Geekvape H45 Empty Cartridge 2/Pack

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Geekvape H45 Replacement Empty Pod is suitable for Geekvape H45 Pod Mod Kit 1400mah. Geekvape H45 cartridge has 4ml capacity with top filling design and is compatible with Geekvape B series coil.

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Versatile Vaping, Ultimate Convenience – GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges

Elevate your vaping versatility with the GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges, a dynamic 2-pack designed for use with the GeekVape H45 Pod System. Unleash the potential of your device with these refillable cartridges, providing a seamless blend of convenience, performance, and customization. Dive into the details and discover why GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges are the perfect choice for vapers seeking a personalized and enjoyable vaping experience.

Key Features:

  1. Refillable Convenience: The GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges are refillable, allowing you to use your preferred e-liquid and explore a wide range of flavors. Say goodbye to pre-filled pods and embrace the freedom to choose the e-liquid that suits your taste preferences.
  2. 2ml E-liquid Capacity: Each cartridge boasts a generous 2ml e-liquid capacity, providing the perfect balance between portability and an extended vaping experience. Enjoy uninterrupted sessions with fewer refills, ensuring you’re always ready for flavorful moments.
  3. Quality Construction: Crafted with precision, the GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges are made from durable materials to withstand daily use. The robust construction ensures longevity, making these cartridges a reliable companion for your vaping journey.
  4. Secure Magnetic Connection: The H45 Empty Cartridges feature a secure magnetic connection, ensuring a stable fit within the H45 Pod System. Experience hassle-free installation and enjoy the confidence that your cartridges will stay securely in place during use.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications
E-liquid Capacity 2ml
Compatibility GeekVape H45 Pod System
Cartridge Type Refillable, Replaceable
Pack Quantity 2 Cartridges per Pack


Versatile vaping meets ultimate convenience with the GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridge (2 Pack). Customize your vaping experience with your favorite e-liquids, enjoy a generous 2ml capacity, and experience the ease of refillable and replaceable cartridges. Elevate your vaping journey with GeekVape H45 Empty Cartridges, available now at


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