IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic in Dubai UAE

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  • Package Contains: 1 carton contains 10 packs x 20 sticks = 200 sticks
  • Origin: Kazakhstan
  • Flavour: Yellow Selection is a mellow and aromatic tobacco blend, coupled with zesty aroma notes.
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Buy IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi

Immerse yourself in a symphony of refined tobacco notes with IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic, a blend meticulously crafted to enhance your IQOS experience. Tailored for enthusiasts who appreciate the timeless elegance of tobacco, this variant promises a sophisticated journey that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity.

Key Features:

  1. Refined Tobacco Elegance: IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic embodies the elegance of refined tobacco. Each puff is a delicate dance of carefully curated notes, delivering a nuanced and sophisticated tobacco experience that connoisseurs cherish.
  2. Smooth and Balanced Flavor: Experience a smooth and balanced flavor profile that defines the Yellow Selection Classic. The harmonious fusion of tobacco notes ensures a consistent and delightful taste, providing a satisfying and indulgent sensation with every inhalation.
  3. IQOS Innovation Compatibility: Yellow Selection Classic is intricately crafted for IQOS devices, ensuring seamless compatibility with IQOS technology. This synergy enhances the overall IQOS experience, offering optimal heating and an enriched flavor profile that resonates with the discerning palate.
  4. Elegantly Designed Packaging: The packaging of IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic exudes elegance and sophistication. Each pack is designed with meticulous attention to detail, allowing you to carry your Heets with style and convenience, making it a statement accessory for the modern tobacco connoisseur.


Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Variant Yellow Selection Classic
Tobacco Type Refined Tobacco Elegance
Compatibility IQOS Innovation
Packaging Elegantly Designed


Why Choose IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic?

IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic is more than a heated tobacco product; it’s a journey into refined tobacco elegance, offering a smooth and balanced flavor, compatibility with IQOS Innovation, and elegantly designed packaging. Whether you’re a seasoned IQOS user or exploring heated tobacco for the first time, Yellow Selection Classic promises an elevated experience. Elevate your sensory journey – order IQOS Heets Yellow Selection Classic today exclusively at SmokeFree and savor the symphony of refined tobacco notes.


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