Finding a way to evolve with time and technology is what competitive companies and manufacturers do. Especially when it comes to the different tobacco products like vapes and cigarettes, as they are not suitable for health. 

But no worries! 

New replacements are introduced in different states including UAE. Considering the smoke problem related to cigarettes, many renowned brands have launched series of IQOS products. 

They come with a specialized heating system wrapped in a paper to deliver nicotine to the users. Being environment friendly, they give the same leisure as given by vapes or e-cigarettes. 

They have an edge as they are safer when compared to typical tobacco cigarettes and emit fewer chemicals. Consequently, non-smokers are strictly prohibited to use IQOS, not only in UAE, but in other states too. But researchers have found it safer and easier to use when compared to vapes and cigarettes.

8 Amazing IQOS Benefits You Must Know!

Many things make IQOS one of the leading smoking technologies among the people of UAE. Some of the benefits that are enabling people to buy it as a replacement for their cigarettes are as follow:

Reduced Emission of Harmful Chemical

People who regularly smoke tobacco are subjected to chemicals that are harmful to their health. But IQOS serves best alternative as it contains smoke-free sticks of tobacco that are being heated rather than burned. These tobacco sticks are heated at a low temperature to generate less smoke. 

That is why they can also be used in the places where use of smoke emitting devices is prohibited. The UAE government has allowed users to try it because it causes no harm to the environment. Another amazing thing is its easy access from the local markets of the state. 

Less Odor And Smoke

Here’s another unique thing about IQOS. It produces fewer odors. It includes the heating of tobacco, which produces negligible smoke. On the other hand, typical cigarette products have higher amounts of smoke, which then emits a pungent odor. 

The IQOS products also decrease lung issues that are caused by excessive smoke. In such a way, you won’t be harming other people’s health while inhaling it. Similarly, the risk associated with using IQOS is far less, so you don’t have to worry about it too. 

Easy To Use

Have you been forbidden by your family when smoking your favorite cigarette? This will not happen now! Instead, you can use the IQOS indoors without any issues. It gives you the perfect tobacco taste with heating effect. 

Webs like Smokefree can be used to buy the heets sticks and IQOS at the most affordable prices in UAE. You don’t have to use any lighter to light it up because it doesn’t work by burning the tobacco. This makes it an attractive technology for the people of UAE.

Availability of Versatile Flavors

If you’re bored of the same tobacco taste and want to try something new, IQOS is the best option to consider. It comes in many different flavors that won’t allow you to get bored. All the flavors used in IQOS are organic, with no impurities. 

If you are visiting UAE for the first time and want to make this trip memorable, then IQOS is a must-try.

Ease of Carrying Everywhere

The thing that makes it unique among the other products in the market is that it is legal, unlike many vapes with higher potencies of tobacco.

If you are a smoker and want to make a smarter yet useful replacement for your typical cigarette, then the IQOS and heets sticks are a must-buy. The budget-friendly nature of IQOS has also made many users get their hands on this technology without encountering a second thought. It can be the best option to consider if you are a traveler and want to explore different regions.

Environment Friendly

The UAE has taken the initiative to make tobacco products environmentally friendly and thus introduced IQOS in the local market. It does no harm to the environment. That is why most people like to have it rather than vapes and typical cigarettes. 

It is safer to use when compared to the other products smoking out there in the local market of UAE. There is no discard of IQOS like the butts of cigarettes which are not environmentally friendly. 

Social Acceptability

Most people are restricted from smoking in different places, as it disturbs the comfort of many people. If you also have faced this problem, it is time to make a replacement for your typical cigarette. IQOS is here with non-smoke heets sticks. 

Because of low to no smoke emission, people can use it in the places where everyone is restricted about the use of cigarettes. Smokefree is here to provide you with the best IQOS. We have a wide range of products that meet your smoking needs without disturbing the social acceptability around the region. 


The products like IQOS and heets sticks are regulated in the UAE. Many brands in the UAE provide people with legalized IQOS and heets sticks in the best flavors possible. 

So there is always time to be innovative and try something new. Many health issues are resolved by using these advanced products because of less smoke. One of the medical benefits of using them is the limited lung diseases caused by typical cigarettes.


IQOS and the heets sticks have changed the perspective of smokers in the UAE. Whole smoking market is still accepting the wonders IQOS can bring to their sales. Typical smokers can meet their needs with minimum damage to their health. 

There are also many benefits of using IQOS which you can experience by trying it for once. We’ve described some of these much-awaiting benefits in the section above. 

Make sure to read it till end and try out at least one IQOS product from Smokefree for a better experience.