While it’s true that desktop vaporizers are no longer as popular as they were before, it’s good to know that they were once (and many consider them to still be) the golden standard in vaporization. When it comes to desktop vaporizers, only one name stands out – Storz & Bickel. They have been the pioneers of what world-class vaporization is, they’ve set the standards to what definitive vaporization is and they’ve set the standards high. This is why even after decades, the technology they created remains a relevant tool for cannabis consumers.

Just a week ago, Storz & Bickel dropped a huge teaser of what could be the most recent product from the esteemed German manufacturers. The level of design and engineering their products displayed decades ago is still one of the best the industry has to offer. After hearing about the rumors of a new product from Storz & Bickel, we here at SmokeFree have kept our eyes on the lookout for what Storz & Bickel has brewing. And the latest teaser confirms everyone’s suspicion – there is a new Storz & Bickel vaporizer. And, to make things even better, it’s a successor of the Volcano model.

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Well, for the sake of having to differentiate the models, we’ll call the first iteration of the Volcano model the original or “OG” Volcano. This is because it was the first of several iterations that showed and proved how Storz & Bickel and the Volcano model tried to keep up with the times.

Let’s begin.

For the uninitiated, the original Volcano vaporizer was the first desktop vaporizer to actually be considered by a legitimate institution as a means of delivering and administering medical marijuana. The Canadian government’s health organization, Health Canada, approved the original Volcano vaporizer four years after it was released to be a desktop vaporizer for use with medical cannabis. The original Volcano was so well made that it was able to maximize the extraction of the active ingredients found in your herbs; something no one ever thought was possible in an age where medical marijuana wasn’t even made legal across the United States. This means that Storz & Bickel was already into something proving that the original Volcano was certainly way ahead of its time.

The OG Volcano vaporizer formed a conical shape that not only gave it a stable bearing but also made it so that the Volcano had enough room to stock on some of the best technologies the year 2000 had to offer. It was able to pack itself with substantial power through the amount of technology it can accommodate – something that is true amongst desktop vaporizers in general. At its core, and was arguably one of the reasons why it won the approval of the Canadian government, was a food secure aluminum heating block. Storz & Bickel has a slew of records from both independent and non-independent scientific studies about how the OG Volcano was able to enhance the efficacy of the materials you consume by up to 75%. It also had an enhanced diaphragm pump which made blowing hot air to the material and filling the balloons quite easy.

The Volcano vaporizer had two variants; a classic model (the original model) which used a mechanical dial to control the temperature and a digital model (released seven years later) which used buttons and had a crisp display that gives a digital readout of the temperature. While the modes of operation and the ability to see and dial in the temperature precisely were the only difference between the two variants, it surprisingly addressed the needs of different kinds of users allowing others of different preferences to share the same quality the Volcano unit had to offer. It still used the same technology and the same kind of raw materials in manufacturing both variants showing just how well-made the Volcano model is.
One thing we’d like to point out is that Storz & Bickel has not released a new vaporizer since 2014, let alone a new Volcano variant with the last iteration dating back at 2007. We know that the industry has since then changed substantially and now has a lot to offer to the point that wired desktop vaporizers are in the verge of becoming obsolete. Sure, the Volcano vaporizer has always been the golden standard in vaporization but the latest iteration of this vaporizer begs the question of what exactly is that it has to offer?

What’s New

volcano hybridWhile we’re still to get our hands on the new Volcano variant, we now have a clear idea of what the new variant will be.

Released a week ago in the European regions with the North American release to follow soon after. The new variant is called the Volcano Hybrid which marks the third iteration of the Volcano model coming in 12 years later after the Volcano Digit (the digital model) was released.

Based on the information we’ve gathered; it seems that the Volcano Hybrid is a mix of both the old and the new. For long-time Volcano fans, you’re still going to enjoy the same conical shape. The dimensions are identical with its predecessors at 8 inches tall by 7 inches wide and is estimated to weigh around 8 lbs. By keeping with the old design, Storz & Bickel maintains the Volcano Hybrid’s iconic look and makes long-time fans more familiar with the new variant. However, it features a new touch screen that allows you to change the temperature as well as see a precise digital representation of the temperature you’ve selected. Having a touch sensitive control means that the new Volcano Hybrid will have a cleaner and a sleeker look with a smoother surface devoid of knobs and buttons that pop both figuratively and literally out of the unit. In keeping with the modern times, the new Volcano Hybrid is now equipped with a Bluetooth companion which allows for remote customization via a downloadable application for your smartphone. Not that it’s actually a necessity but we loved that it tried to compete with some of today’s newer desktop rigs in this area. We’re still not sure whether it’s now available on both Android and Apple devices so keep it here and we’ll keep you posted. From what we know, the downloadable application will allow you to perform standard functions like power, fan speed, and temperature. In addition, this will also allow you to change the shut off timer as well as the heating patterns which makes for improved customization and personalization overall.
The previous Volcano variants were known for its ability to fill up balloons with some of the best vapors in the industry. Now, it can accommodate both delivery methods; balloon bags and whips. Desktop vaporizers, especially the older models, will only use whip or balloon. The Volcano Hybrid now allows for both whip and balloon delivery.

Under the hood, the Volcano Hybrid hides a double helix heating mechanism which allows faster heating times even when compared to older Volcano variants. It also features a new means of loading materials but it uses an old technology with existing accessories. So, if you’ve been using an old Volcano variant, chances are, you might be able to use most of the accessories you have.

Final Thoughts

The Volcano Hybrid could bring back the revival of desktop vaporizers now that the trend seems to take desktops and other rigs to a more portable and battery-operated platform. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer seems to remind us why desktop vaporizers were considered the pinnacle of vaporization and that they make for a worthwhile investment offering superior quality unmatched and unrivaled by smaller devices.
The Volcano Hybrid is slated to sell for $699.00, a tad more expensive than the Volcano Digit. If you’re like us and are excited to hear if the Volcano Hybrid actually lives up to the hype, make sure to stay tuned to SmokeFree and get the latest updates and reviews once the Volcano Hybrid hits our HQ.

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