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  • Price Point: $120.00
  • Material Used: Wax Concentrates


Here at SmokeFree we review products that make for a great avenue for many consumers who quit smoking. We’ve tested and reviewed a lot of vaporizers. We’re talking about desktops and portables, botanical vaporizers, wax vaporizers, e-juice vaporizers, pod vaporizers, we even reviewed decarboxylators.

Here’s a first – both in the vaping industry and here at SmokeFree.
We’re reviewing a dab tool. Yes, you’ve read that right, a dab tool. But not just any dab tool, we’re talking about the Terpometer.

The Terpometer is a dab tool and a thermometer in one. The concept is brilliant, the execution of the idea is simply mind-blowing. The Terpometer is a first of its kind. Zack Miller, the man behind Zpace Labs is himself an avid dabber. However, like many consumers; beginners and advanced alike, Zack is often victim to the perplexing and often incomprehensible temperature of his nail and banger. The Terpometer is an all-in-one solution to this age-old mystery. This advanced dab tool is outfitted with smart technology you never thought you’d see on a dab tool.

However, can this technology find practical application especially for daily consumers or will the Terpometer just be another vape fad? Stick with us and find out.

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First Impressions

At first glance, you’d know that the Terpometer isn’t your average dab tool.

It’s got a round and pronged dabber on one side and a ceramic temperature sensor on the other which at first looked like a touch-style coil used on vaporizers that work like nectar collectors. Seeing it for the first time made us feel like we don’t really know what we’re looking at. Is it a vaporizer? Is it a dab tool? It also had a digital display on the side with a power button similar to what you’d see on dab pens which got us all the more confused. But it wasn’t until we tried it out that it all made sense.

The Terpometer box

The Terpometer is used to dab and tell the temperature of your bangers and nails at the same time. It was awkward to hold and use at first but when we got used to it, it just felt simple and straightforward. You just heat your nails as you would. You press the heat sensor on the banger, and when your preferred heat profile is reached, bam! You just drop the glob of extract on the banger.

The Terpometer comes in a cool looking box that opens by pulling the inner box out of the outer cover. In the box are the inclusive accessories and the Terpometer itself. The box, like the device, is simple and straightforward. You’d find that reading the instruction manual takes no more than a minute as the Terpometer was designed intuitively allowing quick and easy operation.

Overall, the Terpometer works as it was designed and performs as advertised. Here are a few more details on the Terpometer.

Strong Points:

  • Simple and Easy to Use
  • Precise Temperature Read-Out
  • Helpful Color-Coded Screen
  • No More Guesswork

Weak Points:

  • Large and Bulky for a Dab Tool


Alright, before we begin the actual review, we’d like to point out that although the criteria we use were designed for ranking and reviewing vaporizers. Having said, it still applies and is relevant to the message we wanted to get across after testing the Terpometer.


For dab tool standards, the Terpometer is bulky. You really need to make an effort if you want to carry it with you when you go out and about. However, the Terpometer was designed to be used in conjunction with traditional dab rigs and they aren’t actually portable devices. That said, the Terpometer can be seen as a tool that’s designed to be used at home. However, nothing is stopping you from carrying it and bringing it to your friend’s house for a night of toking.

The Terpometer size

Just don’t expect that you can carry it like a normal dab tool because it isn’t. For what it does, the Terpometer is still portable but not as portable as the average dab tool. That’s why we gave it a decent four.


Here’s where we believe the Terpometer had the upper hand.
For a product that’s unique and had no competition to offer any point of comparison, the Terpometer felt really high-quality. It did have a weight to it which all the more gave it the sense of a higher quality.

Looking closer at the Terpometer, we found that the heat sensor is made from ceramic and that does say a lot about the heat sensor’s quality. Ceramic has seen wide use in the vaporizer industry because of its unique properties. Ceramic is inert to begin with. This means that it boasts better structural integrity. They offer better longevity and protect you and your device against issues like metal oxidation in your vaporizer. That said, ceramic makes for an ideal component to use in the Terpometer’s heat sensor. It just won’t break as easy as other raw materials especially you’ll be sticking it to hot surfaces almost every time.

The body of the Terpometer is made from relatively high-quality materials and is treated with a heat-resistant coating. This is to prevent the circuits and other mechanical components inside the Terpometer from degrading.
This only shows how carefully thought of the Terpometer is and that’s why we scored it a perfect five.


The Terpometer can be a versatile tool. It does what the average dab tool does and also does what a thermometer is supposed to do.

The Terpometer versatilityNot that we’ve taken our body temperatures with it, although that could really be tempting, but we found ourselves using the Terpometer on other devices too. We packed dry herb vaporizers with the dabber on the Terpometer, used the heat sensor to tell what the running temperature of our favorite dab rig is (dab rig uses preset temperature profiles).
In short, the Terpometer does what it’s supposed to do and more earning it five more stars in the process.

Vapor Quality

Alright, the Terpometer is no vaporizer. Nevertheless, it’s a tool we’ve used to allow our rigs to yield stellar vapor quality.

See, temperature plays a vital role in vaporization. Dabbing the extracts on a banger too hot will not only melt your face off but will also give your lungs a hard time. It also makes your nails and your bangers even harder to clean and maintain overall. Cold dabs, on the other hand, will be smooth and somewhat flavorful but will water down your extracts in terms of potency. Achieving the right temperature on a banger is surrounded by many myths, but the folks working on the Terpometer uncovered the science behind it.

Before Terpometer, we used many superficial methods to gauge the temperature of our nails. We experimented on leaving it out for a certain amount of time to let is cool, we even practiced the mystical arts of placing your hands above the nails to get a feel of it. And then we turned to more modern solutions like color changing quartz and digital laser thermometers but the Terpometer is an altogether different tool.

It’s like using an e-rig that’s outfitted with precision temperature settings so you and get customized vapors and enjoy personalized sessions. So, yes. The Terpometer deserves a five-star rating for doing a great job of bridging the gap.

Price to Performance Rating

We cannot stress it more. The Terpometer is a great tool to use especially when you’re using conventional dab rigs and enjoy using a torch when you vape.
It’s worth investing on and would be the best expensive dab tool you ever bought.

The Terpometer rating


The Terpometer isn’t exactly for everyone. We’d recommend it for the hard-core extract users who prefer to use torches, nails, and bangers. Those who enjoy a more traditional approach to dabbing but want a touch of technological advantage in their daily sessions.
Moreover, the Terpometer is the tool for those who dab at home and not exactly for those who are always on-the-go. With that said, if you’re the type of person who needs a solid dab tool that does more than what it’s supposed to then the Terpometer is a must-have.

Where to buy The Terpometer?

The Terpometer

Buy The Terpometer from VapeActive website.

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