Refilling a vape cartridge without a syringe can be done using an alternative method that involves a dropper or the e-liquid bottle’s nozzle. Here are the steps:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Vape cartridge.
  2. E-liquid (vape juice) of your choice.
  3. E-liquid bottle with a dropper or a nozzle.
How to Refill Vape Cartridge without Syringe

Steps to Refill a Vape Cartridge Without a Syringe:

Prepare Your Work Area:

  • Ensure you’re working on a clean, dry surface. It’s a good idea to have a paper towel or tissue handy to catch any drips.

Check the Cartridge Compatibility:

  • Ensure that the e-liquid you’re using is compatible with your vape cartridge. Some cartridges are designed for specific types of e-liquids, such as nicotine salts or regular e-liquids.

Remove the Mouthpiece or Cap (if applicable):

  • Some vape cartridges have a removable mouthpiece or cap that provides access to the filling port. If your cartridge has one, gently remove it.

Locate the Filling Port:

  • Identify the filling port on your vape cartridge. It’s usually a small hole or slot on the side or top of the cartridge.

Prepare the E-Liquid Bottle:

  • Ensure that the e-liquid bottle you’re using has a dropper or nozzle for precise filling.

Fill the Cartridge:

  • Hold the vape cartridge at a slight angle to avoid air bubbles, and slowly insert the dropper or nozzle into the filling port. Carefully add the e-liquid, being mindful not to overfill. Most cartridges have a maximum fill line indicated.

Replace the Mouthpiece or Cap:

  • If you removed the mouthpiece or cap, securely reattach it to the cartridge.

Inspect for Leaks:

  • After refilling, inspect the cartridge for any leaks. Wipe away any excess e-liquid with a tissue if necessary.

Prime the Cartridge (if needed):

  • If you’re using a new cartridge or coil, it’s a good practice to allow the e-liquid to saturate the wick. To do this, let the filled cartridge sit for a few minutes before use.

Install the Cartridge:

  • Insert the filled cartridge into your vape device, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Vape Responsibly:

  • Once you’ve installed the cartridge, you can start vaping. Begin with gentle puffs to ensure proper e-liquid saturation.


Remember that the key to successful refilling is taking your time, avoiding overfilling, and ensuring that the filling port is securely closed to prevent leaks. Always handle e-liquids responsibly, keep them out of the reach of children and pets, and follow local regulations regarding e-liquid disposal.