Top Weed Vaporizers 2018

Top Weed Vaporizers 2018

What makes vaping a far greater alternative to smoking weed? If you’ve seen how fellow cannabis enthusiasts switch from burning or smoking the dauntless herb, you do need to know why a movement is happening. First off, you get to savor every last bit of weed when you vape it. It leaves no wastage at all when you choose to vape. There are also numerous grinder brands to choose from to get you started on your vaping session. Secondly, the flavor has upped a level higher. Vaping does not involve burning the herb at all but heating it up to that ideal level where you can extract all the flavor and deliciousness from your weed. Third, vaping enables weed to deliver all its healthful properties and carries you to gentle euphoria. It doesn’t smack you down but lifts you up. Lastly, vaping your weed also means you can take this anywhere. Vaporizer device makers have now sharpened their creations, even more, to give you the vaping experience you want, when you want it and wherever the journey leads you. 

The creators of these devices know how being the best of the lot is critically important on not just winning the market but also staking a claim on being the best vehicle to get the best vaping experience you can have. Read on further for details on each device we’ve tested out that we find meets the criteria to be among the top weed vaporizers of 2018.  

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This was built for the vaping enthusiast who typically wants to explore, reach summits and basically has an adventurous streak. The Vapium Summit+ was created to withstand the hectic pace and ride through the challenges of its owner. You wouldn’t have to mind taking care of any Vapium Summit+ at all. It is certified as splash-proof and dustproof. It’s made to be durable and ready on call for a vaping session using your dry herbs. The Vapium Summit+ has a laser-welded vaporizing and air path along with a heating implement creates even heat and also prevents burning your herbs. The device is built robustly to withstand environments that can be from zero to 178 degrees Fahrenheit. Even the 3300 mAh battery has enough room for extended use between charges.  

Davinci Miqro Vaporizer 

I have two devices from Davinci and the first one I’ll feature is the smaller one. But don’t let its size deceive you at all. This is the newest from the Davinci line of vaporizers and at first impression, you’ll notice how sleek the Miqro device complete with great features: the replaceable battery system, temperature spectrum and two options for mouthpieces, a recessed and as a 10mm water pipe. This is a smaller version of the Davinci IQ and temperature controls have four options. Road-testing the Miqro, it lives up to pace and delivers an outstanding vaping experience, quick, precise heat, smooth draw, awesome flavor, and just the right vapor.  

The Davinci IQ  

Coming from the already impressive Davinci Miqro is the Davinci IQ which delivers even more than expected for a portable dry herb vaporizer. The expected options for heat are found here, too. You can set the right heat with how you’d like the taste to be. I did find out that the higher the heat, the better the taste outcome is. It’s more robust and well-rounded. The vapor emitted turns up stunningly dense clouds, a delight to see actually. The Davinci IQ has more staying power and can keep up with longer vaping sessions. Just as portable, it is built to stand up to the usual bumps and rough handling of a fast-paced lifestyle. I am also loving the mouthpiece which is ceramic zirconia, it creates one of the smoothest draws around. 


The old-fashioned bong style of vaping is found in Hydrology9 by Cloudious9. It rammed through the usually expected design currently seen on the market and undoubtedly carries a visual ripple as a standout. You’ll immediately notice the LED leigh system where you can view the temperature and battery level. And there are air vents where you can instinctively control your draw resistance. Looking inside, it has a built-in stir-stick that makes sure the bud is sifted in the chamber, allowing zero wastage on your herbs. Just like a bong, the Hydrology 9 use water filtration to cool the vapor, adding even more smoothness to the vaping experience. 

Firefly 2 

Firefly 2, true to its name, has taken a second look at what the current dry herb vaporizers have and created their own unique advantage on what they found missing — their convection system enables the heat source never to touch the herbs directly. This means that you can take draws on demand and don’t have to finish the load for fear of burning it later on. Just take a drive and should there be a need to get to vaping later, the load is available. Nice twist there by the Firefly 2, especially if you would want one load to last as long as possible on some days. The design also enables full-on flavor and taste at every draw. The glass vapor path helps things get excellently smooth as well.  

Ghost MV1 

The Ghost MV1 uses convection heat to vape your dry herb. This is also versatile since you can either load up your dry herb or switch to concentrates. The creators of this vaporizer made sure that despite the ability to produce heat-on-demand, it still manages to keep the vapor cool and also deliver optimum flavor. The Ghost MV1 can best be handled by vaping enthusiasts who have the right know-how to maximize performance and maintain the device as well. 

G Pen Elite  

Simple to use and potent vapor, this along with a smartly ergonomic design and very sleek, you can expect a vaping experience that can impressively bring on the clouds. The G Pen ELITE also has precise temperature controls and lets you know what level things are on its LCD screen. The 360 heat in its deep ceramic oven delivers strong flavor consistently. It also collaborates with other companies like Burton and Badwood to bring vaping at another level. 

Atmos Pillar Tyga 

If you’re looking for a powerful, long-lasting battery, and want to get that visual impact on a badass designed vaporizer, the Atmos Pillar Tyga is it. This features a temperature-controlled stainless-steel oven and ribbed design suited to withstand heavy usage, and send out the message how passionate you are about vaping. Its unique design history is it’s in collaboration with the rapper Tyga. The flavor quality is almost unparalleled and staying power is taken very seriously. It’s also capable of handling both dry herbs and waxes. Another advantage is the ease of usage, a beginner will love this vaporizer and the tenured vaping expert will keep on tagging along with the Atmos Pillar Tyga wherever the journey takes him. 

Atmos JUMP Herb Vape Pen 

This is the perfect starter kit for the newbie on the block. The Atmos JUMP is impressive due to its ease of usage. With just three presses to the power button, the device turns on and heats up your herbs ready in ten seconds. Though the temperature is only set at 385 Fahrenheit, it still cradles your herbs and won’t burn it at all. Each draw delivers the expectedly strong flavor and voluminously impressive cloud factor. It’s also sleekly designed, compact and durable. It’s a quick-charge, too letting the future avid vaping enthusiast get a good foothold on the vaping experience.  

Grasshopper Vaporizer  

Last but not least, the Grasshopper Vaporizer lives up to its name, it’s one of the lightest and smallest portable vaporizers that’s now available on the market. Though small in size, the convection heating within is ready under ten seconds. A perfect little companion, you can definitely bring it with up easily. This can also be used with your biggest glass bubblers and bongs. It can go the extra mile for group sessions or go intimate for a party of two, or even just one on a meditative mood. 

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