If your disposable vape device is auto-firing, it can be a safety hazard and should be addressed immediately. Auto-firing occurs when the device continues to produce vapor even when you’re not actively using it. Here’s what you can do to stop a disposable vape from auto-firing:

Remove the Pod or Cartridge:

  • If your disposable vape has a removable pod or cartridge, take it out immediately. This can prevent further vaping and reduce the risk of overheating.

Check for Damage:

  • Inspect the device for any physical damage, such as a cracked or broken casing, loose components, or liquid leakage. Damage to the device can cause auto-firing.

Inspect the Battery:

  • If you can safely access the battery, check for any visible signs of damage or deformities, like swelling or leakage.

Disconnect the Battery:

  • If the device is still auto-firing after removing the pod or cartridge, try to disconnect the battery from the device. Most disposable vapes are sealed units, so this may not be possible without damaging the device further. In this case, proceed to the next steps.

Dispose of Safely:

  • If the device continues to auto-fire and you cannot safely disconnect the battery, it’s crucial to dispose of it properly. Follow local regulations for electronic waste disposal, as these devices may contain hazardous materials.

Contact the Manufacturer or Retailer:

  • Reach out to the manufacturer or retailer where you purchased the disposable vape to report the issue. They may offer guidance on how to proceed or provide a replacement if the device is still under warranty.

Contact Customer Support:

  • Some vape brands have customer support hotlines or online support systems. Contact them for guidance on how to handle the issue and ensure safety.

Never Attempt to Repair It Yourself:

  • Do not attempt to open or repair the disposable vape device yourself, especially if you are not experienced with electronics. This can be dangerous and void any warranty you may have.

Dispose of Properly:

  • Dispose of the damaged or malfunctioning disposable vape according to your local e-waste disposal guidelines. Most areas have specific drop-off locations for electronic waste.

Monitor Other Devices:

  • If you have other disposable vapes from the same batch or manufacturer, monitor them for similar issues. If you notice any signs of auto-firing, stop using them and follow the same steps.
how to stop disposable vape from auto firing


What causes a disposable vape to auto-fire?

Disposable vapes can auto-fire due to various reasons, including a malfunctioning battery, damaged internal components, or liquid leakage. Overuse, drops, or exposure to extreme temperatures can also contribute to this issue.

What immediate action should I take if my disposable vape auto-fires?

If your disposable vape auto-fires, the first step is to remove the pod or cartridge to stop the device from producing vapor. This helps prevent overheating and further damage.

Can I fix an auto-firing disposable vape myself?

It’s generally not recommended to attempt DIY repairs on a disposable vape. These devices are often sealed units, and attempting to open or repair them can be dangerous and void any warranty you might have.

How can I prevent my disposable vape from auto-firing in the future?

To reduce the risk of auto-firing, always purchase disposable vapes from reputable manufacturers and retailers. Handle your device with care, avoid dropping it, and store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Following manufacturer instructions for usage and disposal can also help.

What should I do with a malfunctioning disposable vape that continues to auto-fire?

If your disposable vape keeps auto-firing even after removing the pod or cartridge, and you cannot safely disconnect the battery, it’s essential to discontinue use and dispose of the device responsibly. Follow local electronic waste disposal guidelines, as these devices may contain hazardous materials.


Auto-firing in a disposable vape can be a sign of a malfunctioning battery or internal circuitry. It’s essential to take immediate action to prevent safety hazards and potential damage. Always prioritize safety and follow manufacturer guidelines and local regulations for electronic waste disposal.