Cran Apple Iced E-juice By Loaded

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Loaded Cran Apple iced E-Juice by Loaded E-Liquid is the new all day vape of rich cranberries and apple. Prepare to be amazed!


Immerse Yourself in a Refreshing Oasis with Cran-Apple Iced E-Juice by Loaded

Embark on a taste bud adventure with Cran-Apple Iced E-Juice by Loaded, a vaping masterpiece that combines the tartness of cranberries, the sweetness of ripe apples, and a chilly menthol kick. Crafted for those who crave a burst of fruity freshness with a cooling sensation, this e-juice is the perfect companion for vapers seeking a harmonious blend of flavors. Dive into a world of icy delight with every puff.

Key Features:

1. Tart Cranberry Infusion:

  • Revel in the bold and tangy notes of ripe cranberries.
  • The tartness adds a layer of complexity for a truly invigorating vaping experience.

2. Crisp Apple Bliss:

  • Experience the sweetness of crisp apples, reminiscent of orchard-fresh delights.
  • The apple undertones provide a luscious contrast to the tart cranberry flavor.

3. Icy Menthol Finish:

  • A dash of menthol brings a refreshing and cooling element to the flavor profile.
  • Enjoy a frosty exhale that leaves your palate revived and satisfied.

4. High-Quality Ingredients:

  • Loaded is renowned for using premium ingredients to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vape.
  • Cran-Apple Iced continues this tradition, delivering a superior e-juice experience.

5. Diverse Nicotine Options:

  • Tailor your vaping experience with various nicotine strengths.
  • Ideal for both those seeking a milder throat hit and those desiring a more robust experience.


Specification Details
Bottle Size Available in 120ml
Nicotine Strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
VG/PG Ratio 70% VG / 30% PG
Flavor Profile Cranberry, Apple, Menthol
Child-Resistant Cap Yes
Made in USA

Elevate Your Vaping Experience:

Cran-Apple Iced E-Juice by Loaded invites you to savor the fusion of cranberries, apples, and menthol in a symphony of flavor. Whether you’re a fruit enthusiast or a menthol lover, this e-juice delivers a well-balanced and exhilarating vaping experience. Loaded’s commitment to quality ensures that every puff is a moment of pure satisfaction. Embrace the crispness of apples, the tanginess of cranberries, and the icy coolness of menthol – order your bottle today and let Cran-Apple Iced redefine your vaping journey.


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