Possible East Hampton Vape Ban

Possible East Hampton Vape Ban (1)

There is a vaping ban proposed in East Hampton Village in New York. The proposed legislation involves banning several things to protect the environment which includes using plastic straws, smoking in public places, and magazine and booklet delivery to stores. Banning smoking would extend to vaping which can send a wrong message to the general public regarding the risks of vaporizers and e-cigarettes. In a meeting, the Village Board discussed these matters last Friday, and September 21 is the proposed effective date of the said ordinance, followed by a public hearing.

Becky Molinaro Hansen, the Village administrator, said that the vaping issue was recently brought up to the attention of the council. At the moment, the existing code prohibits smoking within 50 ft of the Herrick Park playground and on the Main Beach pavilion. She explained that the council is also considering the idea of banning vaping or use of vapes, vaporizers, and e-cigarettes like tobacco smoking. With this ban, it would mean prohibiting smoking and vaping on any public property that belongs to the Village of East Hampton, which includes village beaches, Herrick Park, parking lots, and even beach pavilions

What Does Research Say About Second-Hand Vapor  

According to research studies, second-hand vapor is not harmful or toxic to bystanders. There are many public health experts saying that the formaldehyde levels found in e-cigarette vapor are negligible or insignificant to human health. In fact, the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC has also confirmed this statement. The false claims about second-hand vapor containing formaldehyde at toxic levels, actually started when the New England Journal of Medicine or NEJM published a paper in January 2015. 

Dr. Konstantinos Fasalinos and other researchers had debunked these false claims. They explained that the study in 2015 involved significantly inappropriate experimental processes. However, it seems that the many people have deaf ears despite these explanations. This misinformation scares the public ever since and is still considered as an informing policy. 

Unfortunately, the said proposed ordinance for East Hampton Village clearly shows the failure to differentiate between the relative risks of tobacco cigarettes and vaping devices like e-cigarettes, vape pens, and vaporizers. On the other hand, based on what Farsalinos and his co-researchers had discovered, CDC says on their own study that e-cigarette vapor contains no significant levels of formaldehyde. In fact, the formaldehyde levels are seen in an average American home every day, and therefore second-hand vapor also poses no risk to human health. 

Proper Information Dissemination Is Crucial  

Since the CDC also confirm that second-hand vapor does not cause ill-effects on health. It is not fair to ban vaping in the same way as banning smoking. There is a huge difference between the two. Smoking has tobacco as its raw material, containing thousands of chemicals produced by combustion including tar which is harmful and dangerous to human health. In fact, lung diseases like bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, and lung cancer are always included in the top five of morbidity and mortality rates in the United States, and the majority of countries today. This is because of pollution and the effects of first-hand and second-hand smoking.  

The role of vaporizers, vape pens, and e-cigarettes is big when it comes to changing smokers to become vapers, and eventually cut-off the bad habit. This is what authorities are not realizing. Vaporization is a great option for smokers so they can resort to something cleaner and better than tobacco smoking. E-juice or e-liquid comes with either nicotine or zero nicotine levels. For smokers, it is best to start vaping e-liquids with high nicotine levels to avoid withdrawal signs and symptoms, then gradually reducing the percentage of nicotine until the vaper can tolerate zero nicotine. This is to avoid a relapse as well. Also, vaping is another option for medical patients, most especially those who are taking prescribed cannabis. Medical cannabis users prefer vaping than smoking a joint because it is cleaner and more discreet. Now, banning vaping may also affect these patients who want to be discreet about taking their dose for the day because they are restricted to vape in public places. Of course, this would apply to states or countries that legalized medical cannabis.  

At the end of the day, the best course of action should be a proper public education about smoking and vaping. Instead of counteracting the positive effects or benefits of vaping, it is best to foresee vapes are promising tools for smokers to quit smoking and to help medical cannabis users achieve a better quality of life. Investing in research and development on how to better enhance vaping and its advantages is also a good idea. Vaping can enrich a better life by reducing the morbidity and mortality rates associated with tobacco smoking.  

Realization About the Benefits of Vapes  

Vaping should be considered as a smart invention. It is because people are not only stuck with one option, which is tobacco smoking. While the government may have an increased revenue because of tobacco taxes, there’s also a promising revenue for supporting the vaping industry. Of course, public health is always a major concern, and vaping is a cleaner and better method of satisfying smokers than smoking tobacco.  

People have more choices, and highlighting the benefits of vaping over smoking is a big help to encourage smokers to quit. Sadly, there are many studies with false claims about the risks of vaping to public health without appropriate quantifiable data to prove them. They spread like an incurable virus, corrupting the minds of the public and even highly-educated government officials.  

Final Thoughts 

The proposed vape ban in East Hampton may actually raise questions, concerns, and opposition for the next coming days, most especially from the vaping communities. But of course, it is high time to open the eyes of the general public about the facts regarding vapes and vaping. Informing the public about the truth with real and proven and relevant scientific evidence is a must. Hopefully, the council will also realize the impact of this proposed vape ban among smokers who wants to stop smoking for a better health.

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