Have you been looking for a place where you could learn about the most popular IQOS Heets in Dubai and UAE? Feel lucky as you have reached the right place. 

Today, on this topic, you will find a range of flavors of IQOS Heets that are loved by most ex-smokers in Dubai and UAE.

We assume that you might be willing to learn about Heets sticks as you try to quit smoking and find a non-harmful alternative. Therefore, we will include only those flavors that let you enjoy an exceptionally smooth taste while satisfying your cravings.

Most Popular IQOS Heets in Dubai and UAE

Look at this list of the available flavors of Heets you will find online.

Amber Heets

The first Heets flavor from our list will be Amber Heets. It is a unique flavor that mixes rich tobacco perfectly blended with woody notes offering the most enjoyable taste. Though the taste of this Heets Stick is pretty strong, as a new IQOS consumer, you will probably not prefer that flavor as a substitute for cigarettes.

At first, it will hit you right in your throat. Afterward, you will find it a perfect product to immerse you in nicotine-like satisfaction.

Blue Heets

The second product from our popular Heets list is Blue Heets. With an invigorating and improved menthol flavor, you will enjoy extreme cooling sensations as you smoke it.

For those smokers who love and enjoy smoking thick mint cigarettes, this will be the best option for Heets Sticks.

Turquoise Heets

This Heets flavor is probably the most popular and is known for its smooth menthol blend. This quality also makes it one of most hard to find in the market for Heets sticks.

This Heets flavor will let you enjoy a mild mint flavor with each puff and experience a fantastic scent. Turquoise Heets is the best purchase among new Heets users. 

It is mild and lets you enjoy a vibe of a regular cigarette.

Yellow Heets

The Yellow Heets product is a smooth blend of adjusted tobacco. It is delicate and will help you enjoy a sweet blend of fine tobacco with fiery notes. 

As it is a light tobacco blend, new smokers will find it excellent as their choice. 

Green Heets

If you are looking for a Heets flavor that will let you enjoy a lightly toasted tobacco hint blended with menthol cooling sensations, Green Heets is your product.

This product is a reviving menthol-based Heets flavor. If you used to go with light mint cigarettes and want to enjoy the same feel with Heets, you should give Green Heets a try.

Sienna Caps Heets

Sienna Caps will take you on a journey of joyful cooling mint flavors with menthol kicks. This flavor is a blend of simmered tobacco with notes of light tea. 

You only need to crush the tip of the channel, and you will enjoy the hint of menthol flavor for additional taste.


So, this is our list of some of the most popular IQOS Heets available in Dubai and the UAE. All of these products offered by us will be of the highest quality. Therefore, as you will choose us as your IQOS Heets merchant, you will be confident that you are selecting an unmatchable Heets experience that you will find nowhere else in Dubai and UAE.