TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils 3PK By Smok

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TFV12 Prince X-6 Replacement Coils By The SMOK  are unrivaled performance atomizer cores introduced with the amazing TFV12 Cloud Beast Prince Tank.


Elevate Your Cloud Game with TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils – Massive Vapor Production, Exceptional Flavor

Take your vaping experience to new heights with the TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils by SMOK, a powerhouse of performance designed for cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts alike. With a hexa-coil configuration, these coils bring unparalleled vapor production and flavor intensity to your TFV12 Prince tank. Unleash the power of six for a vaping experience that’s truly extraordinary.

Key Features:

  1. Hexa-Coil Configuration: The TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils feature a hexa-coil design, incorporating six individual coils within each head. This configuration maximizes the heating surface area, resulting in rapid heating and massive vapor production. Brace yourself for an immersive and intense vaping experience.
  2. Optimized for Sub-Ohm Vaping: Engineered for sub-ohm vaping, these coils are perfect for vapers who crave substantial clouds and bold flavor. With a low resistance, the TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils cater to those who prefer direct-to-lung (DTL) inhales, providing a satisfying and immersive vaping experience.
  3. Balanced Flavor and Vapor: The hexa-coil arrangement ensures a balance between flavor and vapor production. Enjoy rich and robust flavor notes that are complemented by voluminous clouds, creating a vaping experience that caters to both flavor connoisseurs and cloud enthusiasts.
  4. Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, the TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils boast durability and longevity. These coils are designed to withstand high wattages, ensuring a consistent performance throughout their lifespan. Say goodbye to frequent coil changes and hello to a reliable and long-lasting vaping experience.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications Details
Coil Configuration Hexa-Coil (6 Coils)
Optimal Wattage Range 50W – 120W
Resistance 0.15 Ohm
Compatibility SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank
Material Kanthal
Wicking Material Organic Cotton
Packaging Type Sealed Packaging for Freshness


Immerse yourself in a cloud-chasing and flavor-packed vaping experience with TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils by SMOK. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or just beginning your sub-ohm journey, these coils deliver a perfect balance of power, performance, and longevity. Elevate your vaping journey – order your TFV12 Prince X-6 Coils 3pk at and experience the unmatched satisfaction of hexa-coil excellence.


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