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  • Included items: Holder (main body), Power adapter, and Charging cable
  • Continuous use: 20 times (*)
  • Color: Pebble Beige / Pebble Gray / Azul Blue / Sunset Red / Moss Green
  • Charge cycles: Every 20 use
  • Main unit charging time: about 90 minutes
  • Size / Weight of Body: H 121.6; W 30.6; D 16.4; 68.5g
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Introducing the IQOS ILUMA ONE: Advanced Technology for a Smoke-Free Experience in Dubai, UAE

Experience the next level of smoking innovation with the IQOS ILUMA ONE. Engineered with cutting-edge features and designed to provide a seamless vaping experience, this state-of-the-art device is perfect for those seeking a smoke-free alternative. Discover the remarkable technical specifications that set the IQOS ILUMA ONE apart:

Sleek Design and Convenient Accessories:

The IQOS ILUMA ONE kit includes the essential components you need for a hassle-free experience: the Holder (main body), Power adapter, and Charging cable. With these accessories at your disposal, you can enjoy your vaping sessions with utmost convenience.

Enhanced Heating Induction Technology:

The IQOS ILUMA ONE incorporates the latest heating induction technology, ensuring consistent and satisfying vaporization of TEREA™ tobacco sticks. Say goodbye to traditional smoking methods and embrace this revolutionary advancement in the vaping world.

Long-Lasting Battery Life:

With its optimized battery performance, the IQOS ILUMA ONE offers extended usage time for uninterrupted vaping pleasure. Enjoy up to 20 consecutive sessions before needing to recharge (*).

Stylish Color Options:

Express your personal style with a range of captivating color choices. The IQOS ILUMA ONE is available in Pebble Beige, Pebble Gray, Azul Blue, Sunset Red, and Moss Green. Select the color that resonates with your unique taste and personality.

Efficient Charging:

The main unit of the IQOS ILUMA ONE can be fully charged in approximately 90 minutes, allowing you to swiftly get back to enjoying your vaping experience. Spend less time waiting and more time savoring the moments.

Compact and Lightweight Design:

Designed with portability in mind, the IQOS ILUMA ONE boasts a compact size and lightweight body. Its dimensions of H 121.6, W 30.6, D 16.4, and weight of 68.5g make it an ideal companion for on-the-go vaping enthusiasts.

Please Note:

The IQOS ILUMA ONE™ is exclusively compatible with TEREA™ tobacco sticks. It is not designed for use with previous generations of IQOS™ devices, as this may result in device damage. Additionally, it is crucial to exercise caution when handling TEREA™ sticks, as they contain sharp metal parts that can cause serious injury if ingested or disassembled. For the safety of children, always keep the IQOS ILUMA ONE and TEREA™ sticks out of their reach.

Upgrade your vaping experience with the IQOS ILUMA ONE. Order now from and embrace a smoke-free lifestyle like never before.

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Pebble Beige, Pebble Gray, Azul Blue, Sunset Red, Moss Green


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