Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie-50mg/ml-30ml

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Savor the Zesty Sweetness with Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie – A Delectable Nicotine Salt Vape Treat

Indulge in the perfect harmony of zesty citrus and sweet berries with Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie Nicotine Salt E-Liquid. Crafted for nicotine salt enthusiasts, this premium e-liquid delivers a delightful blend of tangy lemon and mixed berries wrapped in a buttery pie crust. With a nicotine strength of 50mg and a convenient 30ml bottle, experience a smooth and satisfying vaping journey with each inhale.

Key Features:

  1. Zesty Lemon Bliss: Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie combines the zesty brightness of lemons, offering a burst of citrusy goodness that invigorates your taste buds. The lemony notes add a refreshing twist to the overall flavor profile.
  2. Mixed Berry Symphony: Immerse yourself in a symphony of mixed berries that complements the zesty lemon, creating a sweet and fruity melody with every puff. The berry blend adds layers of complexity, making each inhale a delicious experience.
  3. Buttery Pie Crust: The flavor journey is completed with the taste of a buttery pie crust, providing a rich and comforting undertone. The pastry essence enhances the overall vaping experience, delivering a well-rounded and satisfying flavor.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications
Nicotine Strength 50mg
Bottle Size 30ml
Flavor Profile Zesty Lemon, Mixed Berries, Buttery Pie Crust
VG/PG Ratio Balanced for smooth throat hits and flavorful clouds
Compatibility Suitable for most pod systems and low-wattage devices
Ingredients High-quality nicotine salt blend, natural and artificial flavors
Packaging Securely sealed 30ml bottle for freshness


Savor the zesty sweetness of Doozy Salts Lemon Berry Pie Nicotine Salt E-Liquid. Whether you’re a fan of citrus delights, mixed berries, or buttery pastry, this nicotine salt vape treat promises a delectable experience. Explore the flavor symphony at and elevate your vaping pleasure with the perfect combination of zesty, fruity, and buttery goodness.

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