IQOS Heets Slate Selection Parliament in UAE


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  • Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks
  • Origin: Russia
  • Flavour: Slate Selection flavor is soft and fragrant mellow tobacco blend with some spicy notes.

Introducing HEETS Slate Fuse Selection Parliament – Authentic Tobacco Sticks for Your IQOS System

Discover the irresistible flavor of HEETS Slate Fuse, now available in Dubai, UAE! At, we bring you the finest tobacco products designed exclusively for use with the IQOS electric heating system. Experience the perfect balance of mellow and fragrant tobacco with a gentle spicy aroma that runs through every puff of HEETS Slate Fuse.

What Sets HEETS Tobacco Sticks Apart?

HEETS tobacco sticks are specially crafted to enhance your IQOS experience. As you unseal the pack, you’ll notice their compact size, which distinguishes them from traditional cigarettes. These sticks are purposefully designed for use with the IQOS system. Simply insert the HEETS stick into the IQOS Holder and press the button until the LED light blinks white. The IQOS Holder’s precisely controlled heating element heats the tobacco stick to an optimal temperature of 350°C. This controlled heating releases the authentic taste of tobacco, delivering a nicotine-containing vapor without any smoke or burning.

Long-Lasting Pleasure

Indulge in the satisfying flavor of HEETS Slate Fuse for an extended period. Each tobacco stick offers up to 14 puffs, providing a similar experience to that of a conventional cigarette. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and enjoy a prolonged smoke-free experience.

Generous Quantity in Every Pack

Each pack of HEETS Slate Fuse contains 20 tobacco sticks, ensuring you have an ample supply at your disposal. For even more convenience, our single carton includes 10 packs of HEETS, totaling 200 tobacco sticks. Every stick is made with specially selected tobacco, carefully curated to deliver a remarkable taste and aroma.

IQOS Heets Slate Fuse Selection in Dubai – Your Gateway to Smoking Pleasure

Explore the rich flavors of IQOS Heets Slate Fuse Selection in Dubai at Elevate your smoking experience with our premium HEETS tobacco sticks, exclusively designed for use with the IQOS heating system. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to indulge in a delightful and satisfying alternative to traditional smoking. Order your HEETS Slate Fuse Selection now and experience tobacco perfection like never before.


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