Air bubbles in a vape tank can disrupt the flow of e-liquid to the coil and affect the vaping experience. Here are steps to get rid of air bubbles from your vape tank:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Vape device with a tank.
  2. Vape juice (e-liquid).
  3. Paper towel or tissue.

Steps to Remove Air Bubbles from a Vape Tank:

Check the E-Liquid Level:

  • Ensure that your tank has enough e-liquid. If it’s nearly empty, refill it before proceeding.

Close the Airflow:

  • Close the airflow control on your tank. This prevents e-liquid from flowing too quickly and causing more air bubbles.

Gently Shake or Tap the Tank:

  • Hold your vape device in one hand and gently shake or tap the tank with your other hand. This helps dislodge any air bubbles that may be trapped in the e-liquid.
How to Get Air Bubbles Out of Vape

Bleed the Air Out:

  • With the tank still closed, take a few gentle puffs (without pressing the fire button). This creates a slight vacuum inside the tank and encourages the e-liquid to fill any remaining air gaps.

Open the Airflow:

  • Open the airflow control on your tank to its desired setting. This prepares your device for vaping.

Wait for a Few Minutes:

  • Allow the tank to sit for a few minutes to allow any remaining air bubbles to rise to the top of the tank.

Test Vaping:

  • After waiting, take a few gentle puffs without pressing the fire button. This helps draw e-liquid into the coil and further removes air bubbles.

Start Vaping:

  • Once you’re confident that most of the air bubbles are gone, you can start vaping as usual.

Monitor for Performance:

  • Pay attention to the vaping experience. If you still notice issues like dry hits or a gurgling sound, you may need to repeat the process or adjust the airflow to find the sweet spot.

Regular Maintenance:

  • To prevent future air bubble issues, keep your tank properly filled and maintain it regularly. This includes cleaning and replacing coils as needed.


If you continue to experience issues with air bubbles affecting your vaping experience, consider checking your tank’s O-rings and seals for damage or wear, as these can also contribute to air leaks. Additionally, ensure that you’re using the correct wattage settings for your coil to optimize the vaping experience.