• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $19.50 – $27.99
  • Dimensions: 0.74 x 0.39 x 0.42 inches
  • Material Used: E-Juice/ E-Liquid
  • Pod Capacity: 1.5ml


Phix pod vapes of MLV (Major League Vapers) are stylish, lightweight, highly portable, and easy to use. No need to purchase or refill a vape juice, just experience pure enjoyment vaping this attractive device. The pods are pre-installed and each pod contains 5% nicotine to satisfy your cravings. The Phix cartridge is brilliantly designed to supply more than amazing 400 puffs! What more can a vaper ask for? Let’s deep dive and analyze what Phix Pods can provide to a novice vaper and a pro.  


Strong Points  

  • Looks and feels great  
  • Long battery life 
  • Comfortable and easy to use 
  • Portable and durable

Weak Points 

  • Cannot vape and charge at the same time  
  • Brand-specific pod 
  • Expensive cartridges 


A Phix pod vape measures 110 X 19 X 10.75 millimeters with a tank capacity of 1.5 milliliters. It is a pod-based system vaping device that is ultra-portable. With its modern, compact, and sleek design, Phix is easily stored in your pocket, bag, or a small case. It has a closed-loop system which means, you can have peace of mind keeping this device in almost any storage without leaking and dealing with messy juices. Every Phix Pod Vape is ergonomically designed with portability in mind. That’s why it’s a good buddy when you’re planning to attend a party, hang out with friends in a cocktail bar, or a concert.  

phix portability

Phix vapes are draw activated without the hassle of switches or buttons. With portability, you can always rely on the 280mAh internal battery of Phix that can provide you up to 220 puffs. It takes an average of at least 45 minutes to charge and may take up to 2 hours which highly depends on the charging source. The Phix Vape Kit comes with a USB magnetic charging cable at 3.7 watts, so it means no worries about your device accidentally falling off while charging it on your car, laptop, or adapter. With a reliable battery and fast charging time, you can always be sure that your Phix will go a long way even if you’re traveling long distance for a business trip or a grand vacation. Just imagine yourself multitasking or doing your thing while vaping Phix without thinking about refilling juices or leaks. Vaping is truly enjoyable if you have a vape that is easy to use and highly portable regardless of the situation you are in.  


Phix pod vapes are simple and sleek with anthracite ceramic finish. Expect nothing less from Phix because it is very durable and high-performing. It has a diamond-rhombus shape so you can hold on to it properly and avoid slipping from your hand while you inhale. The base is sturdy and you’ll appreciate the slight heftiness even it is a slim pod-based mod. You’ll be amazed at the magnetic system that clicks into place even when charging, so no need to worry about proper positioning every time you need to charge it. Being the first of its kind, the Phix Pods uses ceramic coils for best flavor and vaping experience. Truly, Phix is MLV’s solid option. Phix has a very specific charging unit which works only for Phix vapes.  


When it comes to versatility, Phix has a lot to offer in terms of flavors. It has a robust flavor variety resulting in a better taste. A Phix Vape Kit has a mixed pack containing flavorful Spearmint, Ice Tobacco, Hard Strawberry, and Butterscotch Tobacco pods. In fact, there are varying flavor profiles of Phix Pods. You’ll not be overwhelmed with the tobacco flavor that is included in all Phix Starter Kits because it is authentic and you’ll love the flavor, most especially if you were a heavy tobacco smoker. With the Butterscotch Tobacco, it has a raw flavor with hints of vanilla which is a really tempting and unusual taste. If you want a freshly mint breath, the Spearmint Flavor is best for you, leaving a crisp minty aftertaste and cooling effect after vaping. 

phix versatility

The most pronounced flavor is the Hard Strawberry, which is strongly sweet and on-the-go flavor. For menthol lovers, the Ice Tobacco is a rock star, which is loved by new and professional vapers alike. With Phix nicotine pods, you get a better throat hit every time, and the availability of these flavors makes vaping experience personalized and fun. While the pods are brand-specific, this only ensures that you get authentic and high-quality pods that are perfectly compatible with your Phix Vapes. Phix Pods are refillable by using a screwdriver and syringe fill e-juice on the pod. However, we do not recommend practicing this procedure for safety purposes. Phix Pods are affordable and convenient to use as is.

Vapor Quality  

The vapor quality of PHIX can be described as flavorful and satisfying. Because of the impressive 1.5 ml tank capacity, enjoy hundreds of puffs! The flavors of Phix pods are light and won’t hit the throat instantly when taking a puff. Inhaling just a few allow you to feel the nice buzz it brings. While the vapor it produces is not dense, it is still satisfying and feels great. Each Phix pod has enough nicotine which is equivalent to 2 cigarette packets, so quickly going through the pods will supply quite large nicotine amounts.

Because the battery has no indicator, you may find yourself inhaling dry air and lack of substance. Through regular use and experience, you’ll know the best time to charge your Phix device from the frequency of usage and last time used. Phix is a highly recommended vape for heavy users. The number of puffs is incredible to supply you your needed nicotine throughout the day.  

Price to Performance Rating 

The price of Phix Vapes is hard to beat. You’ll definitely get the best value for your money because of its impressive battery life, a number of puffs per cartridge, and portability. The wide variety of flavors for Phix Pods can personalize your vaping experience without compromising your comfort level and vapor quality. You might think that the Phix is just a thin wedged portable vape, but you’ll be surprised by its remarkable features from the design up to vaping operation. Comparing with its competitors, Phix is very affordable, portable, and durable, so a vaper is left happy and stress-free. If you want to get a quick nicotine fix, then Phix Vape is for you. When it comes to performance, it is above-average as compared with other brands of similar vape device system. 

Final Thought 

Phix vapes are one of the best pod-based system vaping devices in the market today. At an affordable price, you get a high-quality Phix vape and flavorful pods not found elsewhere. It is super portable, long-lasting, and satisfying. Get the quick nicotine fix you need in a day without any problem. Investing in a Phix Vape Starter Kit is a good idea for first-timers because of its easy operation without worrying about leaks and buttons to press. It is also perfect for vape veterans because of its versatility and excellent vaping performance on-the-go. Phix Vapes will never fail you because it is made to last and make your vaping experience unique and unforgettable every time.

PHIX rating


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