The Perceived Dangers of Vaporizers: May Damage Your Immune System Cells

The Perceived Dangers of Vaporizers_ May Damage Your Immune System Cells

According to a certain study, vaping can damage the cells of the immune system and it may be more harmful as previously thought. Researchers have found out that e-cigarette vapor disables the vital immune cells in the respiratory system and boosted inflammation. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are marketed as safe and researchers caution the public about these vaping devices. However, the health sector still recognizes that  thesis introduction how many pages go site essay services toronto see how do i block spam emails on my iphone 6 an example of an assignment thesis energy audit source site follow link thesis binding nottingham university go site viagra natural casera para mujeres algebra help online dissertation latex files paypal store clomid how to find answers for homework what is a claim in an argumentative essay genuine viagra sales enter site assistant development manager resume essay structure types best essay writing service in uk vapes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, and smokers should not hesitate to use vaping devices as an aid to quit smoking. This is indeed a very interesting topic and a major social and health dilemma. Let’s find out what researchers and studies have to say, including the benefits and drawbacks of vaping. 

Impacts of Vaping and Smoking on Body Cells 

Previous studies scrutinized the chemical composition of e-juice or e-cigarette liquid prior to being vaped. A mechanical procedure was devised to mimic vaping in a laboratory with the use of lung tissue samples that were provided by non-smokers. They found vapor caused inflammatory reactions and impaired alveolar macrophages activity. Macrophages are immune cells removing potentially damaging particles, dust, allergens, and bacteria in the body. According to the researchers, the effects have similarities to the cellular effects among regular smokers and those with chronic lung disease. They say that the results are only confined to laboratory conditions with 48-hour window so further research studies are needed to fully understand the long-term health impacts of vaping. There was also an independent review of e-cigarettes and showed an overwhelming evidence that vapes were far safer than tobacco cigarette smoking. The researchers proposed that these devices should be prescribed because of the success in helping people quit smoking. 

While e-cigarettes and vapes are safer than traditional cigarettes, researchers say that these devices may still be harmful in the long run. In terms of the cancer molecules found in cigarette smoke, there are significantly reduced numbers of cancer-causing substances or carcinogens than cigarette vapor. Vapes are safer than cigarettes in terms of cancer risk, and vaping may still cause cancer. However, if a person has vaped for decades, it can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease of COPD. Experts also say that although vapes and e-cigarettes are not risk-free, they are clearly less harmful as compared to smoking. Smokers who are interested in vaping should switch without delay. 

Vaping Recommendations and Considerations 

E-cigarettes and vapes vaporize nicotine, producing vapor but not smoke. Vaporizers are soaring in popularity because many people switch from cigarettes smoking to vaping. The rationale behind this is that most of the danger is obtained from smoking, not from nicotine, and all the other compounds found in tobacco smoke. However, new evidence suggests that nicotine in itself and its by-products may also cause immunity problems and cancer. With the advancement of technology, vapes have zero nicotine e-liquids that help vapers get rid of nicotine while still enjoying their favorite habit. 

Vaping is highly recommended to current smokers. Established or chronic smokers should consider shifting to vaping and start from the highest nicotine e-juice content. Gradually, they can reduce to lower nicotine content until they are able to quit smoking. Doing so helps prevent the withdrawal signs and symptoms related to smoking, thus taking vaping in a more positive way. Immediately cutting off nicotine in the body, most especially for chronic smokers, can lead to uncomfortable signs and symptoms like increased salivation, gastric pain, headache, and mood swings. E-juices or vape liquids come in different flavors like fruits, desserts, and even tobacco flavors. Vape manufacturers are continuously doing research and development to provide more options to users and encourage smokers to vape, which is less dangerous to health than smoking. 

For medical cannabis users, vaping is highly recommended than smoking. Vaping is cleaner and less messy to take than smoking. More importantly, it is more discreet, thus benefiting young patients, most especially those who are needing treatment for epilepsy and other medical disorders. There are states and countries that have legalized medical cannabis. Even with legalization, some people are still conservative about the topic, yet want to gain the benefits of cannabis, and they prefer to be discreet taking their daily dose using weed vaporizers. Vapes are gradually changing the general perception about cannabis, particularly medical marijuana. Vaping is mostly preferred by medical cannabis users because it does not emit smoke. For recreational marijuana users, vaping depicts style and sophistication. There are many celebrities and personalities promoting different brands of vapes and vaporizers which also divulged the cannabis stories and experiences of ordinary people, increasing the anecdotal evidence of cannabis health benefits. 

There are several considerations when using vapes. First of all, users should be aware of the features and specifications of a vaping device including proper use and safety precautions. The needs and preferences of the vaper are taken into account, and so as their knowledge and skills about vaping. Like any other products, vapes have advantages and disadvantages. Consumers should exercise ways to become informed and smart decision-makers in terms of choosing the best brand of vaping devices available to them to prevent health danger such as avoiding cheap products with poor quality components like low-grade plastics. Prices of vapes differ from one brand to another, and it is worth a good investment in purchasing high-quality vaping devices like JUUL. 


While there are risks associated with vaping, it is still far safer than smoking. It may have positive or negative impacts on immune cells and cancer cells, causing health concerns as well as promising results. Vapes have been discovered and continuously modified to gain the best results. With the advancement of vaping technology, health risks associated with vaping are being reduced by using high-quality raw materials like food-grade glass cylinders and stainless-steel chambers. Innovative solutions are introduced with advanced features for safety, and at the same time promoting healthy vaping, allowing vapers to enjoy their favorite past time without worrying about the health implications. While this is still far from reality, it is not impossible to achieve. 

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