Vaping for the first time can be a unique experience, and people’s reactions can vary based on factors such as their expectations, the device used, the e-liquid flavor, and their individual preferences. Here’s a general idea of how it might feel for some individuals:

how does it feel to vape for the first time

Sensation on the Throat:

One of the most noticeable aspects of vaping is the sensation on the throat, often referred to as the “throat hit.” This can vary based on the nicotine content of the e-liquid, the device’s power settings, and the individual’s sensitivity. Some people describe it as a mild tickling or a sensation similar to smoking a traditional cigarette, while others might find it harsher or smoother.

Flavor and Taste:

The flavor of the e-liquid can play a significant role in the experience. Some people might be surprised by how closely the flavor matches the description on the label, while others might find it different from their expectations. Vaping allows for a wide range of flavor options, from fruit and dessert flavors to tobacco and menthol.

Inhalation Technique:

The way you inhale can impact your experience. If you’re used to smoking, you might instinctively try to inhale the vapor into your lungs. However, some vapers prefer a mouth-to-lung (MTL) inhale, where they draw the vapor into their mouths before inhaling into the lungs. The inhalation technique can affect the overall sensation and flavor.

Nicotine Effects:

If you’re using e-liquids with nicotine, you might experience a mild nicotine buzz or relaxation, similar to what you might feel when smoking a traditional cigarette. However, the effects of nicotine can vary based on your tolerance and the nicotine concentration in the e-liquid.

Exhaling Vapor:

Exhaling vapor can be a satisfying and visually interesting part of vaping. The visible vapor clouds can be intriguing for some people, especially if they’re using a device that produces large clouds.

Physical and Mental Response:

Some individuals might experience a sense of relaxation, especially if they’re used to nicotine. Others might find the act of vaping to be somewhat calming or enjoyable.

Learning Curve:

For those new to vaping, there might be a bit of a learning curve in terms of using the device correctly, adjusting settings if applicable, and finding the inhaling technique that suits them best.

Overall Experience:

The overall experience of vaping for the first time can be a mix of curiosity, trying new flavors, and getting accustomed to the sensations. Some people find it similar to smoking, while others find it distinct.


It’s important to remember that individual experiences can vary widely, and what one person feels might be different from another’s experience. Additionally, if you’re trying vaping as a way to quit smoking, remember that the experience might evolve over time as you become more accustomed to the process. Always vape responsibly and make informed choices about nicotine consumption and the safety of vaping products.