Vaping Ban: Is Vaping A Pervasive Pandemic? 

Vaping Ban_ Is Vaping A Pervasive Pandemic_

Vaping has been growing in popularity worldwide over the past five years. Vaping manufacturers see the promising future of this industry wherein a lot of brands, like the Dr. Dabber Wax Vapes, are trying to invade and capture the wants and needs of consumers today. Indeed, vaporizing is a better option than smoking. But what is the impact of vaping on the youth, most especially to teenagers? According to USA Today, teen vaping reaches the epidemic levels and the authorities, particularly the FDA considers regulation in order to curb it. Public health advocates and federal officials agree that teen vaping has reached the tipping point before the possibility of an epidemic, that is why there are a lot of debates about how far and fast to go in reining the booming vaping industry. 

Is Vaping a Major Source of Alarm 

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA has been sued by health groups because of delays in the regulation of vape products like vaporizers for four years. They accused the agency of allowing new vaping devices, especially those that are youth-centered products to run in the market without the appropriate approval. These health groups stated that new vape products are being introduced at very alarming prices in total defiance of the law without apparent concern seen from the FDA as well as enforcement or course of action by this government agency.  

While smoking is a real social and health issue, over two million teenagers in the middle school and high school levels, as well as college students learn and use battery-powered devices or vapes, like Dr. Dabber Wax Vapes, to heat liquid-based nicotine or vaping. So far, the most sought tobacco product among teenagers is e-cigarettes. Based on the 2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey launched in June, nearly 12% of high school students and 3% of middle school students have used e-cigarettes in the past 30 days. These results put the youth at risk for nicotine addiction. According to Scott Gottlieb, the FDA Commissioner, nicotine can rewire the brain of an adolescent.  

What Does the FDA Do to Address This Problem 

FDA reviews over a half million public comments, making a decision in terms of restricting or even banning flavors in e-liquids. Currently, the agency is doing an investigation on vaping devices such as the youth marketing of vaporizer devices that attract more vapers on the younger age bracket. It is also checking nicotine-packed products as well as easily concealable USB sized devices and the impact or influence of social media presence. 

A vaporizer manufacturer, with a San Francisco branch said that they are always working to keep their products away from minors. According to the company, they are taking action against online sellers or retailers who are selling vaping devices or e-cigarettes to underage vapers. The FDA has asked several e-cigarette companies to provide a thorough information about their products’ appeal to the younger population, and they will take appropriate actions depending on the result of their investigation. FDA said that they will be launching a prevention campaign in the use of vapes in September and they target 10 million teens who are open to trying vaping and those who are current vapers. The public should expect a continuous reinforcement of the law against sellers who sell to minors.  

Gottlieb said that FDA is concerned about the nicotine addiction of younger people and they have a narrow window to address the problem. Rather than regulating the flavor of e-liquids, FDA actually solicited more research on the role of the flavor. Flavors can attract teenagers according to Robin Koval, the CEO of Truth Initiative, an anti-tobacco group. The FDA set 2022 as the enforcement of the rigorous vaping products approval process. The requirements will be challenging so vaping companies should start assessing their manufacturing and marketing strategies as early as now.

Seeing the Positive Side of Vaping  

While there are incidents wherein teens are caught vaping inside the classrooms and restrooms, there are also positive effects of vaping when it comes to quitting smoking. Studies have shown that vapes like Dr. Dabber Switch Portable Vaporizer For Sale can help reduce the negative effects linked with tobacco smoking. Cigarette smoking is processed through combustion, producing tar and thousands of harmful chemicals. Vaporization is a better alternative to lower nicotine levels and the main ingredients can be seen even in the food we eat like vegetable glycerin.  

The proper regulation of vaping devices can bring positive results than negative results, most especially to current smokers. Vaporizers can be a good option for those who want to gradually quit smoking. This is very true among chronic smokers who want to completely get rid of their bad habit. There is a strong demand for vape manufacturers to be more sensitive to their marketing strategies and their approach to ensure that their ads and social media presence don’t directly or indirectly encourage the youth to try vaping. While the government is still trying to find the best solution to come up with appropriate laws involving vape use, retailers and manufacturers should do their fair share as well.  

We cannot discount the fact that vaporizers, like Dr. Dabber Wax Vapes, can help smokers quit the bad habit. Vapes can help smokers quit their bad habit and help medical cannabis users take their dose throughout the day stealthily. Like any other product, every consumer must know the advantages and disadvantages and be smart enough to ensure that health is not jeopardized. More so, the youth needs parental guidance when shopping or availing these types of devices with the help of the private and government sectors through mandates, ordinances, and bylaws.  


Whether it is vaping or smoking, the youth are always exposed to varying negative habits due to social media and the type of environment we have today. While the FDA and other government agencies are trying to do their part to ensure that teens are not exposed to various health-related issues and problems, manufacturers and business owners are encouraged to act responsibly. Information dissemination or vaping education can be considered by the government to reduce teenage curiosity and promote responsible vaping once they reached the legal age. 

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