Unlocking the wattage on an Aegis vape device depends on the specific model and version you have. Some Aegis devices may have a simple locking feature to prevent accidental wattage changes, while others may require a more in-depth process. Here are the general steps to unlock the wattage on an Aegis vape device:

Method 1: Simple Wattage Lock/Unlock

Check the Device:

Ensure that your Aegis vape device is on and the screen is active.

Locate the Lock/Unlock Button:

Look for a dedicated button or combination of buttons that are used to lock and unlock the wattage settings. On many Aegis devices, this is a combination of pressing specific buttons simultaneously.

Press the Buttons:

If your device has a lock/unlock feature, press the designated buttons simultaneously and hold them for a few seconds.

Check the Screen:

After holding the buttons for a few seconds, check the device’s screen. If the wattage settings were locked, you should now have the ability to adjust the wattage again.

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Method 2: Access the Menu (for devices with more advanced settings)

Check the Device:

Ensure that your Aegis vape device is on and the screen is active.

Access the Menu:

Depending on your device, access the menu by pressing a specific button multiple times or holding down a specific button combination. Consult your device’s user manual for precise instructions on accessing the menu.

Navigate to Wattage Settings:

Use the device’s navigation buttons to find the wattage or power settings in the menu. It might be labeled as “Wattage,” “Power,” or something similar.

Unlock Wattage:

If your device has a wattage lock feature, you may need to enter a specific code or follow on-screen instructions to unlock the wattage settings.

Exit the Menu:

Once you’ve unlocked the wattage settings, exit the menu and return to the main screen.


    Please note that the exact method for unlocking the wattage may vary based on your specific Aegis device’s model and firmware version. If you’re unsure or unable to unlock the wattage, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions that came with your device or seek assistance from a knowledgeable vape retailer. Additionally, be sure to handle your vape device responsibly and follow all safety guidelines.