Creating vape juice without nicotine is a straightforward process. Nicotine-free vape juice is often referred to as “zero nicotine” or “nicotine-free e-liquid.” Here’s a basic recipe to make your own nicotine-free vape juice at home:

Ingredients and Materials:

  1. Vegetable Glycerin (VG): VG is a thick, sweet, and odorless liquid commonly used as a base in e-liquids.
  2. Propylene Glycol (PG): PG is a thinner liquid that helps carry flavors and provides throat hit.
  3. Flavor Concentrates: These are food-grade flavorings designed for vaping. You can find a wide variety of flavors to suit your preferences.
  4. Optional: Distilled Water: Some vapers add a small amount of distilled water to thin the e-liquid and enhance vapor production, but this is entirely optional.
  5. Empty Bottles: You’ll need empty e-liquid bottles to store your homemade vape juice.
  6. Gloves and Safety Gear: For safety, consider wearing gloves and working in a well-ventilated area, especially when handling concentrated nicotine, if it’s part of your flavoring.

Steps to Make Nicotine-Free Vape Juice:

Prepare Your Workspace:

  • Ensure you’re working in a clean and clutter-free area. If you’re handling nicotine-based flavorings (for a small amount of throat hit), take extra precautions, including gloves.

Calculate Your Ratios:

  • Decide on the VG/PG ratio you prefer for your e-liquid. Common ratios include 70/30, 80/20, or even 100% VG for maximum vapor production. Some flavor concentrates are PG-based, so consider this when calculating your ratios.

Measure Ingredients:

  • Use a graduated cylinder or syringe to measure your VG and PG according to your chosen ratio. For example, if you want 30% PG in a 30 ml batch, you’d use 21 ml of VG and 9 ml of PG.
How to Make Vape Juice Without Nic

Add Flavor Concentrates:

  • Add flavor concentrates to your VG/PG mix. The amount will vary depending on the brand and flavor. Start with a small amount, and gradually add more until you achieve the desired flavor intensity. Mixing guidelines are often provided by the flavor concentrate manufacturer.

Optional: Add Distilled Water:

  • If you prefer a thinner e-liquid, you can add a small amount of distilled water (usually no more than 10% of the total volume). This is optional and depends on your personal preference.

Mix Thoroughly:

  • Stir or shake the mixture thoroughly to ensure that all the ingredients are well blended.

Steep Your E-Liquid (Optional):

  • Some e-liquids benefit from steeping, which involves letting the mixture sit in a cool, dark place for a few days to enhance flavor. This step is optional and may not be necessary for all flavorings.

Store and Use:

  • Transfer your nicotine-free vape juice into empty bottles for storage. Label them with the flavor name, VG/PG ratio, and the date of creation. Store your e-liquid in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Vape Responsibly:

  • Finally, use your nicotine-free vape juice in your preferred vape device and enjoy. Remember to follow safe vaping practices and keep e-liquids out of the reach of children and pets.


Please note that if you decide to experiment with adding nicotine to your e-liquid, you must handle nicotine with extreme care and follow strict safety guidelines. Additionally, consider researching and following any local regulations related to the purchase and handling of nicotine products.