NBA Superstar Paul Pierce Launches Vape Company

NBA Paul Pierce

The cannabis industry is a multi-billion business worldwide, and the future forecast for global decriminalization and legalization promises great profits for businessmen. It’s not surprising why many investors are coming in and one of the most famous newcomers in the vaping business is retired Celtic NBA superstar, Paul Pierce. He has ventured in high-end vape pens, called the Vesper and said “the truth is Vesper.”

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The Vesper is now sold for $59 which comes in gold, iridescent, and gunmetal. This vape pen vaporizes CBD oils or cannabidiol, not pure cannabis, so expect that the effect is not psychologically active. It means that CBD does not produce the euphoria unlike what is experienced when you smoke THC found in marijuana. There are many studies showing the benefits of CBD in the body. Because the human body also has many cannabinoid receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system, CBD does not cause toxicity and it even helps in stimulating appetite, and reducing pain. In fact, Pierce himself uses CBD oils to treat anxiety and chronic pain. He wishes to see CBD used more in sports. He mentioned in his tweet that CBD should be allowed to be used in sports as a good alternative to pain pills and general treatment for other medical issues that athletes face on a daily basis. 

CBD Healing Wonders  

The fact is that CBD can prevent and even cease epileptic seizures. The experts of the British Epilepsy Association agree to the anticonvulsant effects of CBD on the temporal lobes of the brains of animal models. CBD protects the nerve cells with its characteristic “neuroprotective effect” to reduce the risks and progression of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Also, medical cannabis is found to be a better option than NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and opioids which are known to cause serious side effects and sudden death. CBD is comparable to the analgesic effects of morphine without the dangerous side effects.  

Studies and research show that CBD has an anti-tumor or anti-carcinogenic effect. It slows down metastasis and the progression of cancer including lung, colon, breast, and prostate cancer. The cancer cells’ environment becomes less conducive with the presence of CBD, which shrinks tumors and leads to cancer cell death. CBD greatly helps reduce inflammation particularly of the nerves, thus can be used as an adjunctive treatment in various neurological diseases.  

Pierce’s Cannabis Advocacy  

Pierce shows his support to the cannabis community by joining a growing group of NBA voices who are recommending cannabis to treat chronic aches and body pains brought about by basketball and sports in general, which is a physically demanding career. Traditionally, the aches and pains are usually treated with NSAIDs and opioids, but these are extremely addictive. CBD and other cannabis products are proven to be less-addictive and a better alternative. Cannabis advocates believe that as more states and countries legalize both recreational and medical marijuana, the demand for cannabis-related products will continue to increase. 

It has been almost twenty years since Charles Oakley surprised fans when he said that over half of all NBA players actually smoked cannabis. However, times have changed, and more states are now legalizing cannabis both for medical and recreational consumption. Former NBA superstar, Al Harrington, is also getting into the cannabis business. Former Blazer, Clifford Robinson, is also a cannabis advocate with Uncle Spliffy as his new dispensary. Paul Pierce joins the many NBA stars by engaging in high-end vape pen business. His new company Vape Vesper is a great way for Pierce to take CBD oils for anxiety and chronic pain. 

Pierce’s Life and Career  

Paul Pierce was born in Oakland, California on October 13, 1977. He attended high school in Inglewood, California and his college education in Kansas where he earned the consensus first-team and All-America honors. His NBA career awards and highlights include winning the NBA championship and NBA Finals MVP in 2008.  His 15 years of career with the Boston Celtics was very fulfilling, that drafted him the NBA’s 10th overall pick in 1998. He even starred as a captain of the Celtics team, earning 10 All-Star nods and became a four-time All-NBA team member.  

In 2007, Pierce combined with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett formed the “Big Three” that led Boston Celtics to the NBA Finals in 2008 and 2010, that won the 2008 NBA Championship. He was instrumental to the 2008 championship run of Celtics, and he was awarded as the Finals MVP after he averaged 22 points per game. Pierce scored over 20,000 points in their entire career with the Celtics alone, holding the Celtics’ record for the most 3-point field goals made. He ranked first in total steals, second in points scored, third in the team history in games played, fifth in total assists, and seventh in total rebounds. In NBA history, he has made the sixth most 3-point field goals. Shaquille O’Neal gave Pierce his nickname “The Truth” in March 2001. 

In July 2013, Paul Pierce was included in a deal with the Brooklyn Nets, along with Jason Terry and Kevin Garnett. The following offseason, he signed with the Washington Wizards and moved back to Los Angeles and was reunited with Doc Rivers, his former Celtics coach at the Clippers. Before retiring, he spent two seasons with the Clippers. On July 17, 2017, Pierce signed a contract with the Celtics, which enabled him to retire where he incredibly spent his first 15 NBA seasons. Now, Pierce is a businessman as he launches his Vape Vesper, a high-end vape company, which only goes to show that this NBA superstar never stops dreaming and making a legacy.  


Paul Pierce, like any other sportsmen, knows that he will reach a certain point in his basketball career that he needs to retire and venture to something else. He chose to penetrate the vaping world by launching his first-ever high-end vape company, Vape Vesper. To start with, he is proudly introducing an all-new vape pen, Vesper sold at $59. There’s more to hear about this vape pen and coming from an NBA superstar, we only expect the best.

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