• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $49.95
  • Dimensions: 3.9 x 0.67 x 0.33 inches
  • Material Used: E-Juice/ E-Liquid
  • Pod Capacity: 1ml


When it comes to e-liquid and wax vaping, the KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer stands out because of its unmatched versatility and flexibility. Well, this is because of the open pod system which lets you put any desired type of e-juice or wax on the device. KandyPens Vapes are really powerful and portable. Let’s get to know the amazing features of RUBI and its most precious vaping benefits. 


Strong Points 

  • Flexible and versatile  
  • Powerful 
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Premium construction 
  • Refillable pods 
  • Portable  
  • Affordable

Weak Points  

  • Pod does not come pre-filled 
  • Loose airflow 


The KandyPens RUBI features sleek dimensions (3.9 x 0.67 x 0.33 inches) with minuscule measurements (05 to 0.7 pounds). When it comes to portability, RUBI doesn’t have a problem in this aspect. You can slip it inside your pocket or a tiny-sized bag, and your mod will easily fit. Just be careful where you’re keeping it because you might misplace it due to its diminutive size. You can browse your smartphone with one hand while holding your RUBI vaporizer with the other. It is perfect for taking easy and quick hits even when you are strolling around town or just simply reading a book and relaxing within the comfort of your own home. 

RUBI Portability

The battery life can last for a full day, so just recharge towards the evening or late afternoon if you are an early riser for your next vaping session. You’re lucky because you can charge the device quickly and simply. Be grateful for its easily accessible charging port that located at the bottom of the RUBI device.  

The KandyPens RUBI design sets itself apart from traditional KandyPens flashy and colorful products because it has a minimalist finish with a touch of classy vibe and sophistication. It uses only high-quality materials for superb performance and device longevity. 


The fact that KandyPens RUBI vaporizers are handmade, that speaks for its high-quality construction, and design. The RUBI delivers mod refinements in spades with a high level of durability. From the very first glance of RUBI, the outer chassis practically bleeds optimal quality with a solid metal frame, which gives a luxurious and svelte texture highly evident from your first touch. While KandyPens RUBI may not be the most compact among pod-style vapes, the difference is negligible with less than 5-millimeter margin. It is so portable and compact with great vapor quality and cloud production. 

RUBI Durability

It is made from high-quality stainless steel, so it is sturdy and tough to the hands despite its lightweight and small construction. It’s arguably one of the most discreet e-juice and wax vaporizers on the market today. KandyPens RUBI is ergonomically designed with rounded edges, thus making it pleasurable to hold. The entire RUBI kit consists of the main vape body holding the battery, the pod tank where the mouthpiece is attached to, and a micro-USB charging cable for topping off the 280mAH battery. The mouthpiece of the device easily comes off, revealing the tank’s refilling port that can hold up to 1ml of e-juice, with a rubber stopper included to seal off the pod to prevent leaks. KandyPens RUBI is leak-free, so no worries when it comes to messy spills.  

You can use your very own e-juice for RUBI which means more affordable vaping expenses in the long run. The open proprietary pod system of RUBI is a great advantage for those looking for a budget-friendly option. While the RUBI doesn’t come pre-filled, sourcing e-juice is not a hard thing to do because you can purchase it separately conveniently online anytime. 

The main body of the KandyPens RUBI uses a single LED light battery life indicator. When the mod is activated, the LED lights up shining in a bright white light indicating that the battery is fully charged or close to fully charged. The battery is close to getting drained or needing a charge when the LED shines red. A flashing red-light indicator means that the battery needs immediate charging. 


The KandyPens RUBI comes with refillable pods that can accommodate a variety of e-liquids which is definitely one of the biggest advantages of this vape device. You can choose your own e-juice flavor from different brands or e-liquid manufacturers. It has a button-less operation that is neat and works perfectly for the ultimate puffing experience. The ceramic coil immediately produce vapor once you start puffing which is made possible through its air-activated mod system.  

The RUBI pods are easy to open and refill. They feature a leak-proof design without worrying about any spit back from the device mouthpiece like other similar vaping devices. No wet contacts or condensation. When refilling, just pull off the rubber stopper, and use a dropper to fill up the pods with your desired e-liquid. Another advantage of the KandyPens RUBI is that it enables you to taper off on the e-juice nicotine levels. This is a great option for vapers who like to quit smoking and nicotine addiction altogether, which is in contrast to other vape pods that only come in 50 mg/ml nicotine solutions. That makes RUBI versatile in this aspect, helping smokers completely switch to vaping! 

Vapor Quality 

The KandyPens RUBI uses a ceramic coil with a looser draw. With ceramic coil material, it can help increase vape flavor as well as to facilitate slow and low heating. A loose draw makes more visible and larger vapors. A major difference between vaping a RUBI vape and other vape products is the airflow. While other pod-based vapes have a restricted airflow design that closely mimics tobacco cigarette, RUBI has looser airflow. The major advantage of the loose airflow of RUBI is its capability to produce more voluminous clouds which can provide more satisfaction. The KandyPens RUBI hits the mark when it comes to cloud production and flavorful vaping because of the ceramic coils. Enjoy the clean and crisp flavors with every puff, giving a generous vapor cloud production. Indeed, the vapor quality is outstanding and impressive with KandyPens RUBI.  

Let’s dig deeper into the source of excellent vapor quality of KandyPens RUBI. This product is proud to adopt the OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology which is more than a vaping design breakthrough, outfitting the RUBI vaporizer with a ceramic coil equipped with the purest Japanese cotton. This provides flavorful vapors, preserving the taste and quality of your e-liquid and also eliminating most e-cigs’ dirty taste users experience after several uses. The device is an incredible vaporizer producing thick vapor clouds to keep the potency and flavor of your wax or e-juice at their best.  

When it comes to refilling the RUBI pod, it is a no-brainer at all. This is done by simply slipping off the removable mouthpiece, taking out the rubber gasket and dropping your e-juice filler straight into the pod and fill it up. Just take note that e-juice bottles having larger tipped drippers may have issues getting fit into the filling hole. Because KandyPens RUBI allows you to use any e-juice you want, bear in mind that this is a low amperage vaping device. That’s why if you just came off from tobacco smoking, it is best to use a high-nicotine salt solution for you to obtain the required nicotine level without throat harshness. Experience extraordinary vaping by checking KandyPens RUBI for sale available online today! 

Price to Performance Rating  

The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is best valued with its reasonable price and superior vaping performance. It is outfitted with the state-of-the-art OCELL Ceramic Coil Technology, allowing you to extract your favorite oils and e-liquids to form satisfying and full-flavored clouds while maintaining potency and smoothness. The device gives off a professional and polished vibe for the sophisticated consumer.  

The output produced by KandyPens RUBI e-juice and wax vaporizer is ideal for mouth-to-lung draws or direct-mouth hits. The vapor clouds are so thick, closely mimicking the density of an actual smoke. It is draw activated and doesn’t feature a power button, no need to worry about misfires when stashing away your RUBI vaporizer after every use. The Japanese cotton and ceramic coil are designed to provide prolonged satisfaction without a decline in performance. KandyPens never fails vapers! 

Final Thought 

The KandyPens RUBI provides limitless options for the e-juice and wax vaping enthusiast. It is a revolutionary and innovative pod-based vape with an open system, allowing using any brand of e-juice or wax. Now, you are not limited to use any e-juice you want for a cheaper cost and for greater versatility. It is one of the most affordable and cost-efficient pod-based vaporizers in the market today. Enjoy vaping stealthily with its discreet and diminutive size that you can carry virtually anywhere. Shop KandyPens RUBI online today and experience a versatile, portable, durable, and affordable vaping experience!

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