stored only at room temperature in a dry environment.  


Q: Are JUUL pod refillable?  

A: JUUL pods are not designed as refillable cartridges. For safety and health purposes, please do not attempt to open or refill the pods.  


Q: What ingredients do you use in crafting JUUL pod e-liquids?  

A: We use industry standard ingredients which include glycerol, propylene glycol, natural oils, extracts and flavor, nicotine and benzoic acid.  

Q: Where does my JUUL come from?  

A: JUUL vaporizers come from different parts of the world but are designed and engineered in San Francisco. We have both domestic and international partners that produce and manufacture JUUL parts and other components that make up the JUUL brand. Our partners are closely monitored and supervised by our engineering team.  


Q: What materials are used in manufacturing JUUL pods and JUUL batteries? 

A: JUULs are outfitted with lithium-ion batteries and are enclosed in a durable aluminum shell. We use state-of-the-art circuit boards and pressure sensors that are isolated from the vapor path and the e-liquid. The pods are made from medical and food-grade plastics that have absolute resistance to heat. The pods also use nichrome heating coils as well as silica wicks and a stainless-steel vapor path.

Q: What to do when my JUUL won’t charge?  

A: Wipe the charging contacts first with a moistened cotton swab, brush it with a clean and dry paper towel and reconnect it to the charging base. Perform the same cleaning steps on the charging base and proceed with charging your JUUL. If charging issues still persist, please contact the JUUL Care Team.  


Q: What to do when my JUUL won’t produce vapors?  

A: Here are some troubleshooting steps to consider when experiencing issues with your JUUL pods:  

  • Wipe the contacts with a moistened cotton swab, brush it with a clean and dry paper towel and reconnect the pods to the battery.  
  • Take the pod out of the battery, gently tap the pod (mouthpiece side up) to eliminate any air bubbles that may prevent the pods from producing vapors. Reinsert the pod back to the battery.  
  • If pod issues still persist, please contact the JUUL Care Team.  


Q: What to do if my pods are leaking?  

A: Here are some related causes of leaks and the troubleshooting steps to address them:  

  • Aggressive pulls/draws – try to pull gently from the pod. 
  • Putting pressure on the pod as you draw – relax your mouth as you pull from the pod. Avoid squeezing or biting the pod.  
  • Squeezing the pod as you insert it – gently place the pods onto the battery. 
  • If pod leaking still persist, please contact the JUUL Care Team.

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I am actually happy to read this website posts which carries lots
of valuable facts, thanks for providing such statistics.


Just curious why commercials say they have quit smoking. It has nicotine in it so you are still addicted. Right? I know someone who went over to vap and 2 years later, still doing it. Thought they were supposed to help ya quit. Any way, when the gal says she just couldn’t go back to smoking’, to me she still is.

Micheal Emitt
Micheal Emitt

Thanks for this interesting and educative post

Lucas Ollinger
Lucas Ollinger

As cigarettes are harmful for health as it have rich amount of nicotine which makes you ill and causes diseases and to escape smoking E-Cigarettes is best option presented in the universe as Ecig in Rock hill makes your dream true to enjoy smoke without disturbing your physical health.

Chuck N
Chuck N

JUUL Was a wonderful e-cig, but the base units do not last more than six months and now their customer service is awful, I.E. their warranty is worthless. Going to find a better e-cig tomorrow. Don’t throw your money away on JUUL’s. I will say that I went for decades of over a pack of cigarettes a day, since I bought a JUUL I have not bought a pack of cigarettes in the last month.