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What is it about berry tarts that make them so irresistible? Whatever it is, you get that and more with Berry Blast.


Experience the Explosive Flavor of Blast Berry E-Liquid by Sam Vapes

Prepare your taste buds for a taste explosion with Blast Berry 60ml by Sam Vapes. This e-liquid is crafted to deliver an intense burst of fruity delight, combining a medley of berries for a vaping experience that is both exhilarating and satisfying. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Blast Berry and elevate your vaping pleasure with each flavorful inhale.

Key Features:

1. Explosive Berry Medley:

  • Dive into a fusion of berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.
  • Blast Berry delivers an explosive mix of fruitiness that dances on your palate with each puff.

2. Sweet and Tangy Harmony:

  • Experience the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess in every inhale.
  • The harmonious blend of flavors creates a complex and satisfying vaping sensation.

3. Intense Flavor Explosion:

  • Sam Vapes has perfected the art of creating an e-liquid that delivers an intense flavor explosion.
  • Enjoy a bold and robust taste that lingers, leaving you craving for more.

4. Premium Quality Ingredients:

  • Crafted with care using high-quality ingredients to ensure a consistently enjoyable vape.
  • Sam Vapes’ commitment to excellence shines through in the premium quality of Blast Berry.

5. Versatile Nicotine Options:

  • Tailor your vaping experience with multiple nicotine strengths.
  • Whether you prefer a milder throat hit or a more robust sensation, Blast Berry caters to your preferences.


Specification Details
Bottle Size Available in 60ml
Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
VG/PG Ratio Not specified
Flavor Profile Mixed Berries
Child-Resistant Cap Yes
Made in USA

Elevate Your Flavor Experience:

Blast Berry 60ml by Sam Vapes invites you to elevate your flavor experience with its explosive berry medley and intense flavor explosion. With its sweet and tangy harmony, premium ingredients, and versatile nicotine options, this e-liquid is designed for vapers who crave bold and vibrant flavors. Whether you’re a berry enthusiast or someone seeking an exciting burst of fruity delight, Blast Berry promises a vaping journey that is both thrilling and satisfying. Treat your taste buds to the explosive joy of Blast Berry – order your bottle today and let Sam Vapes redefine your vaping pleasure.


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