Woman Claims Vaping CBD Cured Eczema

Woman Claims Vaping CBD Cured Eczema

CBD or cannabidiol continue to gain so much popularity because of its healing effects. Cheryl Halliburton, a 27-year old patient who suffered from eczema, says that the reason why she was cured is due to vaping or inhaling CBD oil. Her eczema flare-ups started when she became pregnant with Alexis, her daughter who is now 3 years old. It began on her back which cleared after taking steroids. The flare-ups or red and sore skin with cracks, itchy, painful, and weeping wounds occur on her face spreading on her neck and shoulders every couple of days which lasted for 4 years. It remained constant ever since. Cheryl was really ashamed of her condition so she always stays at home all day.

How Cheryl Lived for Years Dealing with Eczema 

She tried every cream to relieve the itch but her condition even gone worse. She just feels like wanting to peel her skin off in dismay and frustration. Of course, she consulted doctors and dermatologists but nobody resolved her skin problem. Her condition affected her psychologically, and she has bad days wherein she’s not able to take her daughter to nursery. She cannot leave the house and unable to work because of the side effects of painkillers and antihistamine like drowsiness.  

She was religious in following her doctor’s prescription and taken every steroid tablet, cream, or treatment, but she hasn’t received any long-term solution. She was restricted to wear makeup so she ends up not being able to socialize with her friends or go to special events because of her fear of other people’s reaction. Just recently, Cheryl had an overwhelming flare-up and was rushed to the hospital by Craig, her husband. She was not able to move her face and neck and the open wounds on her chest were bleeding. She had an infection and was given a dextrose and medications to treat it. Her tests return to normal levels and she was about to be discharged but she burst out and broke down to a nurse because she felt that her suffering is endless.  

She finally decided to inhale CBD oil. It is a cannabinoid or compound found in hemp and cannabis or marijuana. She used vaporizers to inhale this naturally-occurring substance which made an amazing effect on her skin. Her skin cleared only within 2 weeks. To her surprise, her flare-ups were reduced and eventually had not suffered eczema flare-ups anymore. This is also true even when she eats foods that trigger her reactions. At first, Cheryl tried the liquid form of CBD oil. However, she cannot withstand the taste. She discovered a vape shop selling best pill price viagra https://chfn.org/fastered/sildenafil-cobra-125-mg/36/ plavix nose bleeds 2010 resume guidelines templates essay for exam cialis nn funziona policy paper outline example order prednisone without a perscription essay questions romeo and juliet https://projectathena.org/grandmedicine/cytotec-misoprostol/11/ https://carlgans.org/report/laila-essaydi/7/ source link buy cialis canadian pharmacy dissertation in physics http://go.culinaryinstitute.edu/kindle-paperwhite-case-new-york/ get link singapore viagra online sample of a good report writing law essay competition + canada viagra a quoi sert enter https://www.carrollkennelclub.org/phrasing/example-of-academic-essays/6/ resume template design free i got acne a week afteri got off accutane http://www.safeembrace.org/mdrx/zithromax-birth-cintrol-interactions/68/ legal promethazine cialis et jus pamplemousse cure cialis headache https://home.freshwater.uwm.edu/termpaper/dissertation-on-autism/7/ natural version viagra my best buddy essay click weed vaporizers and CBD oil, and decided to just resort to them. Vaping became her life-saver and she never looked back ever since.  

Getting to Know CBD and Its Benefits  

Cannabidiol or CBD is considered as one of the major compounds found in hemp and cannabis leaves. CBD works by binding to the body’s cellular receptors, affecting everyday functions like sleep and appetite, as well as mood regulation and pain. It has been effectively used in treating epilepsy and other seizure disorders, multiple sclerosis, and all sorts of pain. Many patients prefer taking CBD via vaping because of the taste. Others take it sublingual or under the tongue, or through edibles like gummies.  

CBD is not psychoactive so you won’t get high unlike the effects of THC. Initial trials also suggest that CBD can be helpful in smoking cessation and it also lessens the withdrawal symptoms from opioid and other painkiller addictions. It is now being studied as a promising anti-cancer medication treatment alternative. CBD oil is now legally accepted because of its negligible THC content. It is proven to be highly beneficial in reducing pain, anxiety, insomnia, nausea, and other signs and symptoms of medical diseases.  

Whether CBD is taken through tinctures, edibles, sublingual sprays, topical creams, or pure CBD oil, the main goal is to deliver the CBD in the body in the most comfortable way to achieve the desired and expected results. Vaping CBD oil can help many patients in just minutes. When CBD is ingested or taken orally, it tends to produce longer-lasting effects. CBD-infused edibles take longer to take effect about a couple of minutes to an hour but last for several hours. You can achieve your desired effects based on the dosage, mode of administration, and your personal preference.  

Helpful Combination of Vapes and CBD  

CBD oil is usually extracted via carbon dioxide extraction. This method is the cleanest method and also the most efficient. The use of a solvent may retain toxic residues such as butane. If you want to use a CBD tincture, just put a few drops sublingually or under your tongue. It can be added to your food too. It’s a good and discreet way of consuming CBD in public places. On the other hand, sublingual CBD sprays are also available.  

You can enjoy immediate effects with vaping CBD oil. You don’t have to be stressed with the taste of CBD because you can choose to use vapes or take CBD via inhalation or vaping. It has no side-effects and is very convenient to use. There are also disposable vape pens available in the market today. CBD has anti-pain and anti-inflammatory properties, helping patients who are suffering from a migraine, lower back pain, dysmenorrhea, and arthritis. Indeed, there is no doubt that vaping and CBD are very effective in managing different medical conditions. Vaporizers and vapes are now made more advanced and affordable today for medical use.  


Like Cheryl, you deserve to be free of pain and suffering brought about by your medical condition. While there are still a lot of research and studies to do about CBD, the story of Cheryl just proves that CBD is a promising alternative to traditional medications, most especially in treating skin conditions like eczema. Vaping and CBD is the best combination to counteract the signs and symptoms that are usually hard to treat. CBD possesses amazing properties to help you recover and find a solution to your medical problems.  

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