1. HEETS Amber Selection

This is definitely one choice that people admire the most to quench their smoking addiction. This one product offers you with an intense tone of roasted tobacco along with a strong smell. So, if you are new to Heets smoking, you will absolutely love it.

2. HEETS Yellow Selection

Compared to Amber Heets, the Yellow selection is lighter with a mild hint of tobacco in it. It is made to satisfy your cravings with spicy notes and a soft blend of tobacco in it. For occasional smokers, this product is the best one to go with.

3. HEETS Bronze Selection

The Bronze selection comes with a blend of dried fruit aroma and a hint of cocoa. This one product is known to be pretty unique by its users due to the sensations it offers to them. Nevertheless, the Bronze selection also comes with the strongest tones of tobacco in it. We will prefer it to those smokers looking for a quick alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

4. HEETS Green Zing

As a fresh blend of herbal hints and citrus tones, the Green Zing will let you enjoy the major notes of menthol mixed with high-quality tobacco. Once you will smoke it, it will get right through your taste buds and satisfy your cravings of nicotine to the fullest. You might find it a bit strong for an herbal smoking alternative; however, for lovers of menthol notes, this one product will be perfect.

5. HEETS Tropical Swift

The Tropical Swift comes with a unique blend of menthol flavor and tropical fruits notes. The taste of this twisted blend will excite you and you will make you one of the bets Heets choice. However, if you are someone with not a Sweet Tooth, this one product is not for you to smoke regularly.

6. HEETS Creation Yugen:

The Creation Yugen is a premium product that comes with a blended flavor of floral aroma and intense combo of fruity notes. Mostly this product is preferred by female smokers who crave for mild notes of cigarettes with a fresh scent.

7. HEETS Creation Apricity:

Offering woody notes with creamy tones of nicotine, smoking Creation Apricity will give you a warm sensation while fulfilling your cravings. As this Heets stick comes with a fruity aroma, it helps you keep your senses engages with the warmness of fine tobacco. For regular smokers in Dubai, this is one of the best choices.

8. HEETS Creation Glaze

The creamy hint of tobacco is blended with the spicy hints of aromatic herb flavors. Once you go for the Creation Glaze as your choice of Heets, there will be no going back as you will absolutely love it. With every single puff you will smoke, you will crave for the taste of another one. Many celebrities enjoy smoking this unique flavor of Heets.