Will China’s Increasing Tobacco Taxes Open New Horizons For Vaporizer Manufacturers?

Will China's Increasing Tobacco Taxes Open New Horizons For Vaporizer Manufacturers_

The Chinese government can help keep children, particularly teenagers from cigarette smoking by increasing the tobacco taxes according to a survey conducted by the University of International Business and Economics. One possible advantage of raising tobacco taxes in China is an increase in the demand for vaporizers. The use of vaporizers, like Pulsar Volt Vaporizer For Sale, is a good alternative to help people get rid or quit smoking.

Accessibility and Affordability of Cigarettes in China  

Cigarettes can be bought in China for as little as 3 to 5 yuan ($0.45 to $0.75) a packet in most rural areas and cities. The proposed price increase by the World Health Organization is 20 to 29-yuan ($3 to $4.35) children cannot afford to purchase cigarettes. Most residents find the current tobacco price too cheap for children. There were 3,000 people who were interviewed from 7 cities in varying age groups for the survey. According to Zheng Rong, the director of WHO Collaborating Center for Tobacco and Economics of Beijing, people become lifetime smokers because of easy access to very cheap tobacco cigarettes when they’re young. Global agencies say that smoking keeps the country poor loomed in poverty. Many believe that raising the tax on cigarette tobacco is one effective method to control the use of the product.  

According to ThinkTank Research Center for Health Development deputy director, Li Jinkui, a 15 yuan ($2.25) per packet of cigarettes is already considered costly or high-priced in rural areas, that can help deter smokers. The introduction of vaporizers can also reduce the smoking rates in China and opens the horizon to vaporizer manufacturers. There are many brands of vaporizers such as Pulsar Affordable Vapes that smokers can avail that serves as substitute or replacement. This will significantly reduce the mortality and morbidity rates associated with smoking. 

What Does the Chinese Government Do to Address Smoking  

In 2009 and 2015, the Chinese government decided to increase the tobacco taxes. The tax increase was supported by a 49% to 56% increase in the average price of a packet of cigarette from 6.9 yuan ($1.04) to 13.7 yuan ($2.06). However, there was no movement on the price of low-end cigarettes, so even those who belong to the lower class can still afford to buy cigarettes. While WHO says that smoking seems to be “too easy” in the country, the second tax increase in tobacco by 4% in 2015 have contributed to the 5.6% drop in cigarette smoking.  

Zheng has attributed tobacco sales last year to the increased of wealth, thus making tobacco more affordable. It is important to have continuous and long-term tax increases to raise the retail price of tobacco, making it expensive for children and teenagers.  According to statistics, China is the largest producer of cigarettes and also has the biggest population of smokers with over 300 million. For second-hand smoke, 180 million are children among the 740 million affected. Based on the WHO statistics, there is an estimate of 1 million deaths annually because of tobacco. In the past years, the government introduced smoking restrictions which include total bans of smoking in public places. 

Why Vaporizers are Better Than Smoking 

Vaporization is the process of consuming oils, concentrates, and dry herbs using vaporizers. Smoking is harmful because of the combustion process that produces tar and harmful byproducts. While nicotine e-juices are available, the percentage is far lower with less harmful chemicals as compared to tobacco smoking. In fact, there are more than 4,000 chemicals present in cigarettes which are harmful to health. Vape liquids or e-juices have only 4 ingredients. One is nicotine and three of which are food ingredients including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and non-oil food grade flavorings.  

Vaping devices, like Pulsar Affordable Vapes, come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. Vaping is more preferred than smoking because it does not use combustion. It is cleaner and less messy. For first time users, chronic smokers can start using nicotine e-juices and gradually decrease the concentration until zero nicotine level is achieved. This is to avoid the withdrawal effects of smoking which are considered uncomfortable and may lead to reversion from the former habit. Even marijuana users, most especially medical cannabis users, prefer vaping than smoking because of the manner how this amazing herb is administered to the patient. While cannabis oils and edibles are now available, many still prefer taking cannabis via inhalation. Weed vaporizers are preferred over smoking a joint for discreet use, less messy administration, and faster effects. The best features that users love include the safety features like the automatic shut-off, thermostats, and leak-free chambers. 

Consumers can find affordable vapes online such as Pulsar Volt Vaporizer For Sale, and China, being the source of the first e-cigarette in the world opens more doors for vaporizer manufacturers because of the increasing demand of vaporizers, replacing tobacco smoking. The Chinese government is doing its best to reduce the rate of smokers as well as the morbidity and mortality rate associated with it. Through the use of vaporizers or vaping devices, these goals can be achieved. There is a positive forecast for the vaporizer manufacturers for the next five years. There will be a higher demand for vaping devices along with the advancement in the vaping technology. In the future, smoking is perceived by experts to only be a part of history because more people will be using vapes over cigarettes. In fact, vape manufacturers are continuously doing research and development to improve their products and become a forefront in this industry, and to belong to the biggest names of vaporizers. 


While there is a high rate of smokers in China, the government is trying to reduce this by increasing the tobacco taxes in an attempt to raise the retail price of packet cigarettes. It should be a collaborative effort by the government and the private sectors, as well as consumers to come up with good results. Vaporizers are a great substitute for cigarettes, helping smokers shift to a healthier habit and completely eliminating smoking. 

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