• Smoke Free Rating:
  • Price Point: $ 379.99
  • Dimensions: 7 inches high x 2.75 inches base
  • Material Used: Concentrates


The Puffco Peak Vaporizer is a breakthrough vape device that unleashes the real power of wax concentrates. It changes the vaping game with the incredible e-nail capabilities and simple and easy operation. This vaporizer is potent, flavorful, and efficient with 4 unique heat settings, 20-second heat up time, intelligent temperature calibration, haptic feedback, and fast charging.  

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  • Water filtration 
  • Hand-blown glass 
  • Sesh-Mode Functionality 
  • 4 heat settings 
  • Intelligent temperature calibration 
  • Removable ceramic bowl 
  • 20 seconds average heat up time 
  • 7 inches high x 2.75 inches base 
  • 30 dabs in full charge 
  • Rugged silicone base 
  • Fast charge time (2 hours) 
  • Haptic feedback 
  • LED light band 
  • Carrying case included 

What’s in the box:  

  • Puffco Peak Vaporizer device 
  • Loading tool 
  • Cleaning Swabs 
  • Carrying case 
  • Carb cap  
  • Micro USB cable and supercharger 
  • Extra ceramic bowl 

Puffco Peak Vaping Loco Craze 

Have vapers gone loco with Puffco Peak? It’s no surprise why beginners and advanced vapers are so intrigued and mesmerized with Puffco Peak because you can always extend your vaping session with its sesh mode for bigger and flavorful clouds, perfect for your social dab experience. Puffco Peak is not a typical dab rig because of its 20-second heat up time, far from the common 3-minute heating time of its counterparts. It has a SmartWare that automatically adjust the heat up times, thus providing a consistent vaping experience during the sesh mode and repeated use. Why is Puffco Peak Vaporizer one of the best vaporizers today?  


It’s undeniable that Puffco Peak has a smart and interesting design. It is a cone shape vaping unit with a water pipe embedded, a vertical mountain with an astonishingly high peak. This vaporizer has a futuristic design and the whole unit feels and looks solid and sturdy and the silicon base is very strong without easily tipping or slipping. The majority of the Peak’s weight is concentrated in the bottom section of the device thus preventing accidents. It features a hand-blown glass for highest quality vapor. The bowl is made of high-grade ceramic and you can remove it for easy cleaning.   

peak durability

Puffco Peak Vaporizer has a long battery life and it fully charges in just 2 hours using a supercharger, which gives you an average of 30 dabs. It can literally hold a charge for a couple of days. Your device has a low battery if you see 3 red flashes, 5 light flashes for a short circuit, and red light that holds for overheating. You might be concerned about the bowl getting hot, and the good news is that Peak has a silicon atomizer protector which means that you can touch the bowl without harm even when it is hot! Amazingly, the water inside the glass bubbler never bubbles in the mouth nor leak.  

Temperature Flexibility 

The Puffco Peak always delivers a great flavor and the intelligent temperature calibration and settings are fun to experiment with. The greatest satisfaction is gained from the orange and middle green settings, and create big clouds from the Peak’s highest setting. You can cycle through the temperature settings by clicking the button once. For a small load, you can use the low setting (450 °F) with > 20 seconds heat up time, and use the medium setting (500°F) with > 20 seconds heat up time for a medium load. For a large load, use the high setting (500°F) with > 25 seconds heat up time and the peak setting for an extra load (600°F) with > 25 seconds heat up time.

puffco peak temperature

Remember that when you’re using the Puffco Peak, wait one minute in between uses and don’t fire the atomizer consecutively 4 times. Bear in mind that several short inhales are better than a long one because they produce more vapor. If you have not reached the peak yet, Puffco Peak got you covered. A sesh mode has been created to increase the heat for an extended vaping session (15 seconds). You can use it to boost the heat or to be shared with friends. Just double click the button to initiate the sesh mode during low vapor production. If it’s still not enough and you’re a true hardcore, don’t worry because you can double click for a sesh multiple times!  

Ease of Use 

Puffco decided to add cool features which add to the unit’s inconspicuousness including a haptic feedback that is thoughtfully designed and it discreetly tells if it’s time to vape through subtle vibration. There is also an optional cool LED light band located on the front part of the device to show the battery level and heating settings. The Puffco Peak is a simple rig with easy and fast loading in just a single button toggling the temperature presets.  

peak ease of use

When it comes to maintenance, the glass and carb cap are cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol, and the atomizer can be cleaned disassembled or fully assembled. The bottom of the atomizer and the gold connector are cleaned with a cotton swab soaked in alcohol. Don’t forcefully remove the bowl if it cannot be removed easily. Allow the parts to dry thoroughly before use. Don’t allow the base to get wet because it’s electric, otherwise, it will break. Also, make sure that the bowl has cooled before you remove the atomizer. Cleaning is recommended every 20 uses. After each use, use a cotton swab for cleaning the chamber. The glass bubbler and ceramic bowl are easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about sharing your Puffco Peak with friends at a party. Indeed, it is a low maintenance vaporizer you’ll surely love to use.  


While it is not exactly a discreet vaporizer, it is a perfect piece for live parties and vape get-togethers for a 420 celebration or you can just simply use it at home for a relaxing and solo vaping session. Before using the Puffco Peak, it is important to fully charge it. While charging, the device pulses white and it turns off automatically when it’s fully charged. You can fill the glass with water above the air holes but don’t do it while the glass is attached to the base. Never should you allow water in the lower section because it is where the electronic component is located. Align the inlet hole with the atomizer and carefully push the front into the base, and then back. Use the included loading tool so you can put the contents on the bottom of the bowl and not the side. Hold the button down for about 3 seconds to lock and unlock the device. After which, place the carb cap on top of the Puffco atomizer and double click so heat up is initiated. The heat up time is remarkable, with an average of 20 seconds! To exit, just simply press and hold the button. You’ll know that the heat up mode is already active when you see a pulsing light.  

The Puffco Peak is a versatile device that will provide you with smooth and clean vapors whether you’re kicking it home alone or when you’re out having fun with friends.  

Vapor Quality 

You can expect nothing less but clean and pure vapors from the Puffco Peak. Thanks to its ceramic cups, your concentrates are heated evenly without the risk of combustion. The vapors remain flavorful and potency is preserved.  

With the added boost from the Puffco Peak’s wide temperature selection, you can get nothing less but the best vapors in this platform.   

Price to Performance Rating  

Puffco Peak sets a clear difference from the traditional dab rigs with the same massive and filtered hits. When it comes to extracting vapors, the Puffco Peak is revolutionary because of its smart and functional design, with ease of usage and excellent vapor quality. This is perfect for beginners and intermediate vapers who are looking for a stronger vaping experience than vape pens but are not ready for the complexity and intensity offered by dab rigs or e-nails.  

The Puffco Peak delivers the most bang for your buck. It sports advanced features you’ll be hard pressed to find in other vaporizers in this category.  


  • Haptic feedback 
  • Session mode perfect for social dabbing 
  • Fast heating time 
  • 2-hour charging times using a supercharger 
  • Long-lasting charge 
  • Removable bowl 
  • Shareable  


  • Cannot be used while charging 
  • Pre-set temperatures 

PEAK's rating


Puffco Peak Ultimate Guide

Puffco Peak Guide

The Puffco Peak Vaporizer is a unique vaporizer that’s brought significant change to the industry as we know it. It brought a different tone to vaping wax concentrates that it meshed all the advantages of different devices used for wax concentrate consumption. The Puffco Peak revolutionized vaping that it allowed many consumers to enjoy the benefits of torch-less heating, portable vaping, with a power of a real desktop rig, all packaged in one sleek and futuristic-looking vaporizer that is the Puffco Peak. With all its advanced and forward-looking features, one might get confused on how to use and operate the Puffco Peak.

Here are a few tips and tricks you might want to consider when using the Puffco Peak Vaporizer.

1. Cleaning and Maintenance.

Your Puffco Peak Vaporizer needs to be cleaned from time to time. This ensures that the Puffco Peak runs in peak condition as well as keeping your vaping sessions smooth and clean. Here are a few wthings you need to consider first.

  • Remove the glass bubbler.
  • Make sure to unscrew the parts for easy removal.
  • Take extra care when handling the bubbler, although made with borosilicate glass piece, it still can shatter when dropped on the ground.

First, clean the carb cap and the glass piece by soaking it onto a solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol. Leave it on the solution for 15 – 30 minutes and rinse it with warm water after you’ve taken it out of the solution you’ve made. Dry with a paper towel and set aside.

Next, take the atomizer and soak onto the same solution you’ve used when cleaning the glass bubbler and the glass. Drop the fully assembled atomizer into iso for 30 minutes.
*Be careful when removing the atomizer if it was just used, it will be hot to the touch. Let it cool.

WARNING: After cleaning, allow all parts to thoroughly dry before use. (iso is flammable)
*Do not get the base wet – it’s electric – it will break.
*Do NOT attempt to disassemble the atomizer before submerging fully assembled into iso.

Afterwards, leave the parts and set it to dry.

Make sure that ll the parts are completely dry before attaching it to the Puffco Peak body. This can cause liquid to trickle down to the battery and make its way to some of the sensitive internal circuitry which can cause permanent damage. Be sure not to let any liquid make its way to the battery.

2. Accessing Advanced Features.

One of the Puffco Peak’s advanced feature is the Sesh Mode. The Sesh Mode functionality has been first used on Puffco vape pens, giving these small and portable devices 12 straight seconds of stable heating so you can enjoy the benefits of your select wax concentrates without having to hold down the power button on your favorite Puffco wax pen vaporizer. On the Puffco Peak, Sesh Mode means extending your sessions by 15 seconds.

To activate Sesh Mode make sure that the Puffco Peak is powered on and has a fully charged battery. Tap the power button twice, this extends your run time for 15 seconds. And, if you’re still not satisfied with the vapor production of your Puffco Peak, just press the power button twice again for another Sesh Mode. You can have as much Sesh Mode as you want as long as you can take it.

3. Conquering the Multi-Colored LED Lights

While the Puffco Peak lacks a full LCD display, it’s equipped with an LED light system that tells you the actual status of the Puffco Peak. Here’s what you should look out for.

  • 3 Red Flashing Light – Low Battery Level.
  • 5 Flashing Light – Short Circuit.
  • Solid Red Light – Overheating.

Make sure to be careful looking after the LED lights to tell what’s wrong with the Puffco Peak. Apart from what the Puffco Peak tells you with its LED lights, here are some of a few things you should avoid when using the Puffco Peak.

  • Be mindful of the water level of the glass bubbler.
  • Do not overfill the glass bubbler.
  • Fill it with water just above the air holes.
  • Never store the Puffco Peak with water on the bubbler.
  • Remove and replace the glass bubbler carefully and do not apply too much force.
  • When connecting threaded components, apply enough force and stop when you feel resistance.
  • During use, wait for a minute before using again. Allow the unit to cool down.
  • Avoid heating the atomizer 4 times in a row.
  • If you encounter a software issue, turn the Puffco Peak off and on.
  • When in use and you want large cloud production, take several short draws instead of long drags.
  • Do not overfill the bowl.
  • When loading avoid wiping off the concentrates on the side of the bowl.
  • Avoid storing the Puffco Peak on a moist and humid area.
  • Avoid storing the Puffco Peak in places that are extremely hot or extremely cold.

4. Cycling Through the Temperature Settings.

The Puffco Peak is outfitted with a variable voltage setting that offers 4 unique temperature profiles for a more customized vaping session every time you vape. The different temperature settings are categorized or named as low, medium, high, and peak. Lower temperature level is at 450 degrees heating up at 20 seconds and works well with small loads of concentrates. The medium heat profile runs at 500 degrees and reaches peak temperature at 20 seconds and works well with medium sized loads of concentrates. The high temperature level is at 550 degrees and reaches vaping temperature at 25 seconds and works best with large loads of wax concentrates. Finally, the aptly named peak temperature setting heats up your concentrates at 600 degrees and has a 25 second heat up time and can vaporize XL loads of concentrates.

To cycle through these temperature levels simply press the power button once.

5. Battery Levels.

The Puffco Peak lets you check the battery level so you’d know when it’s time to charge your device. The battery is represented in three levels. High, mostly colored in green means that your battery is around 100 – 60 percent while medium or yellow means that you’re running at 60 – 30 percent of battery while low or red means you’re at 15 – 0 percent of battery power.

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Munita A Prasad
Munita A Prasad
2 years ago

I contacted Puffco Support thru there website email since thats the only way to contact them about issues with your device, to get help with my Puffco Peak that is’nt working, at first they responded then nothing I have reached out to them the only way I can Via Email so many times and no response after they said they would help me with the faulty devise I Purchased, supposedly this device is covered under warranty for a Year yet not even 2 months later my device that I paid $375.00 is not working the way its supposed to, I… Read more »

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
1 year ago

Product is a piece of hot trash, if you made it this far, don’t buy it. Bought it- day one had connection issues, contacted customer support, they responded after a week that I should send video and photo proof (I also sent my receipt proof) of it not working, I did, they responded back after ANOTHER week stating they would be willing to send me a free bowl. Whole unit defective, day one, their response?: “My apologies for the delay in hearing back from us. It looks like a new atomizer would likely correct this issue. While atomizers are not… Read more »

1 year ago

hate on boys.. my peak a year old and on same atomizer.. my friend’s peak battery gave out after more than a year he contacted support and they sent a new base.. dont listen to these hating irrelevant reviews about the peak. either they are 1) too broke to smoke on a peak 2) or too rich and will brag they have all devices on the book but just cant seem to handle this e rig maintenance wise.. breaks 1,2,3,4,5 atomizers. and claims its product defects. go back piecing your stuff together and maybe save $100. ill he double clicking… Read more »