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MLV just introduced the newest pod-based with a bigger pod cartridge, lasting up to 4 times longer than the typical pod. The PHIX Vaporizer is now perceived as the next most preferred and recommended pod-based vaporizer both by novice and expert vapers. You’ll be impressed with the discreet design of PHIX with great portability so you can carry it anywhere and use it anytime without stress and hassle. It is considered one of the most lightweight and smallest vaporizers that weigh 45.45 grams with a height of 4 inches. Comfortably fit your PHIX vape in your pocket and conceal it easily in your palm for stealth vaping operation. It is a perfect on-the-go vaporizer with flavorful hits and satisfying vapor clouds.  

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When it comes to e-liquid consumption, the PHIX Vaporizer is a portable device featuring an auto-draw battery and thread less connections. The design and engineering of this vaping device simply stand out with the pods attached to the battery via the gold-plated magnetic links, ensuring a better fit and tighter hold as compared to other vaporizers’ threaded connections. Now, you don’t have to worry about twisting or screwing the vaporizer connections when removing and replacing its parts. PHIX vapes always ensure ease of use and convenience that are perfect for the vaping enthusiasts. 

PHIX pods leak proofThe pods have a leak-proof design so you can carry your PHIX vape without any difficulty. You probably have experienced getting e-liquid stains on your clothes because of e-liquid spills. PHIX Vaporizer promotes an enjoyable and worry-free vaping. You can keep it inside your pocket, your pouch, or your bag without the necessary mess cleaning because it is completely leak-free. This vaporizer is your best travel buddy, perfect when you’re strolling around town, visiting your favorite coffee shop, and camping trips or vacation. The PHIX Vaporizer is your perfect companion if you want to always chase for the most active e-juice flavors! 

The PHIX Vaporizer is equipped with an internal 280mAh battery, providing 3.7V output wattage. The vape device is excellently complemented by 1.5ohm coils for a more flavorful vaping with denser clouds as compared to average pod-based vaporizers. Flavors are preserved because of the tighter airflow of the pods. On the other hand, the ceramic parts of the coil ensure greater flavor retention for unique flavor notes. 

Maximizing Your Favorite Vape Flavor Blends 

PHIX pods flavorThe PHIX Vaporizer can maximize the true flavor of your favorite e-juice blends. Every pod is outfitted with a high-quality ceramic coil for the best flavor retention. The PHIX ceramic coils are specifically designed to provide slow and low heating of e-juice blends for a flavorful draw. In fact, ceramic is inert which takes the longest time to heat as compared to other coil components such as quartz and titanium. The porous nature of a ceramic coil allows absorption of e-liquids for greater permeation before heating up. It causes fuller flavors and satisfying clouds, effectively emphasizing every flavor note in an e-liquid. The PHIX Vaporizer pods double as a mouthpiece, creating a tighter draw as compared to other pod-based units. With a tighter airflow, it draws more e-juice into the head which results in tasty clouds. Each vaporizer pod carries 1.5 ml of e-liquid with a 1.5-ohm resistance. 

PHIX flavors

Indeed, PHIX from MLV is successful in launching this new vape device in the market. The PHIX Vape features a 4-pod pack of award-winning e-liquid flavors such as Spearmint, Hard Strawberry, Cool Melon, Butterscotch, Ice Tobacco, Original Tobacco, and the Cool Grape. PHIX comes with a Basic Starter Kit (without pods) and a PHIX Starter Kit (pods included). Set your mood with the flavorful e-juice options using an amazing PHIX vaping device for a unique vaping experience. 

Extraordinary Pods for Longer Vaping 

PHIX pods 1.5mlThe PHIX Vaporizer pods have 1.5ml e-juice capacity which is up to 4 times larger as compared to average pods. Now, you can vape for a longer period of time without compromising functionality and performance. Each PHIX pod can deliver up to 440 puffs. With a fully charged battery, it can provide up to 220 puffs just on a single charge. The nicotine content of PHIX pods is 5%, equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. 


Top to Bottom Thread less Connections  

PHIX magnetic connection

From top to bottom, the PHIX vaporizers have thread less connections with the pods attached to the battery with the use of a magnetic gold-plated contact. The charger is connected to the bottom part of the battery through the similar magnetic links. With the thread less connections, vaping operation is made easier, improving the overall lifespan of the vaping device. Vapers know the fact that threaded connections get loose over time, that is why PHIX Vaporizers eliminated the threaded attachments, replacing it with an impressive magnetic link. Reloading is made easier most especially if you are always busy. Your pod won’t fall off even if you keep your PHIX Vaporizer in your pocket due to the magnetic connections. You can charge your PHIX vape using the magnetic links for effortless USB charging connection to the base of your device.  

Auto-Draw Technology for Effortless Vaping  

PHIX auto-draw

The PHIX Vaporizer adopts the auto-draw technology. It only means that the PHIX vaporizer fires as you inhale or draw from it. There is no physical button seen from a PHIX Vaporizer without moving or loose components. The PHIX vaporizer is an ultimately portable and compact device, withstanding a fair amount of everyday use and carrying activity. 

With an auto-draw battery, it means that the device will only work by drawing air through the mouthpiece. With this technology, it ensures that every PHIX Vaporizer won’t cause any fire by accident. The PHIX battery has a long battery life, giving off 220 puffs on just a single charge with the pods yielding up to 440 puffs per pod for longer vaping sessions. The PHIX battery has an LED battery level indicator, allowing you to know how much battery is left. The pod-based system has an intuitive design made for the everyday e-liquid consumer. 

Tips and Tricks 

PHIX Vape Usage   

  1. Before using the PHIX Vaporizer, remove the colored cap from the Pod. A new PHIX vaping device usually comes with an estimated charge of 20%.
  1. Place the uncovered pod into your PHIX vaporizer as the magnets click, revealing its fullest satisfaction. Your PHIX Vape is ready to use.
  1. No buttons needed. All you need to do is to simply hit your PHIX Vaporizer using slow and steady hits from mouth to lungs. Just take it easy for the first few drags.
  1. When charging your PHIX vaporizer, you have to plug in the USB charger into a 0.5 -1-ampadapter then simply connect the base of the device to the USB magnetic charger. With the magnetic click, you’re now successfully charging! There’s a light indicator on the PHIX vaping device that will stay lit when being charged. Once your PHIX is fully charged, the light indicator will blink thrice then disappears. As a safety precaution, never use the device while it is charging. 

Cleaning and Maintenance 

In order to achieve an optimal charge, we highly recommend using 0.5 to 1-amp adapter or wall plug and to also preserve battery life. Using a charger with a higher amp may damage the battery. If there is a minor leak, you need to wipe off the e-juice before inserting it back into the device. You can also use a tissue to clear out the airway.  

In any vaping device, a minor juice leak may occur when the e-juice is pulled up into the air path because of aggressively puffing on the mouthpiece, low voltage, and condensation. Try to puff gently and avoid inhaling too fast or too hard because the e-juice is forced to come out due to the powerful pressure. Leaving your vape in your car may cause condensation because of increased temperature, creating a build-up of condensation in the airway. With a low voltage, the e-juice is not burned properly, so ensure that your device is fully charged before use. But of course, PHIX is a leak-proof system which is more favorable for those who want to vape on-the-go without worrying about messy spills. That’s why PHIX is preferred by most vapers compared to other pod-based vapes. 

When cleaning the pod, you can insert a rolled-up tissue paper into the mouthpiece in order to soak up the e-juice. If you are clearing the pod, remove the pod from the PHIX vape and blow out with a tissue that is held to the back.  

Final Thought  

The new PHIX Vaporizer is definitely not an ordinary pod vaping device. Because of its larger e-juice capacity and longer battery life, you can enjoy more puffs. Surely, your vaping experience will take you to a higher level whether you are traveling or spending time partying or bonding with friends. It is a must-try pod-based vape that has unique and flavorful hits for a more enjoyable vaping experience. Many just can’t resist trying the all-new PHIX Vaporizer so grab yours now by availing of PHIX Vapes For Sale!


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