Smooth 500 Grape Ice 20mg/ml-3000 puffs

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Smooth 3000 Puffs Disposable Vape is a slim, ultra-portable vape device that offers top-quality SaltNic. Everything you need for a satisfying vape experience is here.

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Chill Out with the Grape Escape – Smooth 500 Grape Ice for an Extended Icy Grape Vaping Adventure

Experience the cool and fruity fusion of Smooth 500 Grape Ice, featuring a robust nicotine strength of 20mg/ml and an impressive 3000 puffs. Immerse yourself in the succulent blend of sweet grapes with a refreshing icy twist, meticulously crafted for an extended and satisfying vaping experience. Chill out with the grape escape and embrace the perfect harmony of quality, convenience, and the icy grape adventure of Smooth 500 Grape Ice.

Key Features:

  1. Icy Grape Sensation: Chill out with the grape escape of Smooth 500 Grape Ice. Experience the sweetness of ripe grapes, perfectly enhanced by a refreshing icy undertone, delivering a vaping sensation that is both fruity and invigorating.
  2. High Nicotine Saturation: Smooth 500 Grape Ice provides a powerful nicotine hit with a strength of 20mg/ml, ensuring a robust and intense vaping experience for enthusiasts seeking a bold nicotine impact.
  3. Extended Icy Grape Adventure: Boasting an impressive 3000 puffs per device, Smooth 500 Grape Ice ensures an extended and delightful vaping session. Bid farewell to the inconvenience of frequently changing cartridges, and immerse yourself in the icy grape pleasure that lasts.
  4. Sleek and Portable Design: Designed for simplicity and ease of use, Smooth 500 Grape Ice features a sleek and compact design. Slip it effortlessly into your pocket or purse, and enjoy the icy grape adventure wherever your day takes you.


Technical Specifications:

Product Specifications Details
Puff Count 3000 Puffs
Nicotine Strength 20mg/ml
Flavor Grape Ice
Size Compact and portable
Activation Draw-activated
Maintenance Disposable
Ingredients Premium e-liquid blend, free from harmful additives
Packaging Individually wrapped for freshness


Chill out with the grape escape of Smooth 500 Grape Ice – an extraordinary icy grape vaping adventure that offers an extended 3000 puffs. Whether you enjoy the sweetness of grapes or the invigorating touch of menthol, explore the grape delight at today.



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