Trains and Vaporizers: How Having Trains With Vaping Carriages Can Help Smokers

Trains and Vaporizers_ How Having Trains With Vaping Carriages Can Help Smokers

Many vape enthusiasts and users say that train operators should think twice about banning e-cigarette use on railways because it will just prevent smokers from quitting tobacco products. There are health fears associated with vaporizers and e-liquids but these are not backed by scientific evidence and are limited to rumors and associations with smoking, which is far different from vaping. According to the warning posted by the Commons Science and Technology Committee, smokers are actually dying because of misconceptions associated with e-cigarettes, preventing them to have access to a better alternative to quit smoking. This topic always calls for a national debate for overhauling vape regulation.  

Effects of Smoking Extended Bans to E-cigarettes in Public Places 

Many private and public organizations have set smoking extended bans to e-cigarettes in public areas, despite vapes as being safer and an exemption from “smoke-free” legislation. This caused a major misconception about vaporizers among the public, treating smoking and vaping equally. It is an unfair judgment because vapes are clean and are combustion-free. Smoking releases harmful byproducts and toxic chemicals that cause respiratory problems like bronchitis, emphysema, and lung cancer. Many people believe that vaping should be permitted and not restricted in public places to help reduce the mortality rates associated with smoking. 

It is a good idea giving incentives dedicated to vaping carriages on railways and trains. It means that train operators should consider the installation vaping carriages and receive incentives for doing so. While the vapor and smell can be a nuisance, there’s no point of concern or argument about any health risk associated with second-hand vaping, unlike second-hand smoke. In fact, there is a big scarcity of vapes or e-cigarettes posing a significant risk of cancer, unlike tobacco products. Vaping is still 95% safer than traditional cigarette smoking. Even some health professionals are concerned about the risks and dangers of second-hand vapor which prevents the development of the right policies for vaping. How can they promote vaping if they are also misguided? The ban on using e-cigarettes and vaporizers will just indirectly promote smoking even worse. Banning vapes will just make things more difficult for smokers to eliminate the bad habit.  

Recommendations and Implementation of Vaping Policies and Regulations  

Because of lack of basis and scientific explanation as well as clinical studies about the rumored dangers of vaping, private and public organizations should think carefully about the policies they make in relation with vaping. Heavy smokers are usually dissuaded because of nicotine strength limits of vapes, causing them to revert to their old habit, so these limits should be removed for smokers to benefit from switching to vaping. More smokers will find vapes as helpful quitting aids. This will also make licensing easier for vape products as medical products.  

Tobacco products play a major role in ensuring that adequate taxes are collected. Taxation can be ensured but without health risks by promoting e-cigarettes and vapes. While the upfront cost can be higher than cigarette packs, users can save more in the long run. There are also concerns about the younger generation trying vaping at a very young age, posing great consequences. However, this appears unlikely, even more with proper information dissemination and proper vape regulation. Studies even show that there is only a slight difference between smoking and vaping considered by teenagers. This means that regardless of the method, teenagers find smoking and vaping appealing, and either way, they would pose some risks but not as bad as tobacco products do. 

Great Solution and Suggestions to Vape Needs and Demands  

Because of the increasing demand for vapes and e-cigarettes, there is a great solution available. It is simple by clearly marking areas to permit vaping. Installing vaping carriages on trains is a good idea. Vape enthusiasts propose assigning vaping areas in railways stations (enclosed parts), and even in unenclosed areas without any existing bans. It’s always easier banning things because it is easier not to make it right.

According to a government tobacco control plan, the e-cigarette is not covered by a smoke-free legislation. It only means that vaping should not be included in an organization or company’s smoke-free policy requirements. Certain governments even welcome innovation to reduce the harmful effects of smoking and they are willing to evaluate the truth behind these claims. It is safe to say then that a smoking ban is not applicable to vaporizers and e-cigarettes, thus these devices should not be banned on trains and at work. Since vaping devices are exempted from the smoke-free legislation, public transport operators and businesses should not ban them. Otherwise, this safer alternative will become less attractive, as agreed by the Science and Technology Committee. 

There are many suggestions to make vaping highly beneficial to the public. One is proper information dissemination. The masses should be aware that vapes are not as negative as many people used to think. Vapes are good medical devices for taking medical cannabis. Aside from e-juice or e-liquid, cannabis is one of the main materials used in vaping. While there are a lot of controversies about cannabis, it is an amazing herb that can work wonders in the world of medicine. Medical cannabis users prefer weed vaporizers to ease different types of pain, seizure disorders, nausea and vomiting, loss of appetite, and depression. Another suggestion is offering the same opportunities to vape manufacturers like what is given to tobacco suppliers and business owners. The government has a dedicated agency to ensure proper regulation of tobacco products, so it is about time to also have the same regulation and becoming more open to vape distribution as medical devices.  


Vaping carriages is a good solution when it comes to addressing vaping concerns. More smokers can here essential challenge and review 2 answers mathematics homework assignments essential mathematics go to site canadian pharmacy brand viagra viagra commercial actress with football jersey essay writing help student cheap dissertation methodology ghostwriters service for college business philosophy resume should i use a cv writing service the essay about family correct my essay online writing a rebuttal essay follow url discount generic viagra blue pill term paper proposal outline essay about spanking children silagra 100 thesis cover examples help with writing source link viagra gel uk follow site source url click here source link levitra cost walmart document write document write addytext36853 document write a quit tobacco smoking by the installation of vaping carriages on trains and railway stations. The private and public sector can help promote vaping as a safer alternative to smoking instead of banning vapes like cigarette smoking. We are now presented with different brands of vapes, vaporizers, and e-cigarettes, and it is time to embrace this innovative technology and fully benefit from it, most especially when it comes to health. 

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