Orion disposable vapes are typically designed for single use and are not intended to be refilled. Attempting to refill a disposable vape like the Orion can be challenging and may damage the device or pose safety risks.

However, if you are using a specific Orion disposable vape model that is advertised as refillable, and it has a refillable design, follow these general steps to refill it:

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. Orion disposable vape (if it’s a refillable model).
  2. E-liquid (vape juice) of your choice.
  3. A clean, dry surface or paper towel.
  4. Optional: Small needle-tip bottle or a dropper for precise filling.
how to refill orion disposable vape

Steps to Refill a Refillable Orion Disposable Vape:

Prepare Your Vape:

  • Ensure that your refillable Orion disposable vape is clean and in good working condition.

Locate the Fill Port:

  • Check the device for a fill port or access point. This is typically a small rubber or silicone stopper located on the side or bottom of the device.

Check the Maximum Fill Line:

  • Many refillable vapes have a maximum fill line indicated. Do not exceed this line, as overfilling can lead to leaks.

Prepare Your E-Liquid:

  • Have your preferred e-liquid (vape juice) ready. Ensure it’s the right flavor and nicotine strength for your preference.

Fill the Device:

  • Carefully open the fill port by removing the stopper. Use a dropper or the e-liquid bottle’s nozzle to slowly and precisely fill the device, avoiding spills. Be sure not to get e-liquid into the central airflow tube (if applicable).

Close and Seal the Fill Port:

  • After filling, securely close and seal the fill port with the stopper to prevent leaks. Make sure it’s properly sealed.

Wait for Saturation:

  • Allow the device to sit for a few minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the coil or wick. This “priming” time helps prevent dry hits.

Vape Responsibly:

  • Once you’ve confirmed that the e-liquid is properly saturated, you can start vaping. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for usage.


Please note that attempting to refill a disposable vape may not be practical or safe for all models, and it may void any existing warranties. If you’re uncertain whether your Orion disposable vape is refillable or how to do it, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or seek guidance from a knowledgeable vape retailer. Additionally, handle e-liquids responsibly and keep them out of the reach of children and pets.