Vaping: Not Safe For Work?

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Vaping is the latest trend when it comes to consuming dry herbs, oils, and concentrates, and many smokers are now shifting to vaping. It is because vapes are generally safe and fun to use, wherein more innovative features are incorporated. Vaporizers or vaping devices are really in demand today, and there are many brands consumers can check online like Dr. Dabber Concentrate Vapes. While vapes are a good alternative to smoking, there are vaping etiquette consumers have to bear in mind that also applies during flights. Learn from this incident involving smoking e-cigarette in a flight.  

A co-pilot of a commercial passenger plane was forced to do an emergency landing 10,000 feet after a drop in the oxygen levels in the cabin. It was the Air China Boeing 737 which was flying to the Chinese city of Dalian coming from Hong Kong. The passengers were shocked when oxygen masks were deployed that caused a major source of concern. The aviation regulator of China said that the pilot was puffing an e-cigarette, a vaping device, during the flight.  

After the safety concerns of the passengers and experts were reassured, the plane eventually flew again and continued its journey to its final destination. Generally, Chinese airlines maintain a safety record. However, some pilots were accused of smoking or vaping during flights, and a few of these incidents have been confirmed. The result of the preliminary investigation showed that the co-pilot was puffing an e-cigarette according to the China News in a conference initiated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China or CAAC.  

Real Issue Behind the Incident 

According to Qiao Yibin, a regulator aviation safety official said that the smoke has diffused in the passenger cabin. The air conditioning components automatically shut off and the captain was not notified which led to insufficient oxygen. The air conditioning units were shut off by the co-pilot, as added by China News, triggering the alarm. The crew was prompted to have an emergency pressure relief, thus releasing the oxygen masks of the passenger cabin. Witnesses on the plane narrated to local media that most of the passengers and crew remained calm while the plane was descending rapidly. Passengers wore the oxygen masks for 20 minutes. The normal altitude of the plane returned and the cabin services resumed. According to the local reports, passengers narrated that they applauded as Air China landed in Dalian.  

The airplane crew realized the real problem after the emergency landing and the air conditioning units were restored that normalized the cabin pressure. The Civil Aviation Administration of China continuously investigates and analyze the aircraft’s cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder.  As expected, Air China didn’t immediately respond to the requests for comment. On its official Weibo social media account, Air China vowed a “zero tolerance” approach for the wrongdoing of its employees. The Chinese social media featured the incident and some commentators demand harsh punishment including the flight license revocation of the pilot.  

Reinforcing Aviation Regulations  

The aviation regulations of China prohibited flight crew from cigarette smoking all throughout the operation. In 2006, aviation regulations also banned passengers from smoking e-cigarettes during flights. Despite the efforts of airline management, online airline forums still bear occasional accusations of pilots smoking or vaping during flights. A government-run national radio in China said that four passengers on the Air China flight coming from Hong Kong going to Beijing smelled strong smoke from the cabin in 2015. The United States the following year, prohibited using e-cigarettes on commercial flights.  

Going back to the incident, the license of the two pilots were revoked according to China Central Television. Air China was fined 50,000 yuan by the Chinese aviation authorities and cut their number of flights by 10%. They were also required to conduct a safety review for three months. CCTV also said that the other staff onboard had also their licenses suspended. 

Vaping Etiquette That Every Vaper Should Know 

Of course, it is not fair to say that vaping is the culprit for the above-mentioned incident. Every vaper should be responsible enough and become aware of the best vaping practices to avoid issues or problems. While smoking is not allowed during flights, the same rule applies when it comes to vaping. While the advancement in the vaping technology has incorporated safety features like automatic shut-off and smart temperature sensors, it does makes sense following the same rules for vaping where smoking is not allowed. Smoking is not allowed in public places, and so as vaping, not unless local ordinances or there’s a law saying otherwise. It is best to always be on the safe side than be sorry.  

Consumers can purchase vaping devices or vaporizers like Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer For Sale, but it doesn’t mean that they can be used whenever or wherever the user wants it. Like eating food, there are places and times that this is not allowed. Same is true when using smartphones and other gadgets. Even talking and retouching makeup. There is a time for everything, including vaping. The use of any product or service should be done responsibly and with full accountability. While vaping devices release vapor and not smoke, there are cheap brands that were poorly manufactured resulting in combustion and smoke formation. That’s why vapers need to choose high-quality vaporizers like Dr. Dabber Concentrate Vapes, to avoid these from happening. Be a wise vaping consumer to enjoy vaping to the fullest.  


Now, an important lesson is learned. As much as we love vaping, we also need to be responsible and at least equip ourselves with the knowledge and skills to use vaping wisely. Unfortunately, the two pilots chose the other way around and were caught in an unavoidable situation that could have been prevented through the application of vaping etiquette. It is not bad to use vaporizers like Dr. Dabber Concentrate Vapes and Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer For Sale, but make sure you do it in the right place at the right time. 

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