BLVK Unigrape 3mg/ml-60ml

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Sweet and juicy purple grapes mixed with the perfect amount of tart, to provide the ultimate grape sensation.

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Dive into the Flavorful Symphony of BLVK Unicorn Unigrape E-Liquid

Unleash the enchanting taste of ripe grapes with BLVK Unicorn Unigrape E-Liquid. Crafted with precision and expertise, this e-liquid promises a symphony of flavors, combining the sweetness of grapes with the smoothness of quality e-juice. With a nicotine strength of 3mg/ml, dive into a vaping experience that captures the essence of perfectly ripened grapes. Elevate your senses and redefine your vaping pleasure with every delightful puff.

Key Features:

  1. Ripe Grape Sensation: BLVK Unicorn Unigrape is a celebration of ripe and succulent grapes. Each inhale transports you to vineyards of flavor, offering a sweet and juicy sensation that perfectly captures the essence of freshly picked grapes.
  2. Balanced Nicotine Strength: With a nicotine strength of 3mg/ml, BLVK Unicorn caters to vapers who seek a balanced nicotine hit. Enjoy the richness of grape flavor without overwhelming your senses, ensuring a smooth and gratifying vaping session.
  3. 60ml Bottle Size: Presented in a generous 60ml bottle, BLVK Unicorn Unigrape is perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy extended vaping sessions. The larger size ensures you have an ample supply of this delightful e-liquid, allowing you to indulge in the grape goodness whenever the mood strikes.
  4. Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various vaping devices, BLVK Unicorn ensures that you can enjoy its delightful blend on your preferred setup. Explore the versatility of this e-liquid, enhancing your vaping journey with the rich and sweet taste of Unigrape.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications
Nicotine Strength 3mg/ml
Bottle Size 60ml
Flavor Profile Ripe Grape Sensation
Compatibility Suitable for various vaping devices
Ingredients Premium e-liquid blend, expertly crafted for optimal taste
Packaging Securely sealed 60ml bottle for freshness


Immerse yourself in the flavorful symphony of BLVK Unicorn Unigrape E-Liquid. Whether you’re a grape enthusiast or seeking a well-balanced vaping experience, this e-liquid promises a journey into the world of grape indulgence. Explore the richness of Unigrape at today and redefine your vaping pleasure with every delightful puff.

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