IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection Classic in Dubai UAE

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  • Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks
  • Origin: Kazakhstan
  • Flavour: Turquoise Mentol Selection delivers a crisp menthol cooling, coupled with a lightly toasted tobacco blend and enriched by subtle zesty aroma notes.
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Welcome to, your ultimate destination for a diverse range of tobacco flavors brought to you by IQOS. Discover the complete collection of IQOS devices and flavors available exclusively in Dubai. We proudly offer delivery services throughout the UAE, serving every emirate with our exceptional products. Visit our online store to purchase a special device that will elevate your smoking experience with the exquisite Turquoise Selection Heets. Say goodbye to smoke, tar, and ash as you indulge in clean nicotine fumes with every puff. With an extensive selection to choose from, everyone can find their desired flavor among our wide variety. Whether you prefer bold tobacco flavors or the richness of cigars, our IQOS Heets range has it all. We always encourage habitual smokers to break free from the harmful habit and embrace a healthier alternative to satisfy their nicotine cravings.

Discover the Refreshing Delight of IQOS Heets Turquoise Selection Flavor in Dubai

Immerse yourself in the invigorating essence of Turquoise Selection. This unique flavor combines a hint of citrus with a refreshing zest, complemented by delightful menthol notes in every puff. Renowned for its cool and stimulating sensation, this flavor has captivated enthusiasts who crave the exhilaration of nicotine. Indulge your taste buds with the tantalizing aroma of menthol. Many prominent companies invest heavily in menthol-flavored cigarettes, but with this healthier alternative, you can now switch to an experience that surpasses the rest. Bid farewell to the peculiar aftertaste and unpleasant smell that traditional menthol cigarettes leave on your hands. Turquoise Selection exclusively emits pure nicotine fumes in a refreshing menthol flavor, ensuring an enjoyable experience without any lingering side effects.

Unveiling the Contents of HEETS Turquoise Selection

Each pack of Turquoise Selection contains 20 meticulously crafted and flavored tobacco sticks. To ensure you never run out, take advantage of our bulk ordering options available on our website. With a nicotine content of approximately 0.5mg and using the same tobacco as regular cigarettes, we guarantee an authentic product that meets your expectations. A single Heets stick of Turquoise Selection offers around 14 menthol-flavored puffs. These tobacco-filled sticks are compatible with all IQOS devices, making them a versatile choice for your smoking pleasure.

Experience the Special Features of Turquoise Selection

Our expert artisans and mixologists have carefully crafted Turquoise Selection to cater to individuals who seek freshness in every puff. The mild menthol flavor ensures a gentle and smooth throat hit, while the pleasing aroma ensures those around you are undisturbed. Our product boasts exceptional cleanliness and utilizes high-quality tobacco blends. The slim size of the sticks allows for easy portability, enabling you to carry your box device and Heets comfortably in your pocket.

Why Choose Us for Turquoise Selection

As the leading supplier of Heets sticks in Dubai and across the UAE, we take pride in our unrivaled product selection. Our delivery service is fast, reliable, and hassle-free, ensuring your order arrives promptly. All our Heets Range and IQOS devices are imported to guarantee authenticity and quality. Our friendly customer care team is always available to assist you in finding your desired flavor and addressing any queries you may have. With our commitment to keeping our stock full of original products, you can trust us to fulfill your smoking needs.

Indulge in the richness of Turquoise Selection and embark on a truly remarkable smoking experience. Visit today and explore our extensive range of IQOS products, delivering satisfaction and sophistication with every puff.


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