Myle V4 Disposable Pods – 4pcs pack in Dubai UAE


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  • Comes in 4 Myle Pods / Pack
  • Original Myle replacement pods are compatible with the Myle Pod V4 Device
  • 0.9mL/magnetic pod
  • Each pod delivers approximately 240 puffs
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Explore Refinement: MYLÉ Pods V4, the Epitome of Vaping Sophistication

Indulge in a premium vaping experience with MYLÉ Pods V4. This meticulously crafted pack of 4 pods is designed to provide a refined and satisfying journey, delivering rich flavor and a seamless vaping experience. Elevate your senses and immerse yourself in the epitome of vaping sophistication.

Key Features:

  1. Rich Flavor Profile: MYLÉ Pods V4 is curated to offer a rich and diverse flavor profile. From classic tobacco notes to tantalizing fruit blends and refreshing menthol, each pod delivers a sophisticated flavor experience that caters to the discerning palate.
  2. Effortless Compatibility: Designed for seamless compatibility with MYLÉ devices, these pods ensure a hassle-free and straightforward vaping experience. Simply snap them into place, and you’re ready to enjoy a world of premium flavors without any complicated setups.
  3. Precision Engineering: MYLÉ takes pride in precision engineering, ensuring that each pod delivers a consistent and satisfying vaping experience. The pods are crafted with attention to detail, guaranteeing a smooth draw and optimal vapor production.
  4. Long-lasting Satisfaction: Each pack of MYLÉ Pods V4 contains 4 pods, providing an extended period of vaping satisfaction. Whether you’re a seasoned vaper or new to the MYLÉ experience, these pods ensure that you have a reliable supply of premium flavors at your fingertips.


Technical Specifications

Feature Specification
Pack Contents 4 Pods
Flavor Options Diverse Flavor Profile
Compatibility MYLÉ Devices
Vapor Production Optimal


Why Choose MYLÉ Pods V4?

MYLÉ Pods V4 is more than just a vaping accessory; it’s a commitment to sophistication and quality. With a diverse flavor profile, effortless compatibility, precision engineering, and long-lasting satisfaction, MYLÉ Pods V4 sets the standard for premium vaping experiences. Elevate your vaping journey – order MYLÉ Pods V4 today exclusively at SmokeFree and discover the epitome of vaping sophistication.

Choose Flavor

Cubano, Iced Apple Mango, Iced Coffee, Iced Mint, Iced Quad Berry, Iced Watermelon, Lemon Mint, Lush Ice, Mighty Mint, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Pound Cake, Red Apple, Sweet Mango, Sweet Tobacco, Tropical Fruit Mix


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